{Not} Eurovision Saturday night

I was on solo parenting duty this weekend as Rob was “working” fly fishing down in the Snowy Mountains for a story he is working on. Lucky bastard. I filled the weekend with as many social activities so I would distract myself from my loneliness and self pity which I tend to dabble in on such occasions.

Saturday night was the pinnacle in the social calendar with one of my mate’s coming over with her little lady for a “girls only” evening. Somewhere along the way I got myself confused (it happens often) and VERY EXCITED (this too happens often) as I thought that Eurovision was on. My mate was thrilled with the development and proceeded to bring as many “grown up” dress ups for us to play and dance in. We were going to watch, drink wine, sing, wear wigs and be European.  Alas it was not to be, I was ahead of the game by a week. I’m like that. But! The show went on and we battled on, despite the lack of bad European music.

We had grown up sparkly LOUBOUTIN shoes. I know. I know. I could not get them off Daisy’s feet. We all just took turns wearing them around. It was much later in the night when we were sitting outside having a wine that I asked my friend “can you hear that weird noise?” after much confusion we looked inside to see Daisy tip toeing in the Louboutin’s in the kitchen in her nightie. As you do.

There were wigs. This is called “Hong Kong hooker” in a delightful flannelette nightgown.

And this one “Toddlers & Tiaras with a southern edge”. How are y’all doin’?

Loving oneself sick.

And this one “Sweet Valley High Mermadia” DEAR GOD HELP ME WHEN SHE IS A TEENAGER.

If things couldn’t get better my mate made lasagne for dinner. That’s right, I asked her over to my place for dinner AND SHE MADE THE DINNER. I made her swear that she would be my friend forever. It was bubbly and cheesy and gave me some MOFO heartburn at 4am this morning but it was delicious. And not made by me. Winning.

Once the wig off was done the mattress came out on the floor, fireside for a viewing of a movie. Waaaay past bed time. With Mum’s on the loose who didn’t care, life didn’t get much better for a 5 and 6 year old.

Who needs those European for a good time? These country girls do pretty well thankyouverymuch.


  1. Never too early to introduce the children to Eurovision, I feel. But your lasagne nightmares reminded me that I thought of you (oh, the creepy intimacies of bloggers) when I listened to this great podcast explaining GORD and other fun intestinal stuff. It’s an episode from a sharp, funny series called Stuff You Should Know – search for the one called Should You Not Eat Gluten?

  2. Brilliant!
    All of it – and are you up for a repeat next week now?
    🙂 x

  3. What a great night lady. The photos are adorable! Those wigs are gold. And the heels, oh WOW, the heels! I love that shot xo

  4. This is the perfect ‘girls’ night in. Fun with our new girls! The introduction of wigs was inspired. x

  5. Get out!!! Sweet Valley High I loved those Books! Sadly my boys not so much, so I tried to donate them all to the school. They rejected them as they didn’t feel it was in line with their literary policies. WTF? What little girl doesn’t love a good SVH drama. Its Real Housewives for tweens! xx

  6. Bwahahahha, Hong Kong hooker is my favourite…. Who the hell are you? I your wife! hahahahha

  7. I love the pink wig…very Jem and the Holograms…did she ever make it to Australia?
    Looks like such a great weekend!

  8. They’re some pretty fancy fancy fancy fafancy looking wigs. And DEAR GOD I need those shoes.

  9. But you could have watched “The Secret History of Eurovision” which was you know…..rivetting 😉

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