Long summery days

Isn’t it something to be lucky enough to be on holidays? When you forget what day it is. Read endlessly, go to bed early and get up late. Make no plans. Eat a lot. Sit in the sunshine. Deal with tantrums and overtired children. OK, maybe not that last bit but that shit never seems to go away no matter where you are.

We’ve been away at the farm (Rob’s Dad’s place) for the past week. A week?! Not sure where that time went. We had a few days of rain and inside activity (I even had to resort to CRAFT) and then we have had sunshine. Glorious summer sunshine.


Frank is perhaps having the best time of all. SOMEHOW we has signally figured out NOT weeing inside and I haven’t had to clean ONE wee since we left home. PRAISE THE LORD. The girls are blessed out and completely over tired. LONG days…up at 6 all day in the pool, no day sleep (WHY DEAR LORD WHY?!) and then into bed around 9pm every night. It’s not pretty friends, not pretty at all.

I’ve been reading. My favourite holiday activity when I turn off online and selfishly read whenever I can. I am almost through my 4th book devouring them and escaping into pages of beautiful words. These are the 3 I have read with Mothers & Daughters done as well (for my very over due book club). Do yourself a favour and read #1 and #3 (still on #2 so can’t comment yet). Past the Shallows was some brilliant writing. A haunting tale set in Tassie about 3 brothers. Just beautiful and sad. And #3 was a fabulous escape – set in the states 2 sisters and a Mum grieving their Fathers death that travels into their mother’s past during second world war in Russia. I WEPT through the end of it.

PicMonkey Collage

We’ve been watching movies as there have been NO late nights. And I have barely taken a photo. The afternoons have been long and slow, and my favourite time of the day. We sit under the wisteria and have a drink, the girls & Frank run around and everyone seems happy (before the inevitable shit fight meltdown that follows around 7pm. And that’s just me).

IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892

This arvo we are heading to the beach for a little while. Salt! Sand! Sunshine (I hope!) Nikki and her fam are coming to stay with us for a week. It’s going to be lovely I just know it.

Summer holidays. Perhaps the very best thing of all.

What have you been up to on your holidays?
Or do you have them coming up?
What’s your favourite thing about them?


  1. it looks like you are blissing out in that glorious region beth!
    I love your daughter’s dress! … just gorgeous!
    we have two boys (4 & 9) in the house … I don’t know boys! … always girls!!!
    they are good though, but their toys are alien to me! … they are from another planet!
    it will be a beach day later today … a scorcher here! keep them busy!
    have fun with nikki! … lol m:)X

  2. katie clews says

    Thanks for the book recommendations Beth, on my list!! Yay, you finished Mothers and Daughters 🙂 Was a good light reading book.. Enjoy the beach and the continuation of lazy summer days !

  3. Thanks for the tips on the novels. I will be interested to hear your views on Barracuda. I read it a while ago and must say I was disappointed. I guess I had high expectations after The Slap but found this read quite tedious.

  4. We are heading up to the Gold Coast and I can’t wait!!! We are all exhausted and a week of fun in the sun sounds amazing!! I love Summer!! Looks like you are having a great one!

  5. That sounds like bliss. I read Barracuda earlier in the year and loved it.

    It has been quite a whirlwind holiday for us – lots of late nights, way too much booze and food; lots of catch-ups with friends and family. All of which had me sobbing at Chatswood Chase this morning for no particular reason (exhausted, overwhelmed). A couple more days and I’ll be back on the plane again to the desert.

    Enjoy the beach it sounds like bliss. xx

  6. Oh, that pool looks AMAZING.
    It’s been an exhausting holiday period for me emotionally, but I have appreciated watching the Little Mister’s wonder at it all. I never thought I’d say it but if I have to see another cracker or dip I might scream haha. However, I do realise that is a sign of a good break full of abundance!

  7. is that pool insanely big??? I love these photos!


  8. I’m so jealous of your summer break (minus the little kid meltdowns)! I’m at work and dreaming of swimming pools and beaches (doesn’t help that I work as a travel agent).

  9. That pool does look amazing. Way more impressive than the blow up one i’ve got out the back! Favel Parrett is also awesome. I love that book. I found Sofia Laguana’s ‘The eye of the Sheep’ was pretty similar, also told from the perspective of a poor defenceless kid. Both very sad. I’ll have to give Barracuda a go.
    Im new to your blog Beth but am absolutely loving it! I made your gozlame recipe the other night.. awesome!

  10. We just finished our holidays, husband back to work today and myself and baby girl taking it easy at home for awhile (all the to-ing and fro-ing has been a bit much and she got a fever and cranky pants on!) Actually really looking forward to getting back to reality! We spent our holiday time between my mum’s, which is just around the corner from us but a holiday none the less, and my in-law’s down by the sea. Caught some fish out on the boat, ate our weight in pudding, that sort of thing.

    P.S. LOVE Harper’s dress – gorgeous!

    • Welcome home! Hope you settle back into routine soon. I’m a bit like you…love holidays and change and relaxing but I really love being home x

  11. Hi can you please email me where this place is the pool is lovely & hubby & I gave a quiet week whilst the boys are at their aunties place. Thanks
    [email protected]

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