Monday meal ideas: winter soups

It’s going to be another chilly week PLUS it’s school holidays which means there will be lots of time spent at home (not that that’s anything new round these parts at the moment). So that means SOUP. I make a pot, attempt to offer it up as a meal for the girls, (mostly) have them turn their noses up at it, so I eat it. Rinse, repeat. I LOVE soup and could eat it every day for lunch and dinner, especially this time of year.

Here’s some recipes for you to tackle this week – good luck braving the cold and school holidays.


Pumpkin & Ginger soup
Cream of vegetable soup
Chicken noodle soup
Tomato, risoni & pesto soup
Mushroom, pea & spinach soup
Wonton noodle soup

Stay warm!


  1. great ideas thanks beth!
    think I’m doing soup today too!
    maggie seems to be always smiling! she is soo adorable in her cosy knit!
    on her gorgeous patchwork!
    love m:)X

  2. Amanda G. says

    I am ALWAYS making your Pumpkin and Ginger soup. It’s quick, easy and yum yum yummy. The Chicken Noodle one gets a good run too.
    Winter holidays are so nice for long lazy mornings. I never over plan them because we all want to hang round in our Pjs for as long as possible! Last week of term here, give me strength! Its been a very long term.

    • Tomorrow we stay in our pj’s. For some stupid reason I booked Maggie in for a 9am appointment at the Dr’s this morning!

  3. ooh these soups look amazing! I made this soup this week

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