Things I like {The 30th March 2016 edition}

Whilst I have been in a little cloud of Negative Nancy land due to prolonged sickness I must say that the sun shining today has lifted spirits and I’m feeling a little brighter. There’s much to like round here today, didn’t take far to find it.

1. Autumn hydrangeas

I may or may not have been seen pulling the car over and taking some pickings from around the village of these late hydrangeas. Just the most gorgeous colours and they last and last and last. There’s still many a bloom popping up too, if you know where to look 😉

IMG_6170 IMG_6173 IMG_6184 IMG_6183

2. Sunshine

After days of heavy fogs and mist and drizzly rain the sunshine through the windows is like some kind of tonic. Frank’s stir crazy bad behaviour of the last few days seems to have calmed down (he has been SO naughty eating everything he can and generally in destructo mode as he has been neglected over the weekend with sickness, Easter markets and days where he has been left at home). There is washing drying on the line, windows open and cool Autumn breeze blowing through…

IMG_6166 IMG_6169 IMG_6177

3. Essential oils

I have been trying anything to make us all better here and have been in touch with a lovely reader who has been helping me out with a range of different oils. Yesterday I was in the chemist (again, how unusual) and I saw these Aroma Blooms diffusers on sale at 40% off. Got this last one and now have various blends pumping the entire time (much to the girls dismay but MUM THIS SMELLS DISGUSTING). Shush and breathe my pretties, I am willing to try anything at this stage. As soon as we are better I have a sage burning kit and don’t even think I am kidding, I want this shite gone!


4. Evening Primrose Oil

My mate Kim told me I need to start taking 2 of these every day to stop being such an angry mole (well maybe not in those words but to help with mood swings etc) and so for the last few weeks I have been doing it and I think it has been a little better. A little more stable. I completely forgot about taking them for the past 5 or 6 days and I really do think the angry mole levels were up because of it. Huh.


5. Anniversary presents

It was our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday (we romantically shared it in High Vis vests and stepping on garbage bins together) but my long suffering and very kind husband managed to leave a present out for me on the kitchen bench when I woke up Saturday morning (he was out the door around 4.45am) and I promptly had forgotten and had NOTHING. Still haven’t got anything. Dead set it’s a Christmas miracle this man loves me at all. I got a wonderful book on pickling and a gorgeous Dinosaur Designs vase. How lucky am I? And how can it already be a year since this?

IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6205

6. Autumn in the air

There has been a distinct change of seasons noted in the air. Leaves are starting to turn, the light is different and this weekend we will end Daylight Savings. There’s nothing like this time of year, nothing. My favourite! First load of wood has also been ordered and fire season will begin…

IMG_6187 IMG_6190

7. Chocolate

I am most impressed with our chocolate haul this year. There was basically none! The girls had a few from the hunt, but I was stoked that we don’t have lots of them still left over. We only have about 3 or 4 left which is a bonus. If you have heaps around – bake this!


What are you liking this Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday masquerading as a Maintenance Monday?


  1. I’m loving the peace and quiet this morning with a day off work (school holidays here) and only the teenager at home to entertain – lucky he loves a sleep-in as much as his mother ?

  2. I am also having one of those “life is throwing more at me than I can manage” phases. Thanks for a cheering interlude. I like incense for somehow clearing the house. I’m not sure what is being cleared; bad energy? smells? Maybe it is just that if I have the time and energy to find the incense and put it on that is good for my morale. Do you listen to Gretchen Rubins Happiness podcast? It has lots of little ideas that you can try, if in the mood. I have found her books really helpful reading too.

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gorgeous I wish I knew where to borrow some hydrangeas from,I think next door have some I will check later?Mine is only little so has not many flowers! I adore your reed diffuser so pretty what an excellent shape?It has just started raining here again but I got the sheets and towels dry,which I’m happy about,it’s still humid here but I’m liking the light. I’m loving going shopping for my grandbaby it’s a girl?I got a very cute black and white smock dress I can see over little tights,loving all my baby shopping actually it’s like a do over ,being a Glam Ma you get to do it all again without owning them,can’t wait Beth.I Hope you all get better ASAP Xx

  4. 40% off! I’ve been looking at the diffusers for aaaages and kept putting off purchasing one. 40% may just tip me over the edge! Do you love it? Which chemist?

  5. Cannot speak highly enough of evening primrose oil tablets. Never had much of a PMT problem but after my third child it kicked in with a vengeance and evening primrose was a great help and like you said you can tell if you stop taking it.

  6. I love that diffuser – was it from a pharmacy chain that I might also be able to snap one up for 40% off!? Fingers and toes crossed…waits impatiently. Hope you and yours turn a few corners soon – it’s been far, far too long! Be gone illness!

    • I don’t think so…it was just this chemist in Bowral was no longer selling them and I got the last! So sorry! The chemist was Guardian though…

  7. I got an aroma bloom for christmas. just love them. My daughter loves it so much she asked for one for her birthday. I found a smaller version for her bedroom and every night she’s got lavender oil cranking at the moment. I also have a breathe easy blend which I’ve used in my standard burner but can see it will be on high rotation over winter in the bloom. Good luck with banishing the lurgies. It’s so hard to get traction to move forward when your stuck in the sickness vortex.

  8. Hydrangeas of gorgeousness! PS: I am sick as a dawg with a god awful sinus infection plus a horrible cough. Aside from feeling crap, I’m listening to my body and slowing right down. Plus eating a little bit of cake. x

  9. Went into the chemist today, saw Evening Primrose half price and thought I’d grab some as I am known to be a bit of an angry mole sometimes also. The lady behind the counter asked if anyone had recommended it and I told her I saw on a blog it helps with being an angry mole. Went home, showed hubby and told him about it, all night now when I’ve gotten narky he’s asked me if the EPO has kicked in yet. Thanks Beth xx

  10. Hah! I had bananas going off and way too much Easter egg chocolate so broke some up and threw it into the cake mix and whacked it in the oven. My hubby has pretty much demolished the whole cake, my 5 year old daughter has forgotten there is cake and my 7 year old son has decided he doesn’t like banana cake with chocolate in it. WHAT?!

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