Monday meal ideas: The humble sauso

Dead set, where did last week go? I am sitting here in a dazed state trying to pick up the pieces and get on with another VERY busy week ahead of us. I need to do a grocery shop, prep for a 6th birthday party for a certain second born daughter tomorrow  AND her class after school. We’ve got a trip to the big smoke on Wednesday as Daisy is performing at the Opera House as part of a Choral festival and then back for a visit from my Mum Thursday and my sister and her husband, Archie and Kevin on the weekend. Sheesh! Life is busy!

This week I’ll need to whip out some simple dinners and given the amount of travel last week something cheap! What better than the humble sauso? Even if you splash out and get some fancy ones they are still going to be a cheaper than cutlets or other cuts of meat. Here’s a few recipes to get you going…

PicMonkey Collage

Chorizo Chicken
Oven baked chorizo risotto
Cheat sausage rolls
Sausage pasta

I hope you guys all have a good week. A family birthday always makes for a good time round here, but jeepers have I got to get my skates on. I’m yet to get a single pressie or anything for the party not to mention the bloody piano cake I have to whip up. Hold me.

Let’s do this!


  1. Okay thanks Beth! You’ve solved dinner tonight without a trip to the shops. We have sausages in the freezer, so cheats sausage rolls tonight! And we just picked half a kilo of cherry tomatoes from the garden so tomato relish in the thermie sounds like dinner is done.

  2. Yum! You do have a busy week. I am planning a birthday party too. Crazy time of year to be born turns out.

  3. you are “super woman” beth!
    and maggie is amazing with the flower or without!
    definitely a treasured girl!
    love m:)X

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