The Newborn Files #5

Mags and I are all double hands up in the air! WE MADE IT TO 6 WEEKS!


Even Kate is in on the act.


And what exactly is it about the 6 week mark that makes it so magical? I have always gotten to this time with the other two girls and just felt more something. Confident? In control? Not so exhausted? Used to it? I can’t work out exactly what it is, but I do know that there has been a shift and I most definitely feel different. I’ve felt able to head out into the world more, and I actually want to be there. I have been able to do things that would have terrified me 2 weeks ago. Maggie is no different really – perhaps a little more aware and definitely smiling and engaging more, but the main difference has been in me. I feel a little more pre-birth Beth. Not quote pre-pregnant Beth, but somewhere in between and it feels really good to be here.

IMG_2591 IMG_2645

During this week I managed to go out to drinks at a friends place (sure it was for 2 hours) but I got dressed! And put make up on! And did my (very badly re-grown out roots) hair! And posed in my very best Styling You way.


Then, I even managed to get my hair done!


And even could focus on a task that was not related solely to Maggie. I organised a drawer! And went to the Reject Shop to purchase the dividers. This is a big deal in post preggo land, believe me. It’s almost like nesting. But not. Just everyday life. It feels SO good to be back in everyday life. Except better, because now Maggie is here.


In the best seat in the house.


She still has a pretty simple life: wakes and drinks, burps, has a bit of a kick and lay down with a few smiles and baby coos then she gets cranky and has to go back to bed. Sometimes it’s all just too much after the milk….especially later at night…because that milk is just soooooooo good. I get it Mags, I sometimes feel that way after a good custard tart. And I swear I have been found like this in the middle of the night when I am feeding you. It’s still 2 feeds every night meaning that I haven’t had longer than 2.5-3 hours sleep in a row for over 6 weeks now. And I’m old. I feel tired just writing that down. Lucky she is so cute.


You will note the hot milo mug in the background because that is what it’s ALL about for me. Hot milo. Can’t get enough, although the love for the Pine Orange poppa still reigns true. I do believe that all this dairy is causing some kind of super milk for Maggie because she is growing!

We had her 6 week check up and her first round of vaccinations (they have been bought earlier because of the whooping cough epidemic in NSW) on Monday and I can happily report that she is growing like a weed. She’s grown about 4 cm since her last check up the week after she was born and has put on 1.3kgs. See? Super milk. Must be all that milo. There’s also an app now that you can download to remind you when vaccinations are due. Times change!

One thing that hasn’t changed is I must say that I am yet to nail the public breastfeed. The two times I have had to manage it on the go I have had men seriously stare me out. What’s with that? I mean I know it’s a boob but REALLY it’s just a feeding boob and that doesn’t count as anything does it? One man in a cafe could NOT look away even though I was trying to get her attached and covered up and sitting well…it was all a little too hard. See? This is my third and I STILL can’t work this stuff out! I did read this article this week about comebacks you’d give to people critising public breastfeeding. My favourite? “Trust me. No one is more horrified by my giant areola than me.” THAT. Oh, that. I need to get one of these beanies, stat.


Whilst we’re talking about my knockers, here’s a boob update: Nipple thrush appears to have left the building with the drops for Mags and cream for me doing the trick. Mastitis has also passed (for now) with the script for antibiotics ready to go at the very first sign of the dreaded pain and flu symptoms. I have also been taking probiotics religiously as so many people have recommended that I do that. So far, so good. Finger crossed!


I also had my 6 week check up where I mostly just spent time with my ob discussing what we had been eating (she is an amazing cook) and how she was going to cook some truffles that she got from a local supplier for dinner tonight shaved over a 62.5 degree egg she was going to cook in her sous-vide machine. See? FANCY cook. She also gave me her truffle suppliers precious mobile number like a dealer. I’m thrilled. She also spent some time with her hands on my insides checking my pelvic floor and my separated stomach muscles. A good way to practice those pelvic floors she described to me was to pretend you are holding back on farting in public. Do it. Go on. See? It works them well don’t you think? I have to do 10 every time I am feeding Maggie. Let’s see if I remember that when scrolling through Instagram (which is what I usually do when I’m feeding).


I’m also excited to be a part of The Kindred Collective’s first volume of their Magazine on Birth. The magazine is 94 pages of heartfelt words and stunning photographs. Contributors include Bron Bates, Chad Hope, Claire Obeid, Beth MacDonald, Elle Rampling, Jane Lyrstedt, Jessie Hope, Katie Rainbird, Bettina Rae, Lucille Loveday, Stacey Roberts, Steph Dahl, Bron Maxabella, Rachel Wiley, Maet Pearson, Emily Berlach, Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti, Milma Davidson, and Caitlin Dyer. It’s a really beautiful read. You can buy a copy of it online $10.

