Frank is now 1!

Yesterday it was a whole year since this little fella made his way into the world.


While it hasn’t been a year since we got him (that was in Septemeber) yesterday was his actual birthday. Remember that first time the girls saw him? Still one of my favourite things to watch!

If you go looking for Frank at our place it’s usually somewhere like here.


Or by the fire, or in the sunshine somewhere. He is such a part of our family now, I can’t imagine a time when we didn’t have him. I’m not really a dog person (given the amount of mess that they make!) but I have to say that he is really lovely to have around. He doesn’t shed any hair (which makes a huge difference) and is now fully toilet trained so there are little to no accidents these days.

Frank ADORES the girls and especially Rob. Man does he love Rob. These boys have to stick together you know…poor things with all these females around (including the chooks). The last 7 weeks have been a bit of an adjustment for him…he is still hardly talking to me given that I pay him little attention these days when Maggie is up, but last night he came and gave me a little snuggle for old times sake. We’ll get there again. I know that he and Maggie will be the best of friends in no time and as for the girls? Well Daisy is SO good with him and Harper, well, she seems to be rough and annoying most of the time to him and she wonders in frustration why he doesn’t come and snuggle her. I won’t tell her that the minute they leave for School he goes and sleeps on her bed.


We had my sister’s kids up from Melbourne yesterday so Frank had a rousing Happy Birthday sung to him. We gave him a big bone, a bath, a new bed (he chewed the new, new one AGAIN) and lots of cuddles.

I’m so glad that hormonal pregnant Beth fell in love with him at the pet shop on the way to get some chook & guinea pig feed. Whilst I still mostly gag thinking about how many times I vomited with morning sickness and puppy poo/wee clean ups I know that most of the hard work is done and we can enjoy having a dog. One day he will come to us when he decides to do a runner, one day he won’t keep stealing socks or chewing book covers or his new habit of digging in the garden.

We don’t mind Frank. Not one bit. OK, maybe some bits. We love you. Happy Birthday you silly dog x


You can read about when we first got Frank here.
And you can read about the first 6 months of his life here.

Do you celebrate your animal’s birthday?


  1. Wondering if I should take this post as a sign?! Am really not a dog person but am currently seriously considering getting one for my son who has wanted one for years. There’s pros and cons (the mess, I don’t really want an inside dog but it is far too cold here in the highlands not to let it in, I don’t have time!) but maybe we should just do it!

    • I ummed and arhed for years before biting the bullet and getting a dog. Ours is a gorgeous Cavoodle. It was love at first sight for my daughter and I. Despite many disappeared socks, undies and Tupperware lids (he was almost turned into a puppy rug for this one) it was absolutely the right decision. I can’t remember him not being part of our little family. Cavoodles like Frank don’t shed and this makes an enormous difference. Just do it I say. (For what my humble opinion is worth) 🙂

    • Yes….it’s a sign. Do it! If I can do it…anyone can!

  2. Absolutely! My golden retriever sheds a LOT of hair and is now a 40kg puppy at just over 18months old. I look forward to giving him some human siblings one day 🙂

  3. Happy 1st birthday, Frank! You have obviously brought so much joy to your family and I know they love you to bits. x
    (PS: it’s my dog, Amalfi’s birthday on Sunday – he’ll be 2 years old!)

  4. The video brought a tear to my eye. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog Jackson at Easter. He was 13 years old. He is still terribly missed, our 6 yr old talks about him all the time but our 16 yr old is more pensive about it. Though I don’t miss his coat shedding constantly I would put up with it to have him back for a short while again. They really do become part of the family.

  5. Yep I did pet birthdays with my cat Clarke till he sadly passed away at 13 a pretty good innings for a cat who took every opportunity to use up his nine lives.

    What kind of doggle is Frank? He’s a cute heart for sure! I’d love a doggle but it’s not the right season for us yet being stuck in rental land but I look forward to a day when it is.

  6. Happy Birthday, Frank. We’re 4 years in with our dog and it just keeps getting better. Best thing we ever did too 🙂

  7. Happy birthday, Frank!! 🙂

  8. I love seeing kids faces when they realise the dog is here to stay ! We said goodbye to our beloved Monty (Cavalier King Charles) just over a fortnight ago and its been immensely sad as he was only 5 years and 8 months old. Happy birthday Frank may you live a long and healthy life, I think you’ve got the happy part sorted.

  9. Happy Birthday Frank!!

    Ruby dog’s Birthday is celebrated every year [so far she’s had 3], with doggy treats galore and cake – everyone must have cake to celebrate their Birthday four legged family members included!

    Well chuffed to hear that he has become such a member of the family! It doesn’t take long for them to make it feel like they’ve always been there 🙂

  10. Our girl is six now! I can’t believe it. I remember that day…I called in sick to work (shhhh) and we went to the shelter on a whim. And there she was. We didn’t have a collar or a bed or food but she didn’t mind.
    And I hate to say this, but while she has stopped chewing everything else (including a pair of Birkenstocks…BAD DOG) she still chews her bed.

  11. Mr Ed (Eddie)is 8 in November. He has a party each year with Rosie,Ben,Millie and Billie,Dougal and Phoebe , Henry , Lily and Louis! They are all dogs and we laugh who would know by their names !!

  12. Whats with them loving the man of the house? Our Leo is the same. He will use me for a cuddle until hubby sits down and then I’m a distant memory. Happy birthday Frank!!

  13. Happy birthday Frankie boy! My dogs are two years old, we still call them puppies. They sleep outside but the last few days with the very cold temps they slept inside and loved it. My five year old daughter also plays rough and gets snarled at and it worries me. Is it the age? But she loves the dogs to death and had a big tanty last night as I did not let the dogs in. It was raining and I feel a bit bad! When it snows I let them come inside by the fire and they sleep all night both of them on the lounge! You are so sweet to Frankie I am sure he is a very lucky dog!

  14. Gosh he’s so cute!! What kind of dog is he? My girls plead constantly for a dog, but hubby isn’t a dog person, and we may be moving to Europe for 6 months or so…. But I’d love to know what breed he is, in case I can ever convince the husband!

  15. Wow! That went fast! I for one have really enjoyed the Frank Spam, please keep it coming. I’m staying at mum’s and am loving borrowing her doggy and having a dog that is (almost) my own. Dogs really are man’s (and woman’s and little girls’) best friends, aren’t they?! Happy Birthday Frank, I hope one is fun!

  16. oh BLESS! I’m prepping home for our very first puppy! Gosh I have adored watching Frank settle with your beautiful family, just a joy to watch. Happy birthday delicious Frank, you have made my heart burst open!

    I pick Mila up tomorrow at 3pm, I’m beside myself with excitement, I even think I can manage the poo and wee accidents. Almost. I was brokenhearted when pregnancy delivered me with non stop morning sickness, and allergies – cat allergies. A friend adopted our puss cat Hestor, when we made our seachange, and were moving to a home on a busy round-about. No good for the wandering puss Hestor.

    I’ve never been a dog person, more a cat person. But given my and the wee Missy’s allergies, no puss cats. But life just isn’t quite right without a pet, such a beautiful presence in the home.

  17. Lauren Russo (LOZ585) says

    Oh gee not sure what’s going down with my emotions this week, but I am a happy blubbering mess after seeing your lovely girls’ reactions to the arrival of Frank!! Such a precious moment. Shit im still blubbering!!?? We recently got a new puppy in leu of ttc#3. Our little Suki the (cav) Spaniel has fit in so beautifully also, she is my little shadow, though early days means still so many, many cleanups! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!

  18. Beth
    Could you please give Frank a belated birthday hug from me and my mutt – Max – please?

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