Florence to Lucca

We spent the last of our time in Florence soaking up some shopping, more walking and people watching, some fun for the girls and eating at a lovely little restaurant. I haven’t been able to take many food shots at this stage – I’m usually juggling kids (trying to spill drinks) and a baby and then trying to get food in for me at the same time. I’m sure the better food posts will follow!

IMG_1724 IMG_1689 IMG_1705 IMG_1726

Then yesterday morning we packed up and headed to the stazione to get the train to Lucca and then onto the villa about 15 minutes out of town where we will be for the week. It was SO good to see Rob’s Dad and step Mum, and then a few other travellers that arrived as the afternoon and evening went on. There’s going to be about 14 adults and about 12 kids here for the week and I think we are going to be very happy here indeed. The place is AMAZING. Rambling gardens and broken walls, statues and fountains in amongst olive trees and pines. That gorgeous yellow of the villa against all the cool greens of the garden. It’s like something out of a movie.

IMG_1737 IMG_1744 IMG_1741 IMG_1738 IMG_1735 IMG_1748

The rest of the family arrive this afternoon (girls are so excited to see their cousins). I’m the first awake this morning in the house, like a kid on Christmas morning I can barely sleep with the excitement of it all. Maggie is being an angel, sleeping better than she has in months and the two big girls exploring the garden, swimming in the pool and having the best time.

It’s going to be a very good week indeed.


  1. Enjoy Beth, time with family is such beautiful surroundings will create memories that will last a life time x

  2. Sounds like it will be a great week & now that there are lots of extra adults around to hold a baby & help watch bigger girls you will be able to take lots of food photos for me to dribble over 🙂

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Enjoy Beth your photos are beautiful Xx

  4. What a gorgeous shot of dad and daughter gazing off into the distance. I watched Under the Tuscan sun just recently on telly. Soak it up lovelies!!!

  5. all just delightful thankyou beth!
    enjoy indeed! love m:)X

  6. I am just so glad for you. Enjoy every, single minute.

  7. Every time you post your photos bring tears to my eyes. They colours in your photos are so Italian! I loved traveling through Italy as a backpacker but sharing it with the family looks awesome! It is definitely on our list!

  8. I’m loving following your trip, Beth! Makes me so nostalgic and I want to plan my own trip back xx

  9. Hi, I’m planning a similar trip with my boys for next year. Would love to hear how you coped with luggage at the train station while juggling your kids! Thanks.

    • We actually didn’t have all that much luggage (between Rob and I we could manage it all and didn’t have to rely on the girls to help out). They had their backpacks on and being girls pretty much listened to instruction…if we had toddlers it would have been a different story though. We did lots of prep talk about getting on the train and getting the luggage in and it worked! Good luck with your planning – if you have any other questions just let me know!

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