Maggie is 1 month old!

I don’t want to alarm anybody (namely myself) but Maggie is 1 month old today! IT’S TRUE!


That’s about 200 breastfeeds, I don’t know how many nappies, about 15 or so poo explosions that require a full costume change, approximately 1589 times of putting her dummy back in, lots of baths, lots of cuddles and LOTS of smiles.


This child has been alert and with it for many weeks now…I swear giving us smiles from the get go and knowing exactly who everyone is and paying us all lots of attention. She sleeps like a champion, feeds well, burps well, projectile vomits well and gives us no trouble whatsoever.

IMG_2442 IMG_2348

The first month is such a time of adjustment for everyone: her finally being on the outside, the family working out how a new person fits in and how routines and everyday life changes. Rob having to do so much more, Frank trying to work why this little person seems to get so much attention and SUCH a big change for me. Dealing with the roller coaster of hormones and emotions, the tiredness, the pain of breastfeeding, mastitis, and trying to still be a Mum to two other people. Man, it’s full on.


She hasn’t been out of a wonder suit (well just once on Sunday when we went to Sydney), we have spent a WHOLE lot of time at home – feeding, burping, settling and sleeping. I’ve been eating, washing, watching TV and did I mention eating? And we have managed to keep her alive and thriving for a month. It feels like a big deal.


No other month will feel as drawn out as this one…things are about to get easier, routines slip into place, confidence rise and normal life will go on. Our family of 5 feels complete and happy and full of love and it’s a wonderful place to be.

Month 2? Let’s do this. And Maggie? Thank you for being you, we love you x



  1. Beth, if I come out of retirement and have baby number three, I will hold Maggie single-handedly responsible!
    Congrats on a successful first month. xx

  2. She is gorgeous Beth! Happy 1 month birthday little Maggie 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness big smiles at just a month, I had to work it to get mine at about 6 weeks. You’re doing a fab job. Trying to nurture a newborn and two others isn’t easy but you’re doing it, explosive poos and all! Enjoy that cuppa and those cuddles xx

  4. She’s a deadset legend..

  5. Happy One Month Maggie! You are so right Beth, it’s the slowest & most all-changing time ever.. And the smiles are the rewards for all to see! Much love sent your way xxx

  6. maggie is beautiful! … extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures beth!
    sorry about the mastitis beth! … nurture!
    all the best … love m:)X

  7. The devine Miss Maggie. Too cute for words. Perfect in everyday. You all deserve her so much and she deserves your loving family. I can’t help but feel happy with every photo you post of her and that adorable smile. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

  8. Standing ovation my friend. You did it! xx

  9. Happy 1 month, Maggie… and Beth and Rob and Daisy and Harper… and Frank. You guys have rocked it! x

  10. I have 4 weeks to go & just can not visualise my family being one of 5. The baby doesn’t concern me as much as the two older ones (similar ages to yours) adjusting to the change. I have very low expectations for the soon to be middle one so I hope she proves me wrong. & getting the older 2 ready for school is also a worry…… but you’re giving me hope & faith that it can all go pretty smoothly. Congratulations on the 1 month mark & on little Maggie settling in so well.

    • They will be fine. Daisy has been great and Harper mostly (but I think all her current issues would be happening with or without Maggie here). Good luck!

  11. Too cute!!
    I love babies (but REALLY don’t want another of my own!)

  12. Both Maggie and you are lucky to have had that first slow month, its so good for you. I don’t think mothers give themselves time to heal nowadays, its all go go go! Take it easy in this second month too and you’ll be glad you did. She is beautiful! xx

  13. Well done you guys! Maggie is my favourite internet baby and looking at these pictures made my ovaries ache BUT then I was kicked in the bladder by the current occupant and felt smug that I had though to prepare a baby earlier- as if I knew my Maggie induced ovary ache would be so strong. She is SUCH a great little character of a person in all her pictures. Infinitely smooshable.

  14. She is such a doll.
    I think you are now in that sweet spot…you all have adjusted to life with the new baby but the new baby isn’t moving yet!
    Lyddie is mobile…determined and fast…and it is tricky!

  15. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy one month Maggie and well done Beth it’s the hardest time,much love to you all Xx

  16. Amanda G says

    It is BIG DEAL!!!!! Congrats so much. You deserve a sleeper. Being able to be at home and take your time is fantastic. Well done and happy month young Maggie x

  17. Too too adorable.

  18. Debs Sutton says

    Wow a month old Maggie, where’s that time gone?!!! ALL of you guys are just beautiful.xx

  19. One month! That went fast. I bet the next 6 will just fly. Thank goodness for tea. Lots of tea x

  20. Can’t believe a month has gone by already. My goodness she is just so gorgeous.

  21. It feels like a big deal, because it IS a big deal. Not only did you grow a human but you’ve given her the best start in the world, I mean, look at that smile, she just oozes happy!

  22. Simply the best.

  23. Oh my gosh, she is so cute. I can just imagine the work of a third baby but you’ve got this. You’re very experienced and I bet you’re way calmer with her than you were the first time around. I think she looks a lot like you.

  24. poo explosions = poonami.

  25. O Maggie is just divine. Happy month-a-versary Maggie! My third recently turned one and now looking at these photos I’m getting all clucky for the newborn days… I remember the tiredness (the tic in my eyes, the ache in my back) but o, I miss that gorgeous newborn magic!

  26. Oh my goodness, I must agree, little Miss Maggie is adorable and setting hormones on fire everywhere!

    Wondersuits all the way I say! I loved keeping mine ‘babies’ for as long as possible. My littlest man very often rocks a onesie on the school drop off and he’s just gone 15 months You are doing a fantastic job, Mumma and inspiring others as you do so xxx

  27. She is absolutely gorgeous Beth. That smile! I remember my healthcare nurse saying, ‘Never let anyone tell you that it’s wind. Do you smile when you fart?’ The answer may have been different if she asked hubby!

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