Newborn Files #6

Big news in Newborn land this week…Princess Charlotte had her Christening! And the pictures did not disappoint from Kate’s ensemble (again with the nude pumps) and up do wheeling that old School pram, to sweet George and Wills, the Nanny and her ensemble. Kate’s hipster brother with his hipster beard, an untimely gust of wind for Camilla and let’s not forget the star of the show…sweet Charlotte.

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Fills the heart doesn’t it? Love a family occasion and especially one that involves babies! I wonder if Kate had to rush back home from the church to get the sambos & mini quiches out before the Queen arrived back? Not likely in that crisp white ensemble…maybe she left it up to her Mum to sort out for her.

Let’s do a compare and contrast between George & Charlotte’s big days shall we? Kate manages to maintain her best head tilt and it would appear that Wills has lost a little more hair. They are just lovely though wouldn’t you agree?

PicMonkey Collage

The only thing missing for me personally, was some long socks on George. Well played Kate and Wills, well played. You did not disappoint. Do you think they used an Insta filter on this one? Looks like Valencia or Crema to me.


Also spotted last week were the royal couple sans kids at Wimbeldon. Note to self: I need to get out with Rob by ourselves and without kids. It seems a very long time that we actually had a conversation. I know Kate, it’s a disappointment to us both too. She’s probably back to putting out often too. Sheesh.


Meanwhile back on planet earth, things have been kicking along. It’s been school holidays so it’s been extra busy with the other two girls being home. Mags just rolls with whatever is happening, much is her chilled out nature. She has been waking up to the world too with lots of smiles and cooing and talking and she has even started to find her little hands that seem to be in her mouth, or punching the side of her head. Soon enough she will work out that those hands are connected to her arms.


The gay godfathers came for a visit with Maggie particularly keen on the Les Mis show tunes that were sung to her. I mean really, can she be doted on any more? As she should be!


We caught up with cousins both near and further away from Melbourne but haven’t really had many playdates…I am slack with that in the holidays. I tend to stay put or catch up with family and that’s about it. Family don’t mind when you’re in your pj’s all the time.

IMG_2995 IMG_2997

Loved this clip: 4 reasons why women should not breastfeed in public which lots of people sent to me on the back of my last post on public breastfeeding. It’s very good.

The feeding is getting easier…it must be a combo of me giving less of a shit about it, doing it more as we have been out more so it’s getting easier, and the sheer size of my enormous jugs starting to get into a reasonable size so they are a little easier to manage. Both Maggie and I are still working out all this stuff 8 weeks on (and the 3rd time for me).

Now that Mags is getting a little bigger, and life is getting a little easier for us all as we adjust, I need to try and adjust some of the rhythms that we have, and try to align them to the other girls. This scares the bejeezus out of me because: don’t mess with what’s not broken, but I’ve got to try and adjust some of her bigger sleeps to be when I’m asleep so I’m not feeding so much in the night.


I’ve had a few suggestions from friends and family about how to do it…currently she takes a really long sleep from about 4pm to sometimes 7 and more recently even later. She then feeds sometime from 7.30-9pm, going back down anywhere from 8.30-10pm and then wakes twice in the night for a feed. I’m thinking of getting that sleep a little shorter (she wakes anyway and then resettles so instead of resettling her I think I might get her up) let her be awake, have a bath and feed and get her back to bed around 6.30pm. Then I figure she might have that longer stretch till 10pm where I can do a ‘dream/sleepy feed’, go to bed myself and then maybe just wake once in the night between 2-3am. I *think* I did something similar with the girls (but have forgotten) so watch this space. Trouble will be when we are back at school tomorrow that 5pm time is homework, dinner, bath and chill out time before bed for the girls around 6.30pm-7. We’ll work it out. See? Still clueless after all this time.

See also: GOD I HAVE BECOME SO BORING. Talking about sleep routines. Where’s the gun emoticon when I need it? I’m also tired so let’s see if I become more interesting with a bit more sleep under my belt.

So friends, that’s it from the land of baby. My brain is still very foggy and tired. I’ve noticed that the weight is starting to stick a little to the guts…must be that newborn metabolism starting to balance itself out. Note to self: stop eating so many baked goods. I’m looking forward to some more peace and quiet when the girls go back, maybe even attempting some exercise, getting some more sleep in the night and maybe even a date with my husband. Now that would be novel.

So tell me, how are YOU going?

Remember, when all else fails. When you are done being cranky at your kids and partner, when you’re tired, when the washing pile never seems to end, your mind is consumed with sleep and 4 hour time slots and your nipples never stop hurting. Eat a custard tart.



