Get your CWA on

We’ve got a quiet weekend here and it’s the very best. We did pop up to the School of Arts this morning for a village morning tea and the spread was 10/10. Chicken & egg ribbon sambos, date loaf, slices, and Maggie whilst sitting on one of her Fauxma’s laps managed to have her first taste of scones with jam & cream!

The drizzle has just started to roll in here which means it’s the perfect time to get baking! Why not try one of these 3 recipes? I need to get to the supermarket and get some fruit for my fruitcake…even just to get the fruit soaking it is well and truly time!

So embrace your inner Gladys, Beryl or Mavis and get your CWA on.

Make Pickled cucumbers!

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Make a Christmas Fruitcake!

IMG_4377 IMG_4412

Make some scones!

IMG_4189 IMG_4233

I’m starting with the cucumbers as I got a heap on special at the Fruit shop yesterday…I could get started on Christmas presents but we all know they won’t last the week.

Happy cooking friends x


  1. No time to cook today, I have only been home a little while. Spent the day being a model. Not quite as glamorous as it sounds. I was at a photo shoot for a group called hearts 4 heart that raise awareness of adults living with congenital heart disease. They needed a nice selection of slightly blue people like me & those that had an impressive scar for their future publicity photos.

  2. Mist rolling in and still warm fruit cake. Heaven!!

  3. ever the organized thanks beth!
    I have been gardening and painting!
    no time for cooking! my excuse anyway!
    lol m:)X

  4. Beth
    We have a healthy CWA here in Busso.
    It has a ‘young’ version called the “CWA Southern Belles” and it’s so wonderful to see a grouped of young-er women who want to preserve the ideals and traditions of the CWA.

  5. Hi Beth!
    I have been making your pickled cucumbers for two christmas’s now (this will be the third). I make enough to last through the whole year for ourselves and our extended family. Everyone saves their moccona jars for me to fill! Thank you for sharing this recipe. BTW I have the CWA Classic cookbook and the Pear Chutney is another absolute favourite.

  6. I seem to be leaving it later each year to make stuff like the Christmas Cakes, thanks for motivating, next weekend is my quiet one for prepping and also gardening in anticipation of hosting Christmas this year.
    I am making your pickled cukes for gifts and Smitten Kitchen’s spiced nuts, they are always appreciated by the receivers (go on check it out, you won’t regret and easy peasy.)

  7. I’m starting my xmas food gifts this weekend with Rhubarb & Apple Jam. I’m going to try and make something each week between now and Xnas. Making and freezing biscuit dough ahead of time is my biggest Xmas time saver. Us Norwegians love to have 7 sorts of biscuits at Xmas time ?.

  8. I made my Christmas cake about two weeks ago & it has whisky caramel in it! I’ve got another batch of fruit is soaking because one cake is never enough!!!

  9. Entered a slightly tweaked version of Anne into the Queanbeyan Show and won first prize. Also took out first prize for the Fruit cake. Tickled pink!

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