Monday Meal Ideas: Sausages!

The old sauso is a much loved and yet looked down upon ingredient. I am a huge fan – and thanks to our local pub’s annual Battle of the Banger I have watched Rob whip up a couple and have seen that it’s all about the flavour combos, the seasoning the balance of meat to spices or other flavours. Of course the better the quality the better the sauso and the more you can do with them. Cheaper than lots of other meats time to get some sauso on the table this week I say! Here are some of my favourite recipes for you to look at.

It looks to be another freezing day ahead for us here, I plan on staying inside ALL day with my little friend who is sick with a cold. Again. Around they go between the 5 of us…so boring this time of year isn’t it?



I hope you guys all have a good week. We finish up school at the end of the week – can’t wait for some down time and hopefully some time to actually get better from our constant colds. If you are on holidays already…enjoy!


  1. Yum – I have chorizo in my fridge waiting for that risotto!

  2. Jo Lloyd says

    The chicken chorizo is a regular in our house, as well as the sausage pasta. I am a big fan of the one pot wonder. I love good sausages and our butcher does a beautiful chicken, mushroom and spinach version.
    We have a family at our school that are doing it a bit tough at the moment, one of their girls has some nasty health issues, you never hear them complain and they always have a smile on their faces. The other week I wanted to do something for them, so I made the sausage pasta… went down a treat, as did the lovely bottle of red that I popped in with it.
    Thanks for all your recipes xx

  3. You may already have this covered but I swear by Olive Leaf Extract and probiotics. My now 2 year old (going on 22!) has taken both since 6 mths. Probiotics are given daily with milk (powder form) and at the first sign of a sniffle/cough i plunder her with Olive Leaf Extract (I use the berry flavoured Comvita brand – after trying others I think Comvita may be more effective). They’ve been unable to ascertain a lethal level so I just give her the same amount as prescribed for panadol for age, but every few hours. Touch wood but she hasn’t been sick this year yet…and neither have I who picks up everything going around! Hope you’re all feeling better soon x
    Oh and Beak & Sons do a FAB pork sausage which are always stashed in my freezer for an easy mid week meal. Available at Woollies.

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