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Um, hi there. Sheesh. Look at that, a whole week without a blog post. But I’m back (ish) a little worse for wear and definitely looking un-fresh. But back. Let’s all take a moment to relish in this:


It’s February which means that that god awful January we just went through is done. Thank GOODNESS. Never have I been so happy to see the back of a month. 4 weeks of sickness and worry and isolation and just general shitiness. But we’re done, and that’s that.


Let me take you through a little of what’s been going down in the last week in particular. So Harps started with a cold and general cough around the 5th Jan. That went for a week or so before being diagnosed with whooping cough. Poor wee thing was very sick but responded well to antibiotics. Because we were trapped inside exposed to her for all that time, we then saw Daisy go down a snake and what we hoped was just a cold, managed to turn into whooping cough. And then wee Mags. Poor poppet thankfully with the mildest of all cases. Thanks to their vaccinations they were all reasonably OK…lots of coughing fits that certainly had them all gasping for breath and exhaustion and worry for Rob and I. Holy SHITBALLS is pretty much all I have to say about that.

I ate a lot of baked goods.


In fact, I ate a lot of my emotions because otherwise I just sat and cried which is no good to anyone. But there were positives too. I could to have lots of cuddles with all my girls (even the big one who rarely allows them) plus I got to eat pineapples at the same time.


We got to spend a WHOLE lot of time together. We looked out for each other, checking in and helping each other out. We played games, we did hairstyles, we did 18,000 Dub smashes.

IMG_9626 IMG_9730 IMG_9722 IMG_5273 IMG_5192

Did I mention a LOT of time at home?

IMG_5209 IMG_5263

But today the two big girls headed off to School, we all finished the last of our antibiotics and even though we have apparently 90 odd more days of this coughing (insert eye twitch here) I know that there has been a shift and an improvement. The fighting has begun again amongst the girls, so they must be feeling better.

It’s now time to get into our new normal. A baby that doesn’t want to sit still for one moment. A Mum that needs to work from home. Oh it’s going to be very interesting indeed. Time to get organised, get moving again and start the year off again.


Let’s do this.

So what have you guys been up to? TELL ME EVERYTHING.
Anyone else happy to see the back of January?


  1. You poor ducks! Certainly not a great way to end the school holidays. I am glad everyone is on the mend. Nothing to report here except lots of tears each new kindy morning.

  2. Lianne Dawson says

    thank goodness for immunisation!

  3. So glad to hear that you are all getting back on track. 3 sick children…you & Rob deserve a drink!

  4. Glad your all on the mend. We had a 3rd birthday party on the weekend which was crazy busy but lots of fun. We have since all gone down like flies with colds and earaches ( including 7 month old). Grrrrr.
    Good thing we did in Jan though was clean put the linen closet and we just dropped off 6 garbage bags to the salvos! Whoop whoop…hooray for being sick and tired which makes me a little ruthless when going through stuff – my husband loves it :).
    Here’s to the new month xo

  5. glad to hear that the worst is behind you beth! and sorry you’ve had such a time of it!
    your roses are glorious! and look at little poppet’s hair emerging! … it comes to those who wait!;))
    daisy’s hair is soo amazingly thick!
    much love m:)X

  6. Wait. Is Magaluf crawling or still in the land of holy-shit-balls-why-aren’t-I-moving?

  7. Last year my then 2.5 year old and 6 month old got whooping cough ( both vaccinated too of course). We were warned about the 90 day thing but happily for us it cleared off well before that. Sharing to give you hope your girls will be the same and you’ll get a good night sleep soon 🙂

  8. Thank God for vaccinations! And in our case, thank God for insurance! We sold our house Jan 5th only to find that our email had been hacked and scammers sent new bank account details to our lawyer – who duly paid all the proceeds of the sale into the fraudsters account and our money was gone! I too am glad to see the back of January. Now let’s start this new year over again….February day one…..Happy New Year everyone ???

  9. What a time! The night after I gave birth to Oliver, my husband ended up in emergency with Maxim with croup. I spent the next three days crying because they didn’t want to let me go home and until Maxim had finished his antibiotics and I couldn’t believe that my baby had been in hospital without me. But that coughing sound does drive me batty – 90 days, gosh I feel for you.

