One thing: getting the carpets cleaned


So we have now had our friend Frank for 6 months which is a WHOLE lot of cleaned up wees and poos and a LOT of the time that has been on MY PRECIOUS CARPET. We’ve been here for almost 5 years and the carpet was probably 5 years old before that, so it was starting to look a little tired and dirty. In fact, this cleaning crazed woman was positively beside herself at the state of the carpet in the past few weeks…bits of woos, grass, oh the things that this carpet has seen! As Frank is pretty much toilet trained (he torments me by weeing on the carpet RIGHT NEXT TO THE OPEN DOOR when it’s raining for fun) but we are pretty much good.

Which meant ONE THING: time to get those carpets steam cleaned.

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.


I got on google, got on the phone and got it booked in in about 4 minutes tops. Along came my friendly Irishman who dead set whistled while he worked and about an hour later I handed over $200 and then spent the remainder of the day just looking at my fresh carpets. No little black tar marks, no wee stains, no vomit stains in the hallway from Harper’s gastro bug last year…ALL GONE. My precious!


If that’s not the best money I have spent in a while I don’t know what is. And it was #onething off my list. Now I just do my daily swift with my Dyson stick thingy and I feel like I am all over my cleaning. If your #onething is to get one of those sticks….then DO IT. You won’t regret it. And as I was reading on Faux Fuchsia’s blog this morning, on the cheap at Target at the mo.

Has anyone else had (or hired a steam cleaner) and cleaned your carpets lately?
What was your one thing this week?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. my 6 year old’s room needed a big clean out and rearrange. We did it yesterday and it feels so good to have it done. Today I think I might lash out and do another #onething and plant my passion fruit actually in the ground!

  2. My Dyson stick thing is the best thing I own. I love it more than my husband. EASILY.

  3. Hi Beth! With the Dyson stick, does it work well on wooden floors or better on carpet? I have all wood and tried a stick vac once before but it was so useless I sold it almost immediately and went back to my swiffer mop thingie. It didn’t suck up dust and hair just got stuck in the spinning thing and stopped it spinning every use. Is this Dyson ins much better than that? Thanks xx

  4. our carpet is beyond the help of a steam cleaner… It needs to be replaced completely in the lounge. I just vacuumed and although it looks better, its still pretty shit. Big old stains everywhere that no amount of steam cleaning have budged.

    It will all have to wait until after fiji in july. priorities people! Holiday before nice carpet!

  5. I was just wondering, Beth, what do they do with the furniture? Do you have to move it? Do the cleaners move it? Or do they just clean around it? Sorry, dumb question, but I’ve only had the carpets done when vacating a house so it was empty.

    • I’ve had this same question. The carpet here in our rental property is old & crappy so every mark shows. But we have so much furniture, not sure how they’d do it?

    • They didn’t really move the big stuff just cleaned around it…things like lamps and smaller tables they did but they mostly just kept the stuff where it was.

  6. I am freaking in LOVE with my dyson stick thing it is MAGIC. Well done on the carpets.

    Nothing like a clean floor x

  7. I just did my end of our walk-in robe. Tossed out a heap of clothes that don’t fit and haven’t been worn over summer. Found a couple of tops too. It feels good!

  8. Not much of a one thing here. Had beetroot to pick and then pickle. It has now been done. Hooray!

    Had a plan to enter it into the local show however it didn’t peel easily and looked like shit once I had finished. It will still taste good though, just not award winning…

  9. Lisa mckenzie says

    Good job Beth nothing nicer than clean carpets!

  10. Windows. And it was a few, yesterday and today. Big sliding doors onto our deck, tricky louvres up at ceiling height, big panoramic window up high, and kitchen windows I stare at while I’m at the sink. A crappy job, but oh! what a difference. Sparkling clean windows make every thing look so shiny and lovely. Dunno why I left it so long … oh wait, because it’s such a major pain getting the big ladder out!
    Anyway, done. Here’s hoping Murphy’s law of window cleaning doesn’t apply, and it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

  11. My one things are tending to take me longer than a week.
    First there was citizenship…which took a few weeks and I still have to attend the ceremony.
    I tried framing some prints and hanging them this week but of course couldn’t find frames the right size and so am rethinking my original plan.
    I need to clean out my closet but the only time I can do it is when Lyddie is sleeping and she sleeps in our room so that one needs to wait.
    Ahh…but I did weed the front garden and did some repotting!

  12. That Dyson stick is AMAZEBALLS. Never thought I (or my husband) could vacuum so much

  13. I bet you just keep looking at that lovely clean carpet….ahhhhhhh. I am seriously thinking about buying a carpet cleaner – seeing as though I don’t think the friendly Irish guy would come to my place….I will have to do mine myself, and they seriously need it. I did my Laundry for #one thing. Trying for Monday Maintenance today.

  14. Fashionista says

    I am about to get new carpets after Easter. OMG I can’t wait! The existing carpets are close to 30 years old and have started to disintegrate under our feet in the last year or so. It must have been pretty impressive carpet when it was laid to have lasted this far, it has been a loyal and faithful servant. But new carpet, ssqquuuueeeee! Something off my #onething list.

  15. I also have a dog that stains my carpet from time to time, so it helps that you posted what you did to clean your carpet. Your carpet looks a lot cleaner after being steam cleaned. Perhaps I should do the same to get a deeper clean in my carpet fibers to make it look less dingy. Thanks for sharing this!

  16. My sister’s family got a puppy for Christmas. They will likely need to get some carpet cleaning in the near future. I hear that steam cleaning is really good for making sure that any microorganisms that might be living in your carpet get killed, preventing and eliminating odors. I’ve never owned a stick vacuum, though. I might have to get one in the future after hearing about how many people love theirs.

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