It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We put the Christmas decorations up on the weekend! YESSSSSS the place now looks and even better SMELLS like Christmas! Cue angels singing…


This weekend well and truly felt like that crazy Christmas time of the year with a lovely lunch for my Brother’s birthday at my Mum’s place yesterday and the village Christmas party at our School of Arts hall last night.


How cute is this sequinned bunting? Who even knew that was a thing? It was sent to me by Paper Wings.


How about this bowl of cherries that Daisy picked from her friend’s backyard on Friday night? Amazingly delicious and sweet and that colour!

IMG_4219 IMG_4223 IMG_4244 IMG_4251 IMG_4216

The recipe for that risoni salad is here and the recipe for Maggie Beer’s lamb is here. Both staples at our family gatherings this time of year.

IMG_4253 IMG_4263 IMG_4270

Last night when the kids were in bed, except for a cute little possum who snuck in a late nap at the Christmas party and was entirely NOT ready for bed, the Christmas lights were sparkling, the pine tree smelling absolutely divine and exhausted parents were sprawled out on the couches it just felt like Christmas was here. It really is a magical time of the year isn’t it?

IMG_4290 IMG_4288 IMG_4306 IMG_4302 IMG_4293 IMG_4294

How was your weekend?
Did you attend a few events too?
Got the decorations up at your place?


  1. We are totally unorganised & the only sign of Christmas is 2 cards on the table. How is it that Maggie seems to just get more scrumptious in every photo. That grin just melts me every time ?

  2. One more architrave to sand and paint and the tree can go up. Hooray!

    As for the weekend, Husband and I ran away to Merimbula for a night to celebrate his birthday. Back to reality today. Oh and a calf was born. That’s pretty exciting!

  3. all done and dusted beth!
    loving your photos capturing the moments!
    I see your mum has provence table cloths like us! … love them!
    what about mags with the tongue! she will be a wag!
    lol m:)X

  4. have not done a damn thing. And I’m ok with that. Gotta get through school end of year shenanigans first and then I will think about xmas.

    bring. it. on.

  5. Ooooh that tomato salad looks divine, do you have a link to that recipe please? ?

  6. So much gorgeousness in one post – love it! I’ve been in denial about Christmas. Mostly because I’m completely unorganised. But on Sunday night, our little tree went up and the wreath was placed on the front door. So… a start! I’m hoping for the addition of some (read: many) fairy lights this year and a real Christmas tree next year. x

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