Things I like {The 4th September 2015 edition}

It’s Friday for a start, what’s not to like about that? My beautiful friend Eden ate a custard tart for me this morning too. Yes, we send videos to each other like this. You should too!

I got new hair too. Fresh and white as a granny. Just the way I like it. Apparently my rat brown hair underneath (what do didn’t know I wasn’t naturally platinum?) has a few silvers through it. In a few years time I can just be grey and not have to pay to be grey!

IMG_1254 IMG_1260

The jug of Ranunculi in the hallway. Gorgeous flowers aren’t they?


Vegemite sangas on fresh white bread. DEAD SET. I’ve eaten about 4 too many this week. But don’t worry that’s from a total tally of well over 10.


Megan from Children’s Book Daily sent me some awesome books for all the girls and I just love this one. For kids and adults…I learnt so much!

IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1274

Hooray for Grannies I say! And fresh spring growth in the garden. Look at my photinia hedge! It’s very sad though there is another hedge in the garden that has lost ALL it’s leaves and looks like it’s about to die. It appears it’s been struck down with a disease and I missed the boat to treat it and it’s gone. Gardening can be very sad sometimes.

IMG_1276 IMG_1277

The girls have been loving these mailboxes that I ordered from Dear Little Designs a few weeks ago. When they are not trying to kill each other there have been sweet little letters to each other calling each other poo poo heads.


I am ready to bring back the reading to the girls before bed thing. We have banned all TV for the past few weeks before bed which is going well and replaced it with reading instead but I am going to convince Rob to start the Chronicles of Narnia. He is such a great reader…I know the girls will love it. I still have very fond memories of staying with my cousins for a few weeks and getting a chapter of The Twits read to us every night. There’s nothing like it!


These pink flowers at the front door have been a nice addition.


As has the sunshine been. When Mags had a sleep the other afternoon (40 minutes of course!) I sat outside on the front verandah with Frank in the sunshine and watched the bees buzz by. It was lovely.


As was this image I captured the other afternoon as Daisy did her spelling list. She’s growing up so much. What a delight it is to see this grown up kid with opinions and likes and humour and personality grow before you. Amazing.


Love each and every one of these items from Benefit that arrived this week. Nothing like a good highlighter is there? Gimme Brow has been a staple for a few years but this new mascara was a winner. And how pretty is the packaging?


So much to like this Friday! We’ve got a busy weekend ahead with my 20 year school reunion on Saturday night (eeeeep) and Archie’s Christening on Sunday and of course Fathers Day. My kids really lucked out with their Dad, he really is a good one. Happy Day to all those Dad’s out there!

What are you liking this Friday?
Couldn’t you just TASTE that custard tart from Hominy?


  1. Oh my goodness. So many things to like about your ‘things I like’ post! Firstly, Eden is so great! Secondly, can I come over and have the Chronicles of Narnia read to me too?? I can’t wait until the Little Mister is old enough for that stuff 🙂

  2. *whispers* tummy sleeping

  3. So much loveliness here Beth! Al reads to my two each night, then they get read to by Stephen Fry, or James Bolan or whoever else, on cd! We’ve always been big on the story, or music, or radio for going to sleep. It was Sounds for Silence for both my babies to start with (I remember the 40 minute sleep cycle well – then I’d wrap the baby again, put the cd back on and leave them to it!). Your hedge takes me straight back to my in-laws in Denham – all you need is the lines in the lawn!! Have a splendid weekend!

  4. I just shouted the Little Sister a custard tart for being so brave at her 4yo needles. All the cool girls are eating custard tarts today! 🙂

  5. I’m in a “simple things” place right now – I’m enjoying nearly being able to breathe again (damn flu).

  6. Once again you make me smile and think. Yes, think of all the lovely things. Baking – I love it. In fact, in the oven right now an Angel Food Cake to take to Canberra tonight! Getting ready to make some lemon curd for the cake. A bonfire get together tomorrow night and fathers day dinner for my dad. Yes in between on sat and sun I have work…. Have applied for a job and look forward to the possibilities. Ps your hair looks great!

  7. thegingerfox says

    Such a nice reminder to look at all the lovely things! Love the video from Eden and your hair looks amazing!! X

  8. It’s liiiiiiiiiike …. I don’t even give a fuck about how I eat? The other day at Mary’s house I ate two white bread sandwiches spread only with Lurpak slathered like thick thick cheese, thought of you. Your hair looks frickin beautiful you elfin pixie sweetheart XXXXXXX

  9. Yeah not funny. i now have to head to the shops and pick up the softest most freshest loaf of white bread. Vegemite & butter . It is by far my favourite indulgence. I don’t even sit down to eat. I spread eat and spread again whilst eating. Swallowed down with a nice cuppa sweet tea. Im usually a green tea no milk kinda girl. Ok I’m off. happy days. Its #fizzyfriday so enjoy S x

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gorgeous pics Beth love the video of Eden eating that yummy looking custard tart ??love your flowers and garden.The weathers a bit shit today so I made coconut cake and lemon slice and I think I’ll have both for lunch have a great weekend Beth Xx

  11. Fashionista says

    Hedy Lamarr is a babe! Read the entire Harry Potter series to my babes back in the day. And they have re-read the books themselves when they got older.

    Enjoy all of the baked goods!

  12. I would be happy to eat a custard tart on your behalf any time you need me to 🙂 loved Eden’s video

  13. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Love the hair .. Looks fab. The garden is starting to look wonderful, was a bit sad to see you use products ( Benefit ) that test on animals. Sorry for the comment.

  14. Love the hair. We were at Gymbaroo this morning and one of the Mums rocked up with new hair and looked amazeballs. I miss living close to my brother {because he is awesome, but he is also a hairdresser and I only ever get my hair cut or coloured by him}. Yay for custard tarts, I wish I was smashing one right now!

  15. I’m rating your new hair. Love the fringe in particular and I also love hearing about kids reading before bed. There’s nothing healthier I say!

  16. look at frank’s relaxed front paws 🙂

  17. So much to love. Good hair days and custard tarts are right up there! Had my citizenship ceremony last week and am loving being freshly Australian (thanks for the reminder – I must eat more vegemite sangas) and the lighter evenings. I heart spring!

  18. Stop teasing with your gorgeous hair and custard tarts!!! Seriously love the new do.
    Sunshine is amazing.
    I’m loving hot showers and the brief happy awake moments my bub has.

  19. LOVING the hair Beth! Oooh – custard tart – I love a good snot block myself! I am loving that tomorrow is Sunday, and whilst I have study to do, I have absolutely NO WHERE I need to go! WIN WIN! Oh – and it’s a roast pork lunch type of day!

  20. love your post Beth. Have a fabulous weekend x

  21. Love this! White bread! Vegemite! Butter! I have a 3 month old who is a hungry little breastfeeder… meaning hungry little mumma…! SO! After years and years of multigrain, sourdough, light rye, dark rye and heavily seeded breads I am rediscovering the white bakery loaf. SO! GOOD! EVERY DAY!

  22. So much to glean from this post
    * I use to love getting my hair bleached white-blonde. But it NEVER rocked as gloriously as yours. True story!
    * I adore ranuncs – they are my favourite bulb . . . and yours are beautiful
    * There is no greater insult than “poo poo head'”!
    * Reading a chapter of a book to your girls will be gifting them a memory that will warm their souls for their entire lives.
    Thanks for another amazing ‘share

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