Tuscan cliches

I always love how you can imagine places to be before you arrive there. Snippets from stories, movies, books and a little imagination thrown in to create a kind of understanding of place before you’ve even arrived.

For me, Tuscany was like this. From operas and Stealing Beauty and reading Under a Tuscan Sun and seeing other peoples photos….I imagined a hot, dry and beautiful rolling countryside filled with lemons and olives, hedges and rambling, crumbling walls. Pots filled with summer flowers and villas of orange and yellow, shutters contrasting against the walls.

And you know what? It’s exactly like that. And a little more. It’s just so beautiful. And if you’ll excuse me, I can’t stop taking photos in this magical early autumn light.

IMG_1888 IMG_1892 IMG_1895 IMG_1900 IMG_1902 IMG_1904 IMG_1909


  1. Gorgeous photos!! You’re making me want to travel 🙂

  2. bellissimo! … grazie beth!
    love m:)X

  3. Please take some food photos too when you get a chance or maybe do a foodie blog post ?

  4. I am living vicariously through your photos and your journey! What a gorgeous place to visit. I always wondered that too whether the places that you see in the movies are like that in real life. Enjoy! oxoxox

  5. I love reading your stories and the pics are fantastic. Thanks Beth xx

  6. Oh Beth! We just got back from some time in the UK and France, yet I am soooo envious of your gorgeous photos! We did three weeks away, with a 20month old, and while we were ready to come home, I feel like I could go again tomorrow… The travel bug has bitten, it seems x

  7. Your photos are stunning, can’t wait for more x

  8. Don’t stop with the pics please!!!! I’m there with you (thanks to the joys of that amazing thing, the intra-web!!). ??. My eyes are devouring each and every photo xx

  9. My die.

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