Linen sheets

So last week this happened:


An email landed in my inbox from Bed, Bath & Table alerting me to the fact that they had linen sheets on sale. And being sleep deprived, I immediately added to cart dreaming of sleeping on those soft, cool sheets uninterrupted all night…

I have been wanting to try out linen sheets for years now, and have pondered many a Pinterest image like this imaging myself in them. It’s amazing what lack of sleep will do to a person.


So what makes linen sheets so special? And expensive?! Made from flax fibers, linen has been grown for thousands of years and is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Because of its unique filtering, bacteria resistant, ventilating, moisture absorbing and evaporating capabilities, linen bed sheets are known as anti-allergic, recommended for people with skin diseases, also for children. It’s a breathable fabric that makes you warm in winter and cool in summer. They can also repel dirt and are anti static as well as being twice as durable as cotton and can last for decades!

The word on the street from friends (and Instagram who are also all my friends right?) had been good too. Lots of positive comments about their coolness, softness, let’s be real here it did not take much convincing. The thing about them though, is the expense. Up to $300 for a set. So seeing the sale, I struck. Of course I washed them, made the bed, took a picture for Instagram and had lots of people ask how they went. So Beth, how did they go? I’m glad you asked.

They went REAL good. They are a dream! Soft! So soft. They don’t have that crispy cool feeling that you can get from a good quality 100% cotton sheet. More like the softness that comes from Organic cotton (like the Oh Mabel sheets I adore). You can’t really move your foot around looking for a cold spot (anyone else do that?) because it’s all soft and warm, but yet cool at the same time too. In summer I like to just sleep with a sheet on, and these will be perfect because of the weight of the linen. Of course they crush, but that’s half the appeal right? And controversially, not being an ironer, they will never see the likes of a hot iron on them. The only thing I am not loving is the bunching that’s occurring on Rob’s side of the bed as he manages to toss and turn all night long which moves the fitted sheet from mattress and bunches. But other than that? I am a FAN.

You can grab linen sheets from lots of places, but here are some I found from round the traps.

PicMonkey Collage

Major Minor Sydney

Australian designed 100% linen Belgian flax. This Queen quilt cover will set you back $270. The more you wash, the softer it becomes. You can check out the cover online here.

Bed, Bath & Table

These are the ones that I grabbed on sale. You can get a Queen sheet set (fitted, flat & 2 pillowcases) on sale for $199. So far so good on the quality. You can check the sheets in various colours online here.


I was in store a few weeks ago and saw a pretty good sale on the sheets and have seen a few people online talking about the good prices. You can get the Vintage Washed Sheets in Queen size down from $399 to $249.95. You can check them out online here.

I Love Linen

A favourite online supplier of mine, Lauren has a great collection available at reasonable prices. She has French linen sheet sets in King size from $339 and Queen from $299. You can check out her range online here.

Other places I’ve seen them online:

Montauk Vintage Washed Linen
Miss Molly French & Irish Linen
Sheets on The Line linen collection
Simply Linen
Pottery Barn Belgian Linen
I Love Pure Linen Sheets
Rough Linen

While the price might not be for everybody, the linen sheet is of such quality that you know you will have these sheets for years. The more you wash, the softer they become – I remember some damask linen sheets that we were given as a wedding present that were like this…such beautiful quality that never goes out of style and wears well. I used those sheets till they actually tore they were so threadbare!

I’d love to know if you have some linen sheets?
What do you love about them?
Seen any around on sale you’d care to share with us?


  1. @fairview_farmhouse says

    Great post Beth! I was only just whining to my sister that I’m sick of changing the sheets 3-4 times a week because my husband sweats and some nights the sheets are just drenched (so gross!!). She said “ah why don’t you have linen sheets?”. I actually had some in my hand at adairs the other day but the 4 children with me and know Xmas is around the corner made me put them back. So expensive but obviously they are an “investment” so may have to outlay some coin.
    Your bed linen always looks so beautiful, is the doona cover linen aswell? Love the pattern.

  2. You’re a wrench Beth! Thanks to you I have been forced into buying a pair of linen pillowcases from Miss Molly!!

  3. Timely post. I’ve been wondering about linen sheets for a while. I find linen clothing a bit scratchy ( I dont wear wool _ even merino,for same reason) so is there any “scratch” in the sheets?

  4. Ikea also have linen quilt cover sets for about $100. They are so soft and lovely.

  5. i’m sure they are gorgeous beth!
    I love linen anything and hate ironing!
    my form of it with my linen clothes is …
    a water spray bottle
    spray whilst clothes are on me!
    a bit of tugging and good to go hun!
    love that lived in look which is the nature of linen!
    love m:)X

  6. I love linen too! By far the best. If you just want to try something linen to see if you like it first rather than paying for a whole set, Adairs has fitted sheets alone $69.97 for a QB if you’re a member.

  7. Sheridan are having a secret sale if they have linen yet to check .I want to look for silk pillow case for my curly hair

  8. I indulged in some linen bedding at Adairs a few months ago. LOVE IT! It is just something about the way it looks that is lux.

  9. Beth, thank you!
    After reading your post I spent a fortune on a full set of linen bedding from Adairs today! I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I thank you for the shove!
    Can’t wait for bedtime! ?

  10. I have a set from Adairs that I love! Does anyone have a linen doona cover? I’d love to hear some feedback – especially after seeing that Pinterest image!!

  11. Ha ha! SNAP! I literally purchased my first linen manchester TODAY – linen quilts and pillowcases for the girls bunk bed arriving next year. I KNOW I’m going to regret this as I cannot bear covers with wrinkles. AND I know I’m going to regret the bunk bed but I promised the girls if they made their beds for six months AND still wanted to share a room
    that we’d go the bunk. I have read all your posts on the horrors of bunk bed making…I know I will regret this…

  12. I invested in some I Love Linen sheets in winter and now religiously try and wash and remake the bed in them each time. I love them! Great for sweaty husbandness, less sheet washing and they feel so damn good! I am hooked now, cannot wait to buy another set.

  13. Thanks for that timely post Beth! I need to buy new sheets and have always wanted linen ones! However, my bank balance does not thank you! 🙂

  14. Linen sheets are the bomb. Many years ago I scored the most amazing damask linen sheets from the op-shop and they were a dream to sleep in. Unfortunately the purchase of a new mattress which they didn’t quite fit meant they had to be retired. Their new job is as tablecloths for our al fresco table (which seats 12). There is something about using a crisp white tablecloth outside I find ridiculously indulgent and I love it. I find if I drip dry them on the line there is no need for ironing 😉

  15. EEEEEK, just lay-byed my first set of linen sheets and a doona cover . Soooo excited..
    Adairs have a super sale on (finishes tomorrow) and being a Linen Lovers member, I scored an extra 10% off! The lovely lady at our local store gave me an additional 5% on top of that so I couldn’t resist…. I cannot wait to try them – she said once you’ve had linen you’ll never go back.. Love my Oh Mabel sheets so now I’ll be complete with my linen ones to add to my ever growing collection 🙂

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