First Date

This morning I got a notification that Robert Macdonald had tagged me in a post. Thinking it would be something silly I was surprised to see a public declaration of his love.

Nothing says I love you like a Facebook status update.

You see, today it’s 14 years since our first date. At the classy establishment known as a the Paragon down at Circular Quay. I’ve written about our first set up, meeting, kisses before as well as what life is like for us these days…such a different time from those first few months. I swear I used to have sex as much as I roll my eyes and nag these days.

Got me thinking though about the first date. All that anticipation. The unknowns! The potential! The very best of us on show. I can’t remember what I wore that night but I do know I was trying REALLY hard to be funny and witty and smart and probs a bit sexy too.

From here…

To here…

And look at us now. So outnumbered.

I’d love to hear from you guys though.
Where was your first date with your significant other?
Do you remember what you wore? Or ate? Or drank?
Even better, got a photo to share with us all?

Happy 14 years Roberto. I’m so glad that the constant hounding and wearing you down hasn’t changed much over the years. You are a patient, kind man. And I am SO glad you went on that first date with me. Let’s celebrate by both working once the kids are in bed and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Love you x


  1. New Years day 1990 I decided to go to the local swimming pool. As I slowly lowered myself into the cold water there was a huge splash that totally soaked me. When the person that caused the splash surfaced he came over to apologise. We stood in the same spot, talking, until the pool closed hours later. He asked me to the movies that night, our first date. That was over 27 years ago now & we have been married for 25.

  2. A couple of weeks ago, we had the 20th anniversary of our first date (man, I’m old!).
    We met through friends, he challenged me to a skolling competition (I won), we then went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant and he bought me every rose the table-to-table flower seller had in her basket. About 20 individually wrapped red roses. We drank Rosemount Chardonnay and Brokenwood Cricket Pitch red wine. I ate gnochhi napolitana.

  3. Felicitations! Tomorrow we celebrate 14 years of marriage, having been together 5 years before then! We met at uni, and were friends for about a year before things switched gears! Our first date was at The Rocks Cafe on a May evening in 1998 (the venue chosen because of an Entertainment Book voucher!) Not a clue what I wore, but pretty sure I ate pasta, and we definitely shared a bottle of red wine! No photos, sadly (this pre-dated me owning my first mobile phone, never-mind smart phone!!!) The Rocks Cafe is still kicking, and we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there a few years ago!
    Bet wishes, and may the force be with Team Macdonald in the years to come!

  4. We met 14 years ago at the Commodore in North Sydney where I was a bar chick… Our first date was at Thai Lana on Military Rd and the stir fry was served in a foil shaped like a chicken!!!! Then we went to hotel mosman for a drink and I banged the door of his Jeep (which was for sale) on the pole lol… its our 4 year wedding anniversary today x

  5. I had to wait for Mr Smaggle to turn 18 and graduate from high school before our first date! We did theatre together and he was this incredibly mature and charming 14 year old (I was 17 at the time) and I thought he was just the weirdest kid I’d ever met. He’d walk me to my car, buy me coffee, I’d literally never met a guy like him in my life. I’d joke to him that the second he turned 18 I was going to take him off lay by. He messaged me on MSN messenger shortly after his 18th birthday (I was 21), we went on a date and we’ve now been together for almost 12 years. After our first date he was going to a Desperate and Dateless ball that night that he’d booked ages ago and I panicked and sent him a very racy message from the dressing room of the production of Les Mis I was in at the time. Nothing like the peer pressure from 20 hysterical musical theatre girls to give you the balls to text the guy you like and lock that shit down. Good life choice though. 🙂

  6. Boy asked me tentatively if I was keen to see the new James Bond movie one recesss during the end of Year 9. We took a friend as a buffer and did a bit of sneaky hand-holding. We still see every James Bond movie at the cinemas…

  7. We were at the same rugby match! I feel like we’ve been part of your courtship now! (Actually I think I knew this?) Danny still wears his 2003 world cup tshirt! That was a formative part of our courtship too – I had been on the line for about 2 hours trying to get tickets to aust v ireland which was sold out so I went for the next best thing which was aust v (someone) and ireland v (someone) the week before in canberra (I thought) 2 hours away. I got it wrong and the games were in adelaide. Best impromptu two week holiday ever!!! Wine tasting in mclaren vale, lighthouse cottages kangaroo island, drinks at the hotel the irish team were staying at…. still smiling at the thought of it all!

    • Lovely! That’s what I love about remembering…it brings a smile to your face to remember all the wonderful times! Thanks for sharing yours x

  8. Our first date was meant to be a quick Sunday lunch that ended up being 12 hours long (lunch, dinner, movie & accodentally bumping into most of my family and friends!). 10 years later to the day he proposed and we were married on the 11th anniversary of our first date. Now married for 10 very happy months!

  9. Our first date was 11 years ago tomorrow! We were 17, “studying” for our HSC exams but failing to return to class often after lunches in the park. We went for pizza, and a stroll around the country town we both lived near and went to school in. I don’t remember what I wore, but I remember tearing the pizza into pieces in an effort to look genteel as I ate! Pathetic!

  10. 8 years ago we had our first date. I tried on so many outfits but settled on a black dress. He came over and brought a nice bottle of port. We walked around my neighbourhood talking about life and took a selfie sitting on a giant frog statue. Then we went to pub trivia. He took my home and I sang “I’m not going to sleep with you… yet”. All that winter we ate cheese and drank wine in the nudes in my apartment. We’ve been travelling everywhere, have a beautiful wee home and a wild puppy. He is who i would choose over and over.

  11. What a fortuitous post. My hubby and I recently celebrated the 31st anniversary of our first date.
    We went to an INXS concert at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney and had dinner beforehand in Chinatown at a restaurant called The Blue Diamond, which sadly is no more.The poor thing had bought tickets to an earlier INXS gig but I had my cousin’s 21st on the same night so turned him down. He bravely forked out for two more tickets a week later and the rest is history. We had tickets to a Melbourne INXS concert in 1997 (we lived down there for a couple of years) when the sad news of Michael’s demise came through. Devastation hit hard. On a positive note we’ve outlasted Michael. Been married for 24 years now. Funny, but we tend to celebrate the anniversary of our first date in preference to our actual wedding anniversary.

  12. he’s a keeper for sure beth!
    I met mr m when he put his yoga mat next to mine at a yoga workshop 24 yrs ago!
    the rest is history and herstory!
    mostly all good!
    enjoy each other!
    much love m:)X

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