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A well set table is just like a well dressed woman with accessories – they can bring the whole look together. I am slowly starting to embrace the tablecloth for my table – I am not one to have one on the table at all times, but for a dinner or lunch party with friends I am slowly falling in love with what a good tablecloth can do for a table. Here are some nice ones I have found round the traps….

1. Peacocks & Paisleys


I was lucky enough to be sent one of these gorgeous cloths from Priya last year and I have loved using it since. She has some great boho inspired cloths filled with lovely colours. The cotton is nice and thick and they wash really well. You can grab this cloth pictured for $127.97 online here.

2 & 7. Anthropologie


Anyone reading my blog for any length of time would know my love for all things Anthro. Whilst it would be nice to pop back into their flagship store in New York I am happy enough to shop online as they ship to Australia in no time at all. How fabulous is this chalkboard runner? VERY. You can buy it for $46 online here.

And as for this floral number? I mean SHEESH. Gorgeous! Pop some patterned plates and coloured glassware on with a chevron napkin, candles and loads of coloured flowers and greenery and you have yourself a beautiful table anyone would be happy to sit at day or night. You can buy this gorgeous cloth for $128 online here.


3 & 4. Bonnie and Neil



cache_240_240_Robin Green Tablecloth 4

Fabulous Australian designed tableware by Bonnie and Neil based in Melbourne are a must on any fancy pants table. I was lucky enough to be given one of their table runners as a hostess gift from my little sister (hot pink and natural linen spray paint) and every time it comes it, it gets lots of compliments. The linen is beautiful quality that washes and irons well (THIS is something I actually iron) and they have some great colours and quirky prints. You can buy the Pineapple cloth for $185 online here. Or the pretty green floral cloth (featured on the front of Country Style a few months ago) for $185 online here.

5. Country Road


You have to give it to the Road, they are consistent with their quality and minimal homewares style through the years. I love the simplicity and modern style of this tablecloth which you can buy for $59.95 online here.

6. Down that Little Lane


Sometimes less is more and you can’t go past a classic linen number with a french style stripe. I love the natural and red colours of this one which you can buy for $108 from Down that Little Lane online here.

8. Aura Home


I’ve got enough Aura Home stuff in my place to set up my own pop up store. Napkins, tea towels, bed linens and even the rug in our main living area come from this place. I love some of the cloths too – can’t go past this breezy coastal/country number which is on sale for just $39.95 online here.

9. Hard to Find


Hard to find is always a great spot to look for interesting stuff and they have a great range of table linens as well. I am in LOVE with this fabulous whale tablecloth which you can get for $59.95 online here.

So tell me where I have missed (I know I would have missed plenty since this is a new-found love of mine).

Do you use a table cloth for every day or special occasions?
Where do you get them from?


  1. I have a few here, should pull them out more often. My favourites are from Dandi, Linen & Moore and IKEA.

  2. Margaret Elvis says

    I always had a ‘thing’ for tablecloths but I no longer entertain and, in fact, still have several nice ones in the linen cupboard. Perhaps time to hand them on or send them to the op shop. Will still keep mum’s white linen one though.
    Those you have shown are very different to those I have, much more modern but nonetheless quite striking.

  3. Emma Steendam says

    I am a recent tablecloth user, mainly because we now have my great-grandparents gorgeous oak table in our kitchen. I have a great one from rhubarb, who I think have now moved away from homewares and more into their kids stuff? I was also lucky enough to be given a great plain duckegg blue one from the girls at dandi to blog about. We’ve got some of Matt’s nan’s on the go too, which is nice. My mother-in-law is a big tablecloth collector/user. That Anthro floral one – love!

  4. I don’t use them very often due to ironing the huge mofo after it has been washed but i should get them out more often ! I love Alfresco Emporium in Collaroy for tablecloths http://www.alfrescoemporium.com.au/index.asp?p=store&r=75 I also have a few gorgeous cotton and lace tablecloths passed down from my husbands Grandma but unfortunately they don’t fit my table.

  5. Now you know I’ve been hunting table cloths lately! I’ll take one of each of these please, but my favourite would have to be the classic french linen number from Down That Little Lane. So classic and perfect for EVERY occasion don’t you think?

  6. Sarah Derrig says

    I’ve found the most amazing tablecloths in Bali at a home wares store called Bali Zen. They are cheap, wash well and they have the most amazing range of patterns. They do fab cushion covers as well for next to nothing! http://www.tokobalizen.com

  7. Fashionista says

    I am a fan of the tablecloth and have many mostly acquired from my family. My favourite ones are damask queen bed sheets that I found in an op shop some years ago. Washing & ironing them is a total pain as they are huge and weigh a ton wet (I drip dry them to make the ironing easier) but they look fantastic on the table. I also do like proper linen napkins, they just add a little something to the table. My favourite above is the Down That Little Lane one, the lovely florals I would make into a frock 😉

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I use some old white damask ones I worn through that were sheets that get a run on the table…beautiful!

  8. Amanda Garven says

    The Brown Trading co. Go. Now. Sale!!

  9. Yes! I love this! I actually bought my first ever table cloth the other day but it was a cheap number from Woolies for an emergency party. I’m so going nuts now.

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Lovely I must say I haven’t used a tablecloth for a while but very much like the anthro and the peacocks and paisley’s one!

  11. Priya sent me a gorgeous tablecloth too – love it so and agree washes beautifully.

  12. Sharon Johnson says

    http://www.bedbathntable.com.au/sale/paisley-g-paisley-120101 Maybe not everyones cuppa tea. Add some vibrant, bold coloured plates, glassware and napkins. Sure to be a hit!

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