Can someone explain it to me?

As you know, my brain is not quite what it used to be. I’ve stopped reading books (other than baby ones to Maggie) my news is taken from ABC3 before the big two head to bed and my cultural intakes seem to be anything from the E Network or Bravo. I’m not smart.


Can someone explain to me WHAT THESE MEAN? WHAT DO THEY MEAN?


It makes me feel uncomfortable.


Whyย is Lara in bed laughing holding a perfume bottle?


And why doesn’t she have to say that she is being paid to do so? And while we are there, why do people comment on celebrities Instagram posts with FIRST or SECOND as their comment?

I also like this video I saw this week.

And lastly, why do people now think that DIVINE is spelt DE-VINE? It confuses me.


What’s confusing you this week?
Does anyone understand why perfume companies think that these ads will help sell their goods to women?
What does it ALL MEAN?


  1. Oh yessss! Thank you for bringing up “devine”! It drives me crazy how many bloggers/instagrammers think it is spelt that way, but I’ve never been game to pull them up about it! I feel much better now….

  2. I LOVE THAT VIDEO Beth ๐Ÿ™‚ Its DE-VINE hahaha

    I can’t explain any of the above to you as it doesn’t make any sense to me either!

    Hope you are having a lovely day, its cold, wet and wintery in Melbourne ๐Ÿ™

    Kylie x

  3. Oh so many of my pet hates too, Beth!
    I can’t explain any of it. I see those “devine” posts “alot”!

    • Roger Wolfe says

      It’s simple really, the staff in the businesses who request the advertising along those who respond with various suggested briefs are not connected with the daily reality of their customers. The money spent on these advertisements is huge. It doesn’t encourge purchasing the products and the ‘theme’ used is lost in either the nappy bucket or the chaos as real people organize their life.
      What is wanted by consumers in my humble opinion is facts on
      1. Why we need these products. 2. Are they green, safe & made from sustainable ingredients not tested on animals and 3. Do they add value to our lives?

    • They are EVERYWHERE.

  4. Oh that video…I am a mother of two girls and have two nieces…*fistpump*
    Re: perfume ads, phallic?
    Divine, learn to spell people
    BTW You are smart/kind/important etc etc
    I await everyone’s answers

  5. People who type his when they mean he’s! Why? It actually causes little electric currents of rage in my brain. The divine thing also irks me. And let’s not get started on defiantly… I am 99.9% sure that 99.9% of the time they think they’re writing definitely. Anyway, I didn’t mean to get onto a massive grammar rant.

    • YES! “His” and “defiantly” are my two absolute pet peeves and they are so freaking common! They drive me to distraction. It takes all my willpower to make sure my soap box is firmly packed away so that I don’t go on a horrendous social media rant and alienate my loved ones with my grammar nazi-ness!

    • Yes Kate I think spell check makes it defiantly!

  6. Fucked if I know.
    So no help here

  7. I wrote about what’s confusing me today – The Naked Dating show – and the photo of the bloke with his leg up on a table, UGH. What the factual??

  8. Mortified!! I can’t be sure but I THINK I may have been spelling DIVINE wrong for quite some time!! Has spellchecker let me down? Has my baby brain become permanent?
    Off to have a panic attack about misspelled words…. ?

  9. That video, Beth, it touched a nerve.
    I hope my baby girl grows to know that boys AND girls can be anything they want. That the world is hers to make of it what she will.

  10. This is why we don’t have a TV. We can avoid so much CRAP!
    My baby’s sleep is confusing me today. And just being an adult. And how my parents can have no common sense. Totally baffles me.

  11. Charlize dropped her gold tic tacs…

  12. I mainly miss the point beth!
    are they selling the dream???
    I mute every ad, when watching alone!
    I can guess everything is about sex or violence!
    I am not impressed with the way the world is going at the moment!
    how hard for you guys to keep bad stuff out of the living room!
    i’ll get off the podium now!
    have a good one hun! love m:)X

  13. Re: the perfume ads. Sex sells. Bottom line. Woman are told today that you have to be sexy to be worthy/successful/attractive to men etc etc. Most disappointed that Cate B has stooped so low. Good to see the likes of people behind Redraw the Balance are striving to overcome the stereotypes.

  14. Well, I think if I buy jadore perfume my legs will automatically look like hers and I will be able to drape myself in gold silk and shimmy up material *effortlessly*. If I wear Armani I will get to have ‘luurrve’ with the guy Kate is with. And while we are on the topic the other ad that shits me is Keira Knightly in that beige leather onesie on the motorbike for ?Chanel? WTF can’t stand them!

  15. I have never bought perfume due to an advert but the spelling thing is for so many words that sometimes I question can I spell anymore ? And I probably fall in to the trap of bad spelling now due to predictive text ?
    Oh! The funny things I sometimes send with little sleep

  16. Thank yo for giving me the chance to ask something that’s perplexing me lately- when did no pants become the new pants?
    Every fucking video clip I seen at the gym, every concert performance, every red carpet there is a woman with no pants on! Or she has a see through dress with no underwear on! What the fuck is this madness!!! WHERE HAVE ALL THE PANTS GONE????