  1. That third baby weight does tend to linger on belly, not cool. You’re not boring, you’ve just had a baby! Love that video, crouching in bushes and in toilet while trying to fed hilaire!

  2. Oh, I’m much more of a vanilla slice rather than custard tart, gal.
    But I hope you enjoyed it.
    Looks good!

  3. I bore myself as well.
    Nothing exciting to report here.
    I don’t know if this helps but Lyddie cat naps through the morning (generally two forty minute naps taken whenever she can get them as we are usually out and about in the morning) and then sleeps from about 130 to 300. I start to get her ready for bed around 530…we eat at about 500 so she goes to bed after dinner. This means I miss wrangling Charlie in the bath and wrestling him into his pjs. Shame. I generally finish with Lyddie just in time to tell him a story and say goodnight. Then on a good night she has a feed around 930 and then wakes once through the night.
    See? BORING!

    • But yet SO interesting to me!!! Last night she fed at around 9pm and woke at 3am! I got a 5 hour stretch of sleep! HOLY SHIT. First time in months. And yet? Still cranky. Meh.

  4. Hi Beth- you are doing so well. Every time I read on of your warm, witty and genuine posts I think how helpful it must be for all your new mum readers out there. And the not so new mum readers. I have three girls with an age spread like you, but my eldest is approaching 14. I remember the juggles and the tears and the laughs. And that was just yesterday 🙂

    It’s messy, it’s real and it’s life. Nice one for sharing it as it is and not how it can be insta filtered. X

    • Thanks Nellie!

    • Can I say Nellie you are so right. I am a new mum with a first baby and I love this blog!
      Thanks so much Beth for being so honest – its such a joy to read amidst days of utter confusion.
      And it’s caramel slice for me!

    • Yes I agree! I wish I had of had your stellar company too, Beth, on Round 1 and Round 2 also! Sadly no round 3 for me, unless there happens to be some sort of planetary alignment and I meet the man of my dreams and we decide to procreate. lol

  5. LOVE that breastfeeding clip! Best thing ever.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You are doing so well Beth just like Kate,Maggie is a beautiful baby and I’m sure everything will fall into place. The breastfeeding is going well,I think it’s easier if you don’t give a shit I was like that with my second ,my daughter and I fed her everywhere even at the beach much to my Mils disgust keep warm and plan that date night Beth Xx

  7. Oh Mags, rocking those stripes like a little fashionista – love it! x

  8. Hello Beth, love these updates! I love your photos too but aren’t those photos of the Royals just something else? The flawless makeup, the pumps, the immaculate pram and the gentle arm around William. Sigh. How about that impeccably dressed nanny….I think I need a women like her to sort out my domestic life! Stay warm x

    • We all need a Nanny like that Jane. A Nanny McPhee to come in and sort our shit out. I couldn’t get over the polished pram! POLISHED. God love those Royals!

  9. I’m all sleep talk too but when you’re getting up every 2 hours to feed how could I mumble anything else?!? It is draining my life! 3rd time around I’m trying to remember all the tactics too but I’m feeling as clueless as ever!

  10. Kate and Wills are my least favourite royals. Do you read Royal Dish? The scales will literally fall from your eyes about these two.

    They talk about modernising the monarchy, but Maria the many is in a uniform.


    Having said that I like George.

  11. In the 2 year interim between children 1 and 2 I think I forgot everything! How to hold the tiny, squirmy little bugger, how to change boys without getting my face peed on, how to survive on 3 or 4 hours of shuteye… Though breastfeeding the second time round was SO much better; kid 1 had an attachment problem and we tried every method in the book until finally he accepted the ‘football hold’. Typical. Hope you and hubby can get out soon, it’ll do wonders for your mental health 🙂

  12. Olivia (14 weeks) has an arvo nap 3-3.30pm for about an hour so when she wakes, we feed play, bath, read and feed before she’s in bed about 6.30-7pm sleeping until 3am. I’d definitely try getting her up instead of resettling. It might be a little crazy with everyone awake and eating and bathing but it would also mean longer sleeps for everyone so give it a go.

  13. Your girls are in bed by 6:30-7! See you are super mum. I have no baby here and couldn’t achieve that! Your routines obviously work, just need to slot Maggie in. Good luck!

    • No super Mum here! I just stick the same routine they have always had and it’s working for us. My girls are both so tired by then that they happily had off. Hope Maggie does the same! Thanks Sarah x

    • Don’t hang me but this could be why Harper wakes thru the night? maybe keep her up till 8pm then read till 8.30 then sleep? X

      • No hanging required! We have tried every bedtime from 7pm (when she normally goes) up until as late as 9pm and they all have the same result! She’s been pretty good lately…fingers crossed!

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