Click here to view more details

(this is an affiliate link).


So friends, onward into the next week of newborn land. But this time with no boob issues and a renewed sense of confidence and purpose and feeling like I might just know what I am doing. I tell you, no matter how many kids you have, I reckon those first 6 weeks are the same every time. A roller coaster of emotions, exhaustion, and pure love.

Any tips for me on separated stomach muscles?
Or how to best use truffles if I call the supplier?
Tips for breastfeeding confidently in public?
Or when those dark pigment spots on my skin will start to fade?


  1. Huge guffaw emitted at the sight of that cushion – HUGE!

    I have no tips, keep going with your guts maybe!

    You seem to be nailing life Beth x

  2. well done beth! you’re doing a great job and looking really trim and great!
    maggie looks soo contented and cute as a button! … hormones settling is a good thing too!
    they say breast feeding is the best tummy muscle strengthener as contractions happen with every feed!
    I did it for 9mths and I was flat in no time and paired with pelvic contractions wow!
    I’ve seen many women feeding in public and they’ve mainly used a pashmina, shawl, or cape!
    at least it’s winter! … good luck hun! … most men won’t change anytime soon! they see the breast for one thing! … they never left it! … they are not trained up and their primal instinct kicks in! I wouldn’t be giving them any jollies!; … that’s me and my opinion and I’m older!
    truffles shaved on a pasta or risotto! … she is a fancy cook!
    btw Tuscany squeal! lovely, lovely, lovely! … soak it all in! of course Florence is a must!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  3. Truffles on creamy scrambled eggs..Da bomb.

  4. I was not good at breastfeeding in public without my husband there to hold a wrap up like a beach towel until I discovered the breastfeeding apron. Mine was a Kiss Kiss Hug Hug brand but basically it was a wrap with a neck tie and some boning in it so you can see the baby but your hands are totally free for only dealing with the baby and your boobs. I am sure if you google breastfeeding cover or apron you will find millions of variations.

  5. You need to get some good breast feeding tops! Not the Bonds singlets where you flop out the whole boob you need ones where you lift the material up so less skin is on show. I liked the Milk brand and wore a dress similar to this one.

    A knit poncho would work great too have seen heaps of nice ones around.

  6. Do you wear Maggie in a sling? If you have a ring sling or pouch sling, there’s often enough fabric to nurse the baby in the sling, pulling up the excess fabric around her to sort of shield yourself. That was how I did it with my second baby. I nursed my first one too and never got the hang of doing it in public but I also didn’t wear him very often. I wore her much more (all day, every day, pretty much) so I had more chances to experiment with nursing in the sling while out and about.

  7. Kim Abbate says

    I swear your girl grows cuter by the day. I am so clucky my ovaries just exploded. Anyway… as for breastfeeding in public? I had a ring sling that I used to carry my little bloke around in, and he could feed in that thing without anyone knowing what was going on. Another tip was to always wear a cami/singlet top underneath your top so that you don’t have to expose your entire belly when feeding (I loved that one).

  8. SmittenKitten says

    I had a girlfriend who would either flip the bird to staring men or if they just seemed a bit bewildered by seeing a real breast complete it’s natural function she would ask if they were ok and did they realise they were staring? Either way the blokes would normally huff up and mutter some type of indignant apology and look away.

    I keep telling my husband when I’m breast feeding it will be breasts akimbo and he is horrified, he has also said he is very grateful for the invention of the smart phone as he can concentrate on that when in the company of someone breastfeeding. Men are so strange.

  9. Years on I’m still reminding myself to do my kegels, my fitbit alarm goes off 3 times a day to remind me! I always found BF-ing in public tricky because my boob was always 3 times bigger than my children’s heads so I had to lift it up and was hard to keep that hidden. For those with smaller boobs it just look so much easier…. x

    • That’s my problem…MASSIVE jugs that need two hands just to wrangle them let alone getting a baby attached to them! Good idea on the alarm.

  10. I still had a decent separation 9 months after having my first. Suck your tummy in (as best you can) whenever you lift anything. After a while I was doing it without really being aware of it. Fixed me up reasonably quickly.

  11. I had a ten centimetre separation this time around! Ten! I think I am down to about 2 centimetres thanks to a lot of one on one with a women’s health physio and once I got the okay from her, really gentle mat mom and baby pilates classes once a week.
    My pelvic floor was doing great but now that Lyddie is tipping the scales at about ten kilos and I find myself wearing her more than ever, I have had a bit of a relapse. Make sure Rob does a lot of the carrying in Italy!
    I seem to breed children who while they want to feed in public also want to look around so I spend quite a bit of time trying to get their heads back in the breastfeeding game and back covering my nipple! I guess I just don’t really care anymore. I mean I try to be discreet but if some guy can’t be polite enough to busy himself with his iPhone for a few minutes than that is his problem, not mine. I figure I either feed her or she will scream down the cafe because she is hungry!
    And thank you for sharing the magazine!

