Monday meal ideas: Breakfast for dinner

You know what one of my favourite things is? Breakfast for dinner! I manage to get away with it at least once a week and it just makes me happy. These weeks are so busy that I manage to get to the afternoon and realise that there is no dinner ready to go but there are ALWAYS eggs and bacon so that means I can get something on the plate.

Here’s some breakfast ideas that work for lunch or dinner too!

PicMonkey Collage

Eggs with Aspargus soldiers
Corn Fritters
Mushrooms on toast
Spinach & tomato sautee
Apple pikelets
Banana & egg pikelets
Zucchini Fritters
Perfect soft boiled eggs
Banana bread

I hope you have a great week ahead – I’m already running late it seems! Always catching my tail…I bet you are too.


  1. I love breakfast for dinner! But often it’s nothing this fancy but rather a couple of weetbix in a bowl 😛 how good are corn fritters with bacon and tomato relish though. Nom!

  2. all ideas perfect for me today thanks beth!
    I have a sore jaw and I don’t even think I’ve been talking too much!
    sooky! lol!
    love m:)X

  3. This weekend we were stuck indoors thanks to the rain. So much rain we had flash flooding, but thank God for the cool change . Cheers to a great week Beth

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