As every Mother would know, the pressure in the daily kitchen is immense. The judges tough. And the pressure, unrelenting.

Faced with the daunting task of yet another high pressure cook, tonight I took the risky move of attempting to plate up two dishes.


  1. Oh my goodness that is THE most clever video I’ve seen EVER! I have tears for when you got a 10/10 and was just smiling the whole way through. Legend!

  2. That was bloody awesome…hilarious! Harper is made for the camera, Daisy is born for it and you were brillisnt! I LMAO!! ? thanks for the giggle

  3. Too funny Beth! Love it!

  4. A FIVE!

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love this Beth ,you shall have to do more please x

  6. I have not laughed so much in ages! Love it! Next episode please!

  7. hahhahasnort. Loved it Beth. I do hope to see more.

  8. Bloody funny Beth, I Loved this!

  9. Love it! Just what I needed tonight! The cooking for the hungry (thankless) horse never ends ?

  10. So good, Beth. You are a wonder Mum and your eggs are worth way more than a 5!

  11. That was fabulous! Loved it! Thank god the egg was perfect πŸ™‚

  12. Absolute gold Beth!!!! Made me feel like I got my fix of Madterchef right there – I’ve been missing it!!!! Tough judges too :-))

  13. Oh my goodness! This video was brilliant! I started watching and my husband was listening in and chuckling. By the end he was leaning over my shoulder scoffing and snorting. We loved it! More from the Macca kitchen please. I would love to see how you tackle the dangerous category of school lunch boxes! That older judge was a bit rough on the eggs! Great little actresses. Thanks spoor sharing something so fun. Bron

  14. GOLD! ??

  15. Bahaha, now we need an episode of So You Think You Can Dance!

  16. Awesome!!

  17. Lovedit

  18. Simply brilliant! So clever! And aren’t the girls in their element too!??????

  19. Julie-Anne says

    Loved it! Now I feel like a toastie.

  20. I can not tell how much I needed that laugh !
    Brilliant !
    Amazing guest performances by Judges Diasy and Harper.

  21. That cracked me right up. I snorted/guffawed the whole way through it. So many pressure points in an intense cook. Well done.

  22. But…. but…. did she eat the tomatoes???? I can’t rest till I know! TELL ME BETH DID SHE EAT THE TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!???????????

  23. Good stuff you lot!!! Absolutely nailed it! LMFAO!! Glad your risk with the tomatoes paid off for Harps. Phew!! Lol. Your girls are beautiful (and so are you). xx

  24. Gold! Loved this, very well done.

  25. Lorelle Coates says

    So good Beth! I needed a good laugh, I agree more videos please.
    Lorelle x

  26. Amazing great acting cooking and filming and editing by Rob! Your daughters are gorgeous! Loved it! My dippy eggs never look so good. I cheat and use the little egg time that changes colour when eggs are ready! More videos please!

  27. Hahaha.

  28. Lisa hayes says

    So funny! Totally made my day!!please more videos!

  29. Brilliant!!!!

  30. Pauline Davey says

    Hilarious Beth, had me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what the judges would say. You have to do more!

  31. Brilliant! Thank for the laugh Beth.

  32. hilarious! I cannot show this to my kids though as they would want to copy it every single night ?

  33. I love it – …. giggle, giggle *snort*

  34. What a hoot! Loved it, great fun for your whole family and provided my family some light entertainment! So pleased I found your blog!

  35. You nailed it! Loved this. Absolutely perfect.

  36. Love it! Solidarity from parents everywhere!!

  37. Gold!! I hope this is the start of a new series, please say there are more episodes to come….

  38. Rowena / VintageNobility says

    Giggles – me n mr just watched; lots of laughs as we know exactly what that pressure feels like! Remember Beth…the more you do – the more they expect!!

  39. That’s just GOLD! Top score for perfectly executed dishes!!! Even the word “plate” sends me into hysterics, I’m such a food slob! x

  40. Linda jenkins says

    So cute and yes please do more of these

  41. You are a dead set classic! We loved it.

  42. “Haven’t got those eggs on…” Hahahahahaha This is GOLD!!

  43. Oh my gosh! I love this! SO cute and funny. Excellent performance by B-Mac. 10/10

  44. You made my Sunday morning!! This was brilliant Beth!

  45. Only one of those dishes would have been eaten in my household!

  46. Bloody hilarious! And your daughter! So funny!

  47. I love the Macca chef kitchen! This MUST become a regular post please! After a week of sick kids, high temps, whining and unrelenting requests I needed a laugh so badly – thank you!! Just loved it!!

  48. The best video I’ve seen by far. Love it Beth xx

  49. This is the reality TV we wanna see! Brilliant Beth!!!

  50. Oh, that was just priceless. LOVED IT.

  51. thelittleredhen says

    Lololol. But gee Daisy-5/10 seems way harsh.

  52. Love! Now I want boiled eggs with soldiers!

  53. Hilarious…..

  54. OMG you had it down pat! Well done. Was relieved that you went with layering the toastie halves in the criss- cross. Good move πŸ˜‰

  55. Jan Mackenzie says

    Funny Funny and very clever. Loved it

  56. That’s gold, bloody hilarious

  57. Loved it, that is all!!!

  58. solid gold Beth!

  59. Hope you have not set a precedent with 2 plates. Great vid.

  60. Loved it. Bloody marvellous. Well done!

  61. This is pure class, Beth! More please! xx

  62. Bahaha! Love it!:)
    That’s gold Beth

  63. Ha ha great! Hope you learnt from that 5. Maybe you cut the soldiers too thin??

  64. Love it ! Thought the 5 was a bit rough πŸ™‚

  65. Awesome! Made my morning. Never will my hotspot be the same. Thank you. xx

  66. Hahaha lived this!

  67. Absolutely loved it! Wonder why you only got 5?? And did the tomatoes get eaten…??!

  68. Bahahaha complete crack up! You are all 10/10 Master Naturals πŸ˜‰

  69. Well done. You are a legend! The salt and pepper at the end was genius.

  70. I laughed so hard. So so so hard. Well DONE Macca Chef Kitchen! ?

  71. Oh Beth, you crack me up – that is GOLD!!!!!!!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!

  72. Love it!! Great editing!

  73. The best Masterchef parody I’ve ever seen!! This is HILARIOUS!

  74. Fashionista says

    So. Bloody. Funny.

    I am now going to commentate my dinner prep/cook/serve, a la Masterchef. If nothing else, it will amuse me.

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