  12. I still could not nail public breastfeeding with my fourth! I was always so bloody unco! Mostly I’d just head back to the car….Good luck with that x

  13. Looking totally spunkerific my friend (yep, totes a word). Loving that cardigan! And loving Mags as always. x

  14. Jane Lyrstedt says

    Hello Beth, wooo 6 weeks its big deal. I remember that feeling too.

    Now as for the public breastfeeding…I would love to send you a handmade breastfeeding cape. I made one for Mother Down Under too. They save you from being exposed as much and keep all those wandering eyes wondering.

    Also I have that very same ‘boob’ beanie. I can send that too if you’d like.

    Yah for the Kindred Collective those girls are worth their weight in gold. So happy to be one of the affiliates too.

    Send me an email if you would like to take up my offers.

    From Jane

  15. beautiful update, thank you dear heart – so glad you and Mags and the Mac lovelies are doing well <3

  16. I love the new ‘do’

  17. Yay! I reckon that stage is a very underrated milestone. I think once you’ve survived the first few weeks, you’re gonna be OK.
    I remember it made a massive difference for me when the Little Mister cracked his first smile.
    Go you! x

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That cushion gold!!
    The public feeding get yourself a cool poncho or cape until you get more confident or stupid men stop staring,the muscle I think go back by themselves…no expert though.Maggie is beautiful and well done for going out and getting your hair done. youve got this Beth I’m so happy you have a beautiful healthy baby and you are all well Xx

  19. i sucked at breast feeding in public because my boobs are enormous… so much that I had to lift them up and then hold them the whole time, so no ability to cover up less I suffocate my children! I tended not to do it in “public” per say, but in a mothers room or if with my hubby he could be my spare hand and cover with a blanket or something. yes yes, I’m sure everyone would say “don’t be ashamed, why should i have to cover up etc” but it was for my comfort. No one needed to see my ernomrous boobs

  20. i sucked at breast feeding in public because my boobs are enormous… so much that I had to lift them up and then hold them the whole time, so no ability to cover up less I suffocate my children! I tended not to do it in “public” per say, but in a mothers room or if with my hubby he could be my spare hand and cover with a blanket or something. yes yes, I’m sure everyone would say “don’t be ashamed, why should i have to cover up etc” but it was for my comfort. No one needed to see my enormous boobs out and proud!!!

  21. Wow your obster! This year, her surgery, next year Masterchef? Sounds like you and Mags are going great, she just looks gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er in every post, so gorgeous in fact that I made a comparative just for her! xx

  22. My husband used to get all funny with me bf-ing in public and wanted me to do it in the car whenever possible. I did the opposite, & fed without the cover just to aggravate him. 3 kids down & i now volunteer to go feed in the car just to get a break from the other two kids for a few minutes (my cover is a kiss kiss hug hug and i got it from Toys r Us- love it! It is a lifesaver in the ‘sticky beak’ phase when bubs pulls off the boob 50 times to stare at every little thing)

  23. As a women’s health physio (in my non pregnant, non blogging life) that pillow is hilarious!!! I want one for my office!!!!

  24. are there some pants you can get from the physio that work on spilt abs? My sis had this problem too. It’s supposed to be painful.

  25. I wasn’t great with public breast feeding so avoided it.

    I always loved that look (after feeding the babies) of post-feed euphoria…..relaxed, content, full belly, warm and secure. Beautiful Mags!

  26. Tummy seperation: the hospital physio set me up with a thing called “tubi grip ” which is like a soft stretchy band of fabric with elastic woven in it you wear round your waist that is like pretend abba dabbas holding everything together a bit till your own get back online. Was a bit hot as mine was a summer baby but that stuff was the business wore it day & night for the first few months and it helped a lot for me.

  27. Beth you so nailed the SY pose. My girlfriend Simone and former model is going to teach me some new posing tricks this week in Italy … stay tuned. Congrats on the 6 week mark. HUGE. For me it was always the 3 months that I felt more on top of things. xx

  28. Lorelle Coates says

    Hi Beth,
    Firstly well done to you and Mags on getting thru the 6 week Mark, I love reading your blog because I too have just had #3 18/5/15 so I’m on this journey with you.
    I definitely relate to the boob issues I cannot breastfeed in public either, even though I have breastfed the older 2 it hasn’t got easier. I have accepted that for me public breastfeeding is awkward and stressful! My tip, express and then bottle, the earlier they take the bottle, in my opinion no “nipple confusion” .
    As for the abdominal separation Google SRC recovery shorts.
    Looking forward to your next update, and enjoy the school holidays!

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