    • YES!!! No pants drives me nuts.

    • Reannon, I don’t know. But I DO know that you are amazing the way you are nailing the gym lately…so proud!

      • Thank you Beth! Do you know what? I’m a little proud of myself too! Not just because I’m exercising after yeeeeeeaaarrrrssss of no exercise but because for the first time in a long time I’m putting myself first. I have 4 set gym days & I plan everything around them instead of the other way around. People might get pissed at me because I say no to doing things so I can do my gym stuff but that hour or so I get at the gym is pretty much the only time I get to myself & I need that for my sanity more than anything else ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Amanda G. says

    YES!!! What is with the ‘first’ and ‘second’ comments???????? Who gives a SHIT????? Bad spelling is my pet hate. A student teacher marked my sons spelling test the other day at school, signed it, it was all right according to her. WRONG!!!! He had 5 WRONG!!!!!!! Did she even look??????

    • When my son was in year seven his very experienced teacher would write the week’s spelling words on the board. Every week he would put his hand up and tell her that she had at least one of them spelt incorrectly. EVERY week! You would think she would have learned to check them first. Nope! In the end my son just gave up!

    • Oh Amanda!

  18. DEVINE

    It kills me every time I see it. EVERY TIME!

  19. Finally!!! Someone has raised the ‘d’ word – yes, where on earth has ‘devine’ come from? Yet I see it all the time. Surely the red squiggly line that underscores it must hint that perhaps it’s not right.

    • Jan I don’t know…I had a chat with some online friends about it and they think it’s because of a magazine called Devine that people then thought that was it? Or the emphasis on the D sound makes them think it’s DE-vine. In any case, it’s annoying.

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am old I really don’t get ads either!

  21. People spelling “devine” is one of my pet hates.
    It’s DIVINE people! ?

  22. Hey, my surname is Devine (Irish decent)
    I didn’t know my name had become so popular through misuse.
    And fuck knows about perfume ads, dribbly drooly looking women.
    They’ve sold their soul for $$$ and they think they are making amends by then supporting charities or adopting children.
    Was that too harsh?

  23. Why do people comment LB under instagram posts??? Wtf????

  24. Michelle says

    Aaaggghh! Devine drives me mad! Ha!

  25. I love that video. My husband was a stay at home dad, while I worked and his father also “stayed at home” running the farm, while my mother in law worked off the farm. When my son was 4 he said “I’m glad I’m a boy. Girls have to go to work while boys get to stay home on the farm”. It struck me then, how different his ‘stereotype’ of gender roles were because of his exposure.

  26. Oh the misspellings are so irritating. The amount of folk that use “loose” and “lose” wrong is unbelievable. Eg.. ” Oh I’ve so much weight to loose ” ….it’s LOSE! I know it sounds like it should have a double OO but it doesn’t! I may start replying : “And if you do LOSE weight your trousers will be LOOSE ok “

  27. I do love having a little get together with some fellow pedants!!

    Lets not start on apostrophes or we will be here all weekend.

  28. The Devine/ divine thing drives me bananas, but also the incorrect spelling/ auto predict when someone wants to write definitely, but auto spell puts in defiantly!!!!!

  29. I have de-friended because of poor spelling from people who do know better, but can’t be bothered reading what they have written.

  30. Finally someone brave enough to confront the devine dilemma. Not sure about the perfume companies. Maybe they are targeting men who buy for their partner & would be taken in by the ‘sexy’ tone of the advert. Personally I go by the smell & can only choose by physically doing sniff tests at the counter (a retry bottle doesn’t hurt either).

  31. I think most people who FIRST and SECOND and most offensively FIRST COMMENT on Instagram – WHICH IS NOT AN EFFING COMMENT YOU NITWIT / DROPKICK / FOOL – are actually 12. And a bit dense. Do they want their friends to see their victorious celeb stalking?
    Sometimes I cannot help myself and I’ll comment “That’s not a comment. Contribute something or bugger off.” Well, usually I just put the first part, but I judge everyone that does it, every stinkin’ time. I don’t care if you’re 12, get a clue. Actually, if you’re 12 what the hell are you doing with an Instagram account??
    I need a devine* chocolate now.
    Huffs off.
    *devine used ironically

  32. Lara is laughing because she’s sitting in bed getting paid shitloads for no good reason!

  33. My phone auto corrects divine to devine. I don’t know why.
    So I avoid using it because my editing is bad enough at the best of times.

    Also: I have never, ever, ever purchased a perfume based on celeb promotion. In fact I’ve not purchased perfume I’ve liked because some annoying lass has been connected to it.

  34. I love everything about this post.
    My bugbear is undeclared sponsored posts by fashion blogger gals – think it gives an unrealistic impression of what’s possible when it comes to shopping / living within your means. Yes, you can buy a new pair of shoes. But maybe not a new bassike coat, Chanel handbag and one teaspoon short shorts all in that same week. Declare your sponsored posts Instagram fashionistas! Rant over. Keep up the good work Beth, you rock โœŒ

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