Country comfort

You guys I can’t tell you how GOOD it is to have my family living down here now. Sure, Rob may disagree with me (ha!) but to have my sister 5 minutes away? It’s been a GAME CHANGER. We can meet up for a coffee and have the kids play, we can come together and brainstorm work stuff, we can borrow clothes, we can babysit for each other, it’s amazing. We haven’t lived this close, ever, well since we lived in the same house last when I was 20. She’s done a lot of travel, then we moved down here, well it’s just lovely.

Last week we had them over with some friends for an early Sunday dinner at our place and today because Rob was away for work I popped around with my kids for a turn at early dinner. The girls were still in their pj’s from home so we whacked on a dressing gown and slippers x 3 and drove over. Their place is so lovely.

IMG_7901 IMG_7896 IMG_7886

And can we talk about the dinner that my brother in law whipped up for us from this month’s Donna Hay? Smoky Chilli pork cornbread pie. Winter warmer perfection!

IMG_7852 IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7863 IMG_7869

With the fire roaring, a cameo from Grandma, and a prosecco there was not a Sunday night blue to be seen!

IMG_7861 IMG_7860 IMG_7887 IMG_7879 IMG_7898 IMG_7891 IMG_7883 IMG_7889

I’m so proud of both Luce & Chris for making the move from Sydney and finally allowing themselves to live the mind of life they have wanted to for a long time. Selfishly I get to enjoy their company (and superior entertaining skills) while their dreams hopefully come true!

Blatent self promotion for my sister’s new Digital Consultancy Business that she has set up after leaving her high flying corporate job at DJ’s. Anyone needing someone smart, savvy and across all areas of digital marketing…contact her. She goes alright.

How was your weekend?
What did you get up to?
Anyone else actually MAKE stuff from their food magazines? I’m hopeless!


  1. My darling Mum is known for her ability to get the Good Weekend open on Saturday morning, turn to the recipes and cook up that gem for lunch that very day. We get to eat that lunch – it’s a win-win! Occasionally we manage to cook the Meal of the Month from our wine selectors calendar, and be very smug about it!
    We are off to Tokyo and then England and Greece, flying out tomorrow night so it’s been all about that packing this weekend, and auskick and junior AFL!
    You must really be loving having so much of your family nearby now.

  2. Gorgeous dinner with family. A perfect way to get through the Sunday night blues.
    I don’t often cook from food mags anymore because I am always trotting out your recipes. This week I have done, slow cooked lamb shoulder, date loaves, wonton soup and tonight was Thai roast chook with sunshine rice. There’s no need to cook others recipes, yours are all that we need!

  3. Now that’s how to love a Sunday night! How awesome that you’re all so close now (literally and metaphorically!) And that pie looks epic! I don’t buy Donna’s mag, but I do love her new TV show. I made her Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies the other day (with a few tweaks and lots of homemade fudge) and they were pretty immense!

  4. that is great for all of you beth!
    pass your mother her drink I think!;))
    chef skills around your parts are pretty amazing too!
    the food looks ab/fab!
    the two little ones will be closer than ever now!
    love m:)X

  5. HOW BLOODY EXCITING!!!!! That is so great that your sister is so close you lucky thing. And isn’t your Mum down there too? See, all you had to do is move and eventually everyone would follow… what do they say??? “Build it and they will come”!!! So true. Yay!!!

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