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You’ve had a shit time Beth I’m glad the girls are on the mend!
    I have been warned to have a whooping cough booster before my little grandbaby comes ,but I think it’s an excellent idea Xx

  11. Glad to hear your girls are all on the mend now. Thank goodness for vaccinations. Our January wasn’t particularly exciting although we did have a 13 year old go back to school with the ends of her long, dark hair dyed bright blue !

  12. mrs_woodette says

    Maggies face in the last photo! Gorgeous!
    Happy new year (month) to you. I always dread when one gets sick, everyone starts dropping like flys.
    Welcome back x

  13. I have been thinking of you & your beautiful family Beth, what a shitty time for you all, fantastic that you are through the worst of it. Take care of you. X

  14. RHOM guys really did start the year off in a bad way. So glad your over the worst of it. Let’s hope you all have great health for the rest of the year xx

  15. Praise be for vaccinations! I’m pleased you’ve all turned a healthy corner. Here’s to putting all the whoop-abulloo behind you and looking forward to a fantastic February!

  16. Oh wow! What a month, but glad things, and all of you, are getting better. Here’s to a kickarse Feb!

  17. Oh my goodness, whooping cough! That’s horrible! I once helped look after a woman in her 60s who had whooping cough. She had a coughing fit in the bathroom, fell over and broke her leg. Can’t get much worse really.
    Here’s to February being fabulous! Hopefully with less rain too. I’m so sick of laundry.

  18. So glad to hear that the girls only got mild cases because they were immunised. Still nerve wracking I am sure.
    Back to school here with a new school for Miss Year 3 and the start of long daycare for the Tiny Dictator. We all know we are alive in the mornings at the moment!!

  19. Such a worrying few weeks for you guys. Pleased to hear your girls have improved. Hopefully that dreadful cough will pass sooner than later! i too like others am glad to see the back end of January. So cheers Beth and here is to a happy and healthy year ahead xx

  20. I’m glad you’re all on the mend – but don’t let those baked goods out of your sight just yet!
    January has kind of sucked and had some great moments. I enjoyed the time off I had across Christmas. Work has been bumming me out a lot, so I’ve balanced that out with lots of creativity. I took my niece out for an afternoon of fun kids’ activities at the NGV. I’ve sketched every day. My blog mojo seems to have gone MIA, must work on that. I’ve taken some photos of amazing skies.
    Best of all, I’ve decided to look for a new job. I say no to staying where I’m miserable.
    Glad to be into month 2 of 2016, because we are inching closer to AUTUMN!! Best.

  21. I was dreading February as today I sent baby Robert to daycare and tomorrow I go back to work. Its been the sweetest yet most difficult 9 months of my life and the ache in my heart today is almost too much to bear. He is currently cradled in my arms enjoying a sleepy nighttime feed. There is no greater joy in my life.

    • Oh Chloe I know that pain! I hope it all went OK this morning and you are feeling OK. Such a big change for you both, sending you lots of good wishes x

  22. Oh your poppets and poor you. Sounds very very rough! Glad everyone is feeling better. I enjoyed January but I am ready to move on from it!

  23. I’m so sorry for your sickness. But I just had to say that is THE cutest photo of Maggie EVER.

  24. Oh the memories!! Sick kids, hospital stays, why did I insist on staying in hospital with sick child when I was seven months pregnant and husband was more than happy to do it? Probably so they could send me to emergency at 3am with conjunctivitis and coughing fits and a need for Depends! Then I blinked and they’re almost all grown up with almost no problems, I’d be happy if that anaphylactic peanut allergy would piss off though. We’re just back from a family holiday in Japan, even though the house needs a paint I reckon I won’t be sitting there in my dotage looking at photos of my painted house but rather my kids having fun in Disneyland, eating under the stars in their grandfathers village in Italy and watching the sumo wrestling in Tokyo. Just have some more vino Rosso, cin cin. ??

  25. Oh Beth, how terrible…. I was wondering what was happening down there….gee how long since you went that long without doing a post?? Years?? There is just no time to do anything when you have one sick kid let alone 3… and a baby – and whooping cough… oh dear lord. So glad to hear you are all on the mend… sending lots of hugs. xx

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