Singapore postcard

We arrived in Singapore a little weary and bleary eyed after our trip from London via Dubai. The timing of the flights meant that we travelled all through the night arriving at 3pm in the afternoon with just 3 or 4 hours sleep under our belt. Not so fresh. We’re staying at the York Hotel which was recommended to me by a reader and couldn’t be more perfect for a family – one HUGE room with a King size bed and two singles and good walking distance to Orchard Rd and well priced without having to get two rooms is a bonus…highly recommend!

First stop? Din Tai Fung for some dumplings and LOTS of them and of course a cold Tiger beer to calm those travel nerves. After that it was straight into the bath (finally clean children’s bottoms!) and to bed where we all collapsed into bed for 12 hours sleep. We all woke up wanting to kill each other – over travel and seeing things and moving – the kids wanting to stay at the hotel and swim and do nothing – Rob and I wanting to explore a new city and get the very most out of the last few days of travel. The girls won and so we had a quiet day swimming and reading before heading out to Marina Bay Sands complex for a wander around the shops, a trip up to the observation deck and then dinner before heading back home and collapsing into bed.

Singapore has SO many fancy shops. SO many. I wonder how on earth they survive with so many? Who is buying the things from them? WHY SO MANY? It’s an extraordinary sight and very good people and window shopping. The food is amazing – a love of all things English with high teas everywhere and if you dig a little deeper some of the most delicious and tasty stuff you can imagine. So clean! So organised! So green! And friendly.

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Today we are seeing the sights with a guide from Singapore Tourism…they have geared us up with kid friendly places to visit which I will duly report back on…not a designer boutique in sight! We’re slowly re-adjusting to this time zone and holding onto the heat for as long as we possibly can. I saw that it was -5.9 degrees at home this morning, just a slight shock to the old system come Tuesday morning 6am!

Until then, I have dumplings to consume, cold beer to swill.


  1. Off to Singapore in a few weeks’ time. SO looking forward to being warm! Have a wonderful last day!

  2. My sista lives there and I visit her often. The wealth is Singapura blows my mind! And how about the price of wine/champers!!! Out of this world! But it is such an amazing city – love it. Been to a hawker yet?

  3. I just love Singas. Each time I’ve been Din Tai Fung has been first stop for dinner. Oh those little parcels of deliciousness! I’d love to live in Singas for a little while one day. If you get a chance stop for Hainanese chicken and rice, so, so good.
    Enjoy the last moments of your holiday, it’s certainly been a cracker! xx


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