i Babies

I am constantly amazed at how easily my kids navigate their way around technology. Phones, ipads, laptops, they just seem to get it don’t they? I wonder what they will see in their lifetimes?

Don’t you think it’s hard to believe that that just 15 years ago there was no internet? Or email? Letters were sent. Internal memos in yellow envelopes at work between floors. Phone calls were made. Funnier still, you just went out on a Saturday night and hoped that people would be out. Those were the days…


  1. Completely blows me away. It has, without a doubt, changed the face of how our world works, how we communicate and live. And this is just the beginning.

  2. My children understand and use tech as native speakers, while I struggle with it as a second language.
    I remember trying to explain to my 98 year old grandmother that I was doing an internet supermarket shop. When she was a child there was no radio in her home – the rate of change has been unbelievably rapid.

  3. My seven year old was recently horrified to learn that teachers used a blackboard and chalk when I was at school, not ‘interactive whiteboards’! She also said how lucky she is in that she isn’t growing up in the ‘olden days’..

  4. As an ex-pat I think about this a lot. While I often wish that it was easier for me to go home, I talk to my family almost daily, we email and Skype…and of course blog! I cannot imagine moving half way around the world without all this technology to help keep me close. Letters sent on ships? News that is six months old? Now that would have been hard.

    And I hear you about going out! I think we used to spend half the night wandering from bar to bar trying to find people…meanwhile they were wandering trying to find us!
    And do kids still pass notes in class? Like the circle yes if you like him notes? Or do they do all that via text message now?
    And what about mix tapes? And I remember “stealing” music by taping the radio.
    Now I feel old. Sigh.

    • Haha, now you’ve made me feel old. We lived overseas in the ’70s-’90s. My Mum was so homesick in the early days she’d get a bottle of vino in to her & decide it would be a good idea to call Australia to talk to her family. At up to $3 per minute, you’d think she’d make it quick. I remember one time Dad was away & she fell asleep on the other end of the line. They had a bill worth thousands! Mum would have loved Skype back then.

  5. Some things better, some things sadly lost forever.

    It comforts me to know that even though my 8 year old is better at computer stuff than me (he can program the TIVO, I cannot), it comforts me to know that one day he will be amazed at his kids somehow intuitively working the dopulugamanka (what? We’ve got google) when he has no bloody idea. x

  6. Oh for sure!! I have 3 ibabies here!!!

  7. Alright old lady, haha! Nah, I know what you mean. Love that line about going out on a Sat night, now that DID make me feel old… because that’s exactly how it was when I started out.
    Beautiful photos of your gorgeous girls, Harper is just cutielicious! xo

  8. Yes, I get amazed at how naturally kids can work an Ipad/iPhone etc.

    The year I turned 18, text messages were just being ‘invented’. We thought they were so cool. But my friends & I only had big brick phones that couldn’t send messages….and we were usually out of credit anyway. I hardly took my phone anywhere then {whereas nowadays I feel naked without it} and as you said; we’d go out to clubs & parties and have no idea who else was going or what the night would bring. And a fun extra was if someone bought their disposal camera along……
    oh how times have changed….already ๐Ÿ™‚

    When our kids are older, they’ll laugh & say “do you remember those things we had as kids called CD’s & DVD’s” the way we do about records & cassettes ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. I’m a groovy I Grandma – and in 2009 I got iPhone #1.soon I became app addicted . But being both a good teacher & grandma I made sure some were educational & suitable for little peeps. In late 2009 young Miss Ruby was born. straight into the world of iPhone & apps thanks to me. We care for our grandkids twice a week (4 & 2) Ruby knew about how to “touch the text” and get the story to change. She couldnt talk at under 12 months but she knew what she liked! Last year I got hooked on Sandra Boynton’s Board books made into apps. They are exactly the same as the book but with interactivity. Best fun for me recently was watching Ruby read the board book & wonder why it didn’t have the bells & whistles of the app. So cool!
    Denyse xx

  10. I cannot even begin to imagine what life will be like in another 15 years!
    I found my little girl with a magazine when she was 1, patiently swiping the front cover with her finger to get to the next page. That was my eye opening moment!

  11. It made me laugh & made me sad all at once when my boy asked me ” what’s this mum?” , I turned around to see him holding one of my old cassette tapes….both my boys are all over techno stuff, my then 11 year old set up my iPhone last year for god sake !!! I marvel at their cleverness ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Absolutely spot on! My son was telling me in the car yesterday about “thought computers”. Apparently, there is research going on into brainwaves so you’ll be able to just “think” computer commands. Mind boggling, yes?

  13. Recently I had the joy of pointing out to our work experience student that when I started uni, they had a course in the library on how to use email because most people hadn’t used it, that you couldn’t reference anything on the internet in an assignment and that Wikipedia didn’t exist. As she stared at me in astonishment I felt compelled to point out that I was also in my 20s before I had a mobile phone. She had no comprehension of how life worked with out that. Twas very amusing.

  14. My son is 10 months old and I’m pretty sure he’s better at using the iPad than me.

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