Round here: The School holidays edition

It’s Friday of the longest (shortest) week of the year. Are you feeling like that too? I always get so confused after a long weekend, moreso after an Easter one, and while it’s been short its been very long thanks to the school holidays.

My week has looked like this:

With gorgeous sunny days and holidays it feels like this is all I have done. So much washing! And with visitors after the long weekend there has been extra linen and the like. Honestly, it just never ends. IT NEVER ENDS. Lucky I really don’t mind it…and it looks pretty good to me.

We’ve had a very quiet time this week. Social outings have been to the supermarket! Lots of time at home in the sunshine, pottering about and just hanging out. Maggie hasn’t let me out of her sight.

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of home life, albeit looking very much forward to being able to get stuck into work again on Wednesday when school and routines are back. I’ve been raking leaves and sweeping like a crazy woman, because sometimes there’s nothing else for it.

And just in case you think it’s all roses over here, I have to tell you that last week when we got back (or maybe was it the week before?!) we had to get our central heating replaced from last year when it finally turned its toes up. Expensive! Anyway, while they were up in the roof I think they disturbed a small furry animal who may have taken up residence in our roof. And it escaped into a wall cavity. Where it died.

Oh dear GOD THE SMELL OF DECAYING SMALL ANIMAL. It’s in our bathroom, so contained. But it’s bad. And there’s not enough Doterra oil in the world to make it better. We just have to ride it out I guess. It’s not pretty.

So for now, I’ll keep washing, keep opening the windows, keep hugging Maggie and keep producing food for the big two. Holidays hey?

Anyone got a tip for the smell of dead animals in the wall?
What have you been up to these holidays?
Those with kids back at school, tell me about your productive days…tell me everything!


  1. we had a dead animal stuck somewhere unknown while we were in the midst selling our semi!! Not a great look! But it does go away……eventually….or try some nil odour….from the supermarket…that might take the edge off!

  2. Michelle Collins says

    That happened to us many years ago and we lived in the tropics where the minimum temp was never lower than 28 degrees. and it was in the kitchen…… need i say more.

  3. I’m still feeling like I’m getting back into the swing of things too. My son kicked off school holidays by breaking his arm 4 3 days before we flew to a lovely lagoon resort in Vanuatu. Vanuatu was beautiful, the people are the most gorgeous on earth and we got to stay an extra night thanks to Tropical Cyclone Cook. 🙂 Wonderful friends came to visit the next week and that was wonderful with lots of wine and good conversation. Much linen was washed when they departed. Kids are back at school now and I’ve been flat out catching up with home and business paperwork. I gave myself a break today and went for a walk and sat by the river. It was bliss. xx

  4. Michelle L says

    Oh I am hearing you re dead furry animal. Mouse plague here. Maybe move out until the stink goes!

  5. Katie Elliott says

    Same thing happened to my Mum once and there were maggots dropping onto the bathroom vanity through the exhaust fan. Beyond disgusting! My brother went up into the roof several times but it was unreachable. We just had to ride it out. Stench took about a week or two to go from memory. The joys of life huh?!

  6. Catherine says

    I had this smell problem last year. I found that there are odour absorbing sacks you can get from pest exterminators or ebay that apparently help. By the time I found out about this, the odour left and I didn’t need to purchase them (around 2 weeks). I guess the length of time this takes depends on the size of the corpse….ewww

  7. We had the same thing happen to us – we taped up the vent holes, and it helped lessen the smell. We also had to ride it out…not much fun!

  8. Board up bathroom forever. Tell everyone it is haunted. Or… Burn the house. Get a new house. ? #helpful

  9. Dead furry animal is better than alive furry animal in my books- especially if that animal is of the mouse, or god forbid, rat variety!!!

    I’m one of those weird mums who really dreads the kids going back to school because that means full days & routines & I just like the relaxed slowness school holidays bring.

    Also just want to say how much I loved reading about your NY trip. I’m not much of a traveller but your posts made me smile. I do love that you blog in real time when you travel, it makes it all so much more interesting x

  10. Dead furry animals not great, should be ok in a week not a lot you can do but ride it out sorry! Had the same problem totally gross makes the showers quicker!

  11. Nil Odour works a treat ??

  12. Small furry animals dying in wall cavities is not on my must have list of home accoutrements, yet we’ve been privileged to experience Eau de Dead Mousey twice since moving into our newly built home. Oh the stench. Containing it to the particular room and NOT OPENING the door helped with the pong. Ride it out. That’s all I can offer.

  13. Seoul sista says

    Oh my god. I am literally dealing with something dead, and decaying, in the wall cavity. Luckily it’s in a small coat room, unluckily the coat room is off the main living area. I live overseas and we have just entered spring so it could be something thawing out or, something young and fresh has been zapped. ? We have a helper who kindly put out a few of those smelly tissues that go into the dryer. Can you imagine … decaying mammal and fake lavender. Horrendous. But I ain’t removing them. The reality is too horrid to imagine.

  14. 2 weeks

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