The words aren’t coming out right, so I’ll leave it at this.

And off she goes…


  1. Have a great day Harper!

  2. Bless her, such a big day. xT

  3. Wishing her all the best and you baby mac wishing you to a sweet day..xD

  4. May the force be with you all! Harper looks pleased enough – I hope she enjoys herself!

  5. What a doll, she is just too cute. As sad as it is they grow up I can’t wait until my fourth babe starts school. A new chapter of freedom! Enjoy your day x

  6. My heart can’t take the cuteness or the ache I know you’re feeling.

    Massive love to you.

    Gabs x

  7. SHe has grown up SOOOOOO much over the Summer.
    Big hugs mumma.

  8. I have been dropping Toddler C off for almost exactly a year now…and even though I know he loves child care and that he is so well looked after when he is there, I still hate saying goodbye.
    On the plus side, picking him up in the afternoon is just about the best thing ever!

    She looks so happy and proud…and ready!

  9. Whoop! See you there in a few weeks, Harper. Enjoy the silence, mumma xx

  10. Oh Beth I’m feeling your heart pangs [wipes tear]. Abba has a song for every occasion, and this is no exception …

    Schoolbag in hand
    She leaves home in the early morning
    Waving goodbye
    With an absent-minded smile
    I watch her go
    With a surge of that well-known sadness
    And I have to sit down for a while
    The feeling that I’m losing her forever
    And without really entering her world
    I’m glad whenever I can share her laughter
    That funny little girl

    [more tear wiping] and more to come as I head off to buy a new $75 history text book for absent-minded 15 year old son. See they never stop making you sad, it just manifests in all sorts of ways.

    Thinking of you Beth. Hug.

  11. Crying for you! lol

    Oh bless her sweet lil cheeks.


  12. The cuteness πŸ™‚ gorgeous girl, hope you have a great day!

  13. She looks so pleased with herself…such a big day!
    I’m sure she will do just fine….Mum on the other hand???

  14. my. die.
    that smile, those chubby little fingers. bless her, they slay me!
    she looks so happy and confident – make yourself a cup of tea and some banana bread and sob into the mixing bowl while she is off exploring this new world cos you are doing a most excellent job of being her mama!
    sometimes there is nothing for a heavy heart other than to bake!

  15. Oh Beth xx

  16. Those little chubby hands, love them and she is going to do so much great stuff with them at kinder.
    Have a lovely day, both of you.
    Brings back amazing memories, thank you

  17. Oh, she looks so chuffed with herself! Special days x

  18. Beautiful. She will be fine. And so will you xx

  19. Oh…the sweetness!
    Hang in there Beth! This Mumma-Gig ain’t easy, is it?!
    My heart crushed the day I took my firstborn. I can only imagine how it’ll feel when it’s your lastborn. My heart is aching already at the thought of it!!!!!!
    Have a great day Harper!

  20. Beautiful. Exciting. Nerve Wracking. Heart Breaking. Worry. Joy. Those are my words for this very special moment xox

  21. how cute, love the bee back pack x

  22. No words needed here Beth, you have captured that beautiful moment through your camera – gorgeous girl ready for what lies ahead.

    best wishes to you,
    Christine x

  23. Sathya Barelds says


  24. One word: gorgeous.

    My 3yo started preschool start of Jan and whilst I was dying to let him go (he’s my only child) he was SO ready. No tears, no anxiety and he absolutely adores his teacher and his new friends (“so many friends Mama!”).

    Big hugs to you Beth. x

  25. Oh she’s so ready! Hugs to you Beth x

  26. Aw,she looks so excited!
    Even picked her own outfit,god love her!

  27. She looks happy and confident πŸ™‚ How about you?

    Vicki x

  28. Gorgeous girl and she looks happy. Hope she had a good first day and you were ok. x

  29. She is cute as a button and looks just so excited.

  30. So gorgeous! I hope she (and you) have a wonderful day. x

  31. She is precious..

    My littlest treasure is also embracing change with great gusto. It’s so lovely to see them enjoying the new opportunities.

  32. And let the sleep come for you and her.

  33. My daughter Bellarose started at the same preschool as Harper yesterday, I recognised her & you when I dropped her off. I hope she had a great day, it seems like a lovely school πŸ™‚

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