13 things to love about Italy

Our holiday is coming to a close and what an amazing 3 weeks its been! Our bellies and hearts filled with wonderful food and memories – Italy really is a place that fills you up. Not only with the amazing food, but the culture, the history, the beauty…throw in some wonderful family time and our souls are feeling very content indeed.

There is so much to love about this country but here are some of my favourites.

The colours of buildings

The yellows, reds, oranges of houses and the greens of the shutters…all of them so beautiful against a busy city scape or the greens of the countryside.

IMG_2527 IMG_5607 IMG_1811 IMG_1741 IMG_2474

The windows

From the superior drapery and shutters and of course the vistas!


The Stone

Whether its the cobblestones of Rome, the larger stone roads in Florence or at the Roman Forum, the tiles in a villa, or the stone stairways worn down over time, this place does stone well. You can feel, smell, touch the ancient history in every brick.

IMG_1989 IMG_1505 IMG_1486 IMG_1490 IMG_2763 IMG_5854

The towers

Dotted throughout the countryside and in every main piazza, these towers are a thing of beauty.

IMG_5412 IMG_2447 IMG_2540 IMG_1669

The fancy pants Police

Whether its the Carabineri or Polizia or someone from the Army, they do uniform very well here. Show pony stuff.

IMG_1576 IMG_1552 IMG_1545

The tomatoes

They really do taste better here. Whether its the late summer season that we’ve travelled here to, they really are so good. They taste like tomatoes. Huh.

IMG_1815 IMG_1731

The beautiful packaging

Is its some delicious butter (I have been adding salt flakes on top but it’s still very good) or a Paneforte, the packaging on some of the stuff here really is gorgeous. Especially the bags from bakeries and sweet little shops.

IMG_5870 IMG_2639 IMG_5790

Baked Goods

A no brainer. Standing at a bar in the morning with an espresso and pastry in a napkin and I am a happy woman. Baked goods for breakfast? Australia, we’re doing it wrong.

IMG_5537 IMG_1995

The statues

Everywhere someone (holy or otherwise) looking down on you.

IMG_1662 IMG_1646 IMG_1542

The prosecco

Different to what we get in Australia: less bubbly and a little sweeter, it’s delicious.

IMG_2058 IMG_1625

The Gardens

The rambling, crumbling walls, the pots filled with lemons, the formal gardens, the cyprus pines, the olive trees all so gorgeous.

IMG_1901 IMG_1904

The Spritz

A new taste discovery for me, some Aperol, Prosecco and soda with a decent slice of orange and plenty of ice it’s the most refreshing drink ever – will be embracing this summer.


The food

So much food. Pizza, cheese, meats, gelato, pasta. ALL OF THE FOOD.

IMG_5881 IMG_2099 IMG_1466

And a million more.

Have you been to Italy?
What did you love most about it?


  1. Yes adore it. Pics 2 and 4 could be my son-in-laws family home in Froselone….such gorgeous colours and yes pastries (for me) and potato pizza (others) for Breakfast the Best!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I can’t believe 3 weeks have passed already!! When I was a bebe we lived in Torino as my dad was working at the uni. I’ve been back twice since then. My favourite things are easily the food and the light. Can be so crazy and chaotic though. Cross the border into Switzerland and you get order straight away!! Bizarre!

  3. I went to Italy five years ago and it was my favourite country on my trip. I loved the colourful buildings and ancient architecture. The food and wine and just everything really. Just amazing!

  4. bellisimo! grazie mille beth!
    I have so enjoyed following your trip! … arm chair travel is ok too!
    Italy is amazing! it gets into the psyche and that is a good thing!
    keep on enjoying! … love m:)X

  5. I’m feeling all the feels for you! Italy stole a piece of our heart too. We have been Spritzing it up at home ever since! Safe travels back x

  6. Loved the coffee culture. Stand at the bar and have a great cappucino for 1 Euro… why do we have to pay $4.50 here?

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful photos Beth I can see why Italy has captured your heart xx

  8. I have loved salivating over your images these past few weeks. I’ve been to Italy quite a few times and each time I fall in love with it a bit more. What’s not to love? I would love to take my kids there one day, and your travels have inspired me to do so. My sister is married to an Italian who has a villa in L’Aquila, where the terrible earthquake destroyed much of the city. Fortunately is villa was unharmed. It’s a stunning part of the world and I long for my next trip. Gorgeous pics, as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I absolutely love Italy! I have a lot of Italian friends and I visit every chance I get, such a beautiful country! Your photos are really great. Also I saw someone above commented on the great โ‚ฌ1 coffee… head down south and it’s only 60c ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. We were suppose to go to Italy last month but it fell through ๐Ÿ™ thank you for taking me through your blog posts. You have shown me such wonders. I am more determined than ever to get there one day. Safe travels home lovely xx

  11. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    There is so much to love about Italy. I had to laugh about the ‘fancy pants police’, that’s just what they are…to funny! Lake Gada and Capri are by far my standouts, for different reasons but both equally amazing. I have been fortunate to have traveled to there a few times and have fallen in love with it each time a little bit more. Safe travels home xx

  12. Despite living most of my life a relative stone’s throw from Italy, I’ve only been once and that was when I was living in Australia. Go figure. It’s now right up there on my Places-to-Go list and when I do, I want to see, do and eat all the things! I’ve loved tagging along on your Italian adventure, and I’m so pleased the Aperol made the top 13. It’s all about the spritz! Here’s to bubbles not troubles!

  13. Beth – please stop.
    I cannot take any more of these sumptuous and beautiful and divine vistas and images.
    It’s all too much!

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