Monday meal ideas: Chicken

Oh man it’s been a tough few days around here. Poor Harps got very sick towards the end of last week with an infection (she had been off pretty much all the holidays but it finally came to a head) and only yesterday started to turn the corner. I’m not my best…exhausted and cranky and the kids are starting to get bored. It’s back to school tomorrow. Time for a reboot and routine for all of us and a bit of a break for me and while I will miss getting out of our pj’s at 11 or sometimes 1pm or one time at bed time (where we hopped out of one pj’s into the bath and into some new ones) I’m ready to welcome some peace and change of pace. And of course a happier Harper!

Back to School means time for easy cooking. I want meals I don’t have to think much about, that the kids will eat and that can be whipped up quickly. Here’s some chicken recipes that do all those things…

PicMonkey Collage

Chicken cacciatore
Sesame Hoisin Chicken
Sandwich press Chicken
One Pot wonder chorizo Chicken

Good luck finding your new rhythm this week. Maggie and I are heading to Melbourne later in the week for some work stuff on Friday which is going to be a big deal for me…we’ve barely got to the shops together lately so a trip to Sydney, then on a plane, then to Melbourne, then to a workshop…well it’s leaving my head spinning! Hope you all have a good one x


  1. I am definitely going to try the chorizo chicken! IT’S ALL IN ONE DISH. Love it x

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thanks Beth I make the chorizo chicken a lot I use nigella laws on recipe I love say meals in winter.
    Wishing you luck going to Melbourne with Maggie I hope it works out well Xx

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