Beautiful Florence

There really is no place like Florence. Simply stunning. Every street you turn down makes me gasp. It’s old. And dirty. And fancy. And decaying. And grand. All rolled into one. We didn’t really have anything much planned to see when we were here – some quiet time after the pace of Rome and recovering of jet lag and the last of our time together before we meet up with the rest of the family.

This morning we hd a quick wander around the Duomo, Uffizi and over to the other side of the river to to the Boboli Gardens. I had such fond memories of these beautiful gardens and going back I remembered why. It’s funny the girls have enjoyed a lot, but when pointing out this or that historical building or object, they sometimes are more interested in a gelato or souvenir shop next door. When we arrived in the gardens this morning Harps sparked up for the first time in days enthusiastically walking around with her map. She loved it! All that city was too much for our country mouse, she liked the greenery and space of the gardens.

IMG_1642 IMG_1638 IMG_1635 IMG_1639 IMG_1631 IMG_1629 IMG_1644 IMG_1646 IMG_1648 IMG_1651 IMG_1666 IMG_1656 IMG_1664 IMG_1658 IMG_1661 IMG_1669 IMG_1673

It’s funny wherever we go people ask about Maggie. Everyone thinks she is a boy (must be the lack of pink attire) and when they hear she’s a girl, Rob always gets a friendly smile…and poor bugger expression given. Lucky Rob I say!



  1. Your girls are so cute. I love that your girls walk around with maps and get interested in the gardens.
    We were recently in Buenos Aires staying in the heart of the city, which is old, dirty and full of ancient buildings and history (a little younger though than Italy). My kids enjoyed site seeing too but after a while seemed to get bored and restless. They too are somewhat country mice and loved the parks and open spaces. But they are in awe of the big city and enjoyed travelling by subway, buses and trains etc. and I made sure to do activities for them museum, parks, movies.
    Your posts really inspire me to take my kids to Europe one day soon!
    Have a great time with Rob’s family, sounds divine.

  2. Florence is amazing. I’m so enjoying following your trip! x

  3. Oh what beautiful photos you must be having the time of your lives over their

  4. Did you find the penis garden in Florence? I forget exactly where it is–outside, a bunch of sculptures of naked men. A friend who grew up in Italy named it. Lovely!

    I love Florence. I love Italy. You’re making me nostalgic.

  5. Stunning.

  6. Oh Beth! Loving the travel updates. Thank goodness you like to write and take pictures. I just binge read all your stories and oh la la so gorgeous. Glad you have the energy to keep the blog up to date. I am desperate for a foreign adventure and your stories make me so determined. Enjoy! And keep up the fine work. X

  7. Beautiful photos .. thanks for the tour, looking forward to more. Those dresses on your girls are so gorgeous … 🙂

  8. so enjoying this! everything is bellisimo! magnifico! splendido!
    your girls are brava! they are subliminally soaking it all in as well!
    thankyou beth … love m:)X

  9. I saw the title Beautiful Florence and actually fist pumped! I’ve always wanted to go. The photo’s are amazing and just makes me want to jump on a plane. I’m planning New York for myself and hubby at the moment and this makes me wonder if we shouldn’t just go to Italy instead. The photo of the two girls is my favourite of your trip so far. So special. Enjoy your time in Italy Beth x

  10. You’re killing me with all these gorgeous pics. I haven’t been to Italy since 1994. Can’t quite believe that was 21 years ago. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I’m looking forward to more amazing photos! X

  11. A really nice post and the photos are spectacular. The girls look lovely.

  12. All these posts have made me start googling Europe! I think it is time!

  13. Ah, Beth, its the lack of pierced ears that are throwing everyone with Maggie, if Italy is at all similar to Spain!! When my eldest niece was born her Spanish Grandma wanted to know what type of earrings to send her – and was very surprised that there were no immediate plans to pierce her ears. When she was taken to Spain my sis had to put the fancy baby bracelet on her so she could be identified as female!!
    Apart from all that I am enjoying your photos, and feeling all the feels. I stayed just down the road from the Boboli Gardens at the YH, and we used to breakfast picnic in the gardens each morning!

  14. That photo of Daisy and Harper is gorgeous. Can we please get a FOOD post soon! WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS xx

  15. Oh my… That pic of Daisy and Harper with the hat! Just gorgeous. Xx

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