One thing: the herb patch

You know how you have lists of ALL OF THINGS that need doing? Things that really bug you, like changing light globes on the front verandah that you mean to do for months, but then forget, and eventually do 5 months later? I KNOW it’s not just me. These are the things that aren’t essential but are just on a very long to-do list: book the car in for a service, weed that section of the garden, trim back that climber, clean out the pantry, organise the linen cupboard, clean out your wardrobe for the Salvos, clean out the third drawer down, clean the windows, wash the car, clean the garage.

I have one of those lists, but because it’s non essential, it never gets done because there are usually a gazillion other things that actually need doing so these annoying things just stay there, you know, generally annoying me.

But I am going to start a thing. A thing that means that I do just ONE thing off that annoying list. Because one thing makes you feel good, like you did something! It gives you something to cross off, and if you are someone like me (someone who writes a list and adds in a thing you have already done just so you can cross something off) then one things makes you feel good. And it might even make you do another thing.

One thing.

My one thing this weekend was this:


Hard to say whether it needed seeing to wasn’t it?

This is our small veggie/herb garden that is mostly filled with stuff I can use in cooking: tomatoes, rocket and spinach, lettuces, herbs and chills. Oh and um, kikuyu grass if you leave it for 6 months without doing a thing. I know, I am a fraud and a disgrace. I was going to do it, and then didn’t, and then went and bought new herbs as everything went to seed, and then didn’t, and then the post died and then I meant to go and get some more, and then we were going away, and, oh you know the rest. But yesterday I thought, I can do ONE THING. Weed that bastard.

And so I did.


And it took me, like 15 minutes. And then I went and got some new herbs and planted and watered them in. And huh, a 30 minute job. And just one thing done.


And I felt like I got something done, even if it was a dumb 20 minute thing. Anyone else feel like doing in and now and then with one thing from that annoying list? Dare you, it will take less time and less annoyance than you thought…promise!

PicMonkey Collage

Got an email that needs sending?
A globe that needs changing?
A desk that needs cleaning?

One thing. Off you go!


  1. Sarah-Jane says

    Snap!!! I’ve been ticking things off ‘that’ list over the past week since we returned from holidays. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders

  2. Ohhhhhh myyyyyy god Beth – seriously….. are you psychic? Holy cow. I have just been doing this all week. I put off those annoying jobs, or write them on a list and in my head they are 10 thousand times bigger than what they actually are so they never get done. But this week instead of thinking about doing them I have just done it….no thinking or overthinking the situation… JUST DO IT. My new motto. Oh and guess what, you had me motivated by your first sentence after reading it on Facebook – about the globes… so off I trotted…put the timer on and sorted out 4 light globes that I reckon have been blown since about October last year….. I kid you not – it took me 5 minutes and 14 seconds!!!!! One was the toilet light – people have been using my toilet in the dark for months, ha ha ha ha. 5 minutes Beth. Bloody hell – what is wrong with us. I have been secretly channeling my inner Baby Mac with my sorting this week and I have managed to achieve SO MUCH! Good work with your garden, you have now motivated me to try and grow some plants – starting small in pots and will see how I go…… xxx So proud of you and your pregnant tummy weeding that garden, that is impressive!!!!

  3. Hmm…how about citizenship that needs applying for?
    That has been on my list for YEARS!
    I am determined to get it done this year…I figure when I do Lyddie’s American citizenship I will finally see to my Australian citizenship. And we will be one big happy dual citizenship family!

  4. Our one thing was the mowing/edging. We smashed that sucker this afternoon. Just in time. It starting pouring down as we were trying to cram the mower into the teeny tiny garden shed (if you could call it that).

  5. I’m always surprised by how quickly I get those jobs on the list done. I put them off forever and then when I do it, it takes like 10 minutes, and I feel really good. And it only took 10 minutes. But I never learn and always put those jobs off. I think I might follow your lead and do one of those jobs just once a week.

  6. it needed seeing to beth! that rotten kikuyu it gets in anywhere!
    oh well the new herbs are off to a good start! … happy growing!
    it’s great for the children too! love m:)X

  7. we’ve been back from an awesome holiday for a week now, I need to take the Christmas tree down; it takes hours but it’s hard to ignore…

  8. holy shit, you weeded like a mofo. The front light, has never worked. We have been in the house 4.3 years. To be fair we have tried to get into it, screw driver and everything. We need an electrician to replace it. OVER FOUR FREAKIN YEARS. #gah #wedontgooutmuch #clearly

  9. You are a gem! Just when I thought I was overwhelmed with to-dos and 5-next-things and endless perfection, you come up with a post like this! Love it, girl. You gave me back my mojo!

  10. Tomorrow I will call the Australian embassy and organise my new passport!

  11. The sight of the herb garden ‘before’ shot totally cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh. I am going to do one thing tonight after work, I think it is put away the various bits of Christmas paraphernalia still lurking behind doors, and on the sideboard, and stacked on top of the magazines under the coffee table….aagghhh….. breathe… just do one thing…. I’ll start with the wrapping paper still in our bedroom, tonight, just one thing..

  12. I cleaned and sorted our linen cupboard last week. Yes I am totally bragging! It’s the small victories right? xx

  13. Well done. That’s a great improvement. Now, are you going to dig up all that lawn and turn the rest of the yard into an edible paradise? 😉

  14. We moved house this week. In our old house when we moved in I bought all these gorgeous photo frames to make a gallery wall. Those frames stayed in the cupboard for 4 years. Now that we are in our new house I’m going to get those bloody frames on the wall!


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