38 goes alright

As the clock ticked over to my 38th birthday I was amazed that I was awake, feeding our new beautiful baby girl. Oh what a year its been. Last year Rob and I went away for the night for my birthday and had a serious discussion about whether we would or wouldn’t try for another baby and look at us now. Huh.

I had the best day yesterday. Best days and my birthday rarely go hand in hand, I seem to get stupid expectations, or get depressed, or something on my birthday but not yesterday. I got a sleep in till 7.30am(!) then a beaming baby girl smiling at me, a slow morning at home with the family and some gorgeous pressies.

IMG_0862 IMG_0856 IMG_0864 IMG_0855 IMG_0859

We then headed out for lunch to Biota for the tapas which heavily featured all things pig…

IMG_0839 IMG_0833 IMG_0843 IMG_0835 IMG_0830 IMG_0841

And then a lovely afternoon with some local friends at the pub as the sun set and the kids ran around.


And more pressies!

IMG_0865 IMG_0861

It was such a lovely day…happy kids and baby, a relaxed Mum and lots of friends made for a great celebration. I know I’ve got another great year ahead of us…bring on 38 I say!


  1. xxxx
    loads of love your way darling friend

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Sounds like a superb birthday Beth ,I’m so very happy it was a good one Xx

  3. Love a birthday! Happy 38th. x

  4. That’s a birthday full of good things- bubs, kids and loved up grown ups. Nice one. Here’s to a cracking 38th year for you xx

  5. I think the older you get the better your birthdays get. I believe this is so, cause you start to care less about them. Pressure is off, so it is all about just enjoying the day, the moment.

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I remember when I was in my late thirties saying to my 88 year old grandad that I was starting to feel old. He laughed and told me that if he were my age, he’d be a young man again with a whole life ahead of him! It struck a chord. Since then, I have always made a point of enjoying my birthday relaxing with my favourite people. It is 100% a day of love and gratitude that I am still around for (and able to enjoy) my family. Nothing remotely stressful allowed! And no expectation of others! I make a private list of three things that I would like to attempt or achieve during the coming year – and do one thing from the list. I buy myself a really, really nice scented candle, a book and a lovely notebook. Gifts I receive from anyone else are a bonus! I absolutely love my birthdays! My dear grandad lived to be 100 years old. You’re still a spring chicken Beth!

  7. Looks just about perfect in my books! Happy birthday. x

  8. Glad you had a lovely birthday & wishing you many happy returns of the day:)

  9. So glad you had a gorgeous day. 38 looks good on us my friend!

  10. Happy birthday! Gosh you do so much you make me feel old!

  11. What a fabulous birthday indeed! And snap – I totally love celebrating other people’s birthdays. But mine? Not so much. Must be the expectations or some rubbish. Glad to see yours was a beautiful day. x

  12. Happy birthday!!! Sounds like you had a gorgeous day 🙂 lovely photos by the way.

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