A New York state of Mind


Somehow, it seems that it’s been two years since Mrs Woog and I travelled to New York for the 2012 Blogher conference. Two years! I remember that trip so well…what a time it was completely dropping out of grown up life and having 2 weeks eating, drinking and shopping our way through that wonderful city.

I saw my friend Lisa the other night who is headed to NY in a few weeks time with her boys and I promised her that I would compile a post of the stuff I wrote when I was there so she could refresh her memory and take note of some of the places to go. So Lisa, this is for you. And if you are new here, this is a little taste of the trouble  got up to.

The business class flight over there (I know..BUSINESS!)
First morning walk through Central Park
Bucket List check off (lunch in a diner)
Dinner in Meat Packing district
Saturday afternoon at Guggenheim 
Sunday walk over Brooklyn Bridge
Visiting the upper west side
Maintenance Monday NY style
Dinner at Eataly
Picnic in Central Park
Mexican Dinner in Greenwich Village
Our apartment
Mid town
Chelsea in the afternoon
The Burger joint
Lunch at Balthazar
The emo trip round up post

Travel truly is an amazing thing – opens your eyes and heart to new experiences and makes you suck the very bone marrow out of life. It’s SO good for the soul. I won’t ever forget those 2 weeks we had…2 years on it still feels as magical. How lucky I was to have it…amazing!

Have you been to New York?
Tell Lisa where she needs to go!



  1. Fiona Guglielmi says

    We were in New York 2 years ago and I just loved every moment of it. We did the Statue of Liberty tour, 9/11 memorial and defiantly a walk in Central Park … Really a wonderful place to visit.

  2. I WANT TO GO BACK NOW (caps very much intentional!) x

  3. Love, love this post – I have just read all your blogs about your time in NYC – thanks so much for all of them.

    I spent a week in New York this April with my husband and two kids – we staying on E54th St and had an amazing time – it is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world – up there with London and Paris. My experience, with the kids in tow, was a little different to your’s but still so so memorable – Basketball at Madison Square Garden, Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway, walking in Central Park, New York Public Library, Grand Central, buying my 12 year old a necklace at Tiffany on 5th Avenue… just loved every minute!

  4. Wow love this! Yes i can’t wait to go back either.

  5. We want to take our children for christmas in New York. I grew up in a country town and a very glamorous teacher started at our school. She had just spent xmas in New York and has seen the Rockettes on xmas day. From that day onward I knew I wanted to do it. We just need to wait for our small person to grow up a little – maybe when he is 6. I cannot imagine a 4 year old dealing with being cold and ice etc.

    • Love this Sally!

      • Chiquita says

        I am going in Nov and booked one of Andrea’s apt’s in Brooklyn…based on your rec. Thank you. The one you stayed at in Manhattan is not available. I am calling the driver Mrs Woog rec and although I’ve been may times before, this time I have one lovely companion in the form of my newly minted adult child, so we will be seeing it fresh all over again. Timely post thank you.
        Also, when I went for Christmas two years ago, saw the Rockettes, they are awesome, book online in advance on Ticketek or whatever agency. I can personally recommend Radio City apartments around the corner for a family, there is a Food Emporium nearby and you are right next to the Rockefeller Sq which is beautiful at Christmas (and busy).
        I loved the Guggenheim, Central Park, MOMA and shopping at Macey’s best.

  6. We are returning next year for my significant birthday celebration. I would recommend a trip on the Statten Island ferry, it’s free, and goes past the Statue of Liberty, without the crowds and I thought getting off on the island a pain. Also the high line. And we walked everywhere and found quaint little bars and restaurants and shops by accident. Columbus Circle for people watching. Try the Rockefeller Centre rather than the Empire State for views.

    I can’t wait to return. NYC is the best city in the world, closely followed by Paris.

  7. I adore New York, I haven’t been back since I lived there some 12 years ago, I REALLY want to go back by myself and see how it’s all changed… I want an everything bagel with scallion, a hot pretzel, to go back through Central Park, Bloomingdales. Such a fabulous city!

  8. I couldn’t agree more that travel is so good for the soul, and IMPORTANT. I’m currently having this discussion/debate with the husbando and what sort of family holidays and experiences we want to be giving Eleanor/future children. He didn’t do much traveling growing up, more camping nearby home kind of holidays, whereas I was (very) lucky enough to be taken on overseas trips and had never gone camping until I met him (and then lived out of a camper for 15 months with him, who am I?!) I think we should compromise and do one camping holiday for every more culturally enriching holiday as a family – we’ll see how that goes (especially with $$$) but NYC is HIGH on my list to return to, but probably not anytime soon with little-little kids. I was 10 when my parents took us to New York and remember it well, did you think Harper was too young to remember your recent Europe adventures?

    • We took out just turned 3 year old to Europe last year – and I could care less if he remembers. It will not be our only trip there and the most important thing is I remember it… The look on his face when he saw the London Eye and the Lions in Trafalgar square just like his Charlie and Lola book, the joy he had in eating ice cream EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Seeing travelling through his eyes and my 9 year old daughters was magical.

    • Camping through Europe!! Harper probably was – she might remember bits of it – but I know it has planted the seed of travel somewhere in her and made her see that the world is a whole lot bigger than this little village we live in.

      • Good point, it’s just so enriching at any age isn’t it? Whether they ‘remember’ or not, it’s all in there somewhere building their little characters (and ours). Matt really wants to do 4wding trip through Africa or Asia or something crazy, for like a few years and put the vehicle on boats and live like gypsies, but thinks we should’ve done it pre-kids, I say let’s take them and be crazy gypsies all together! Although being a governess for distance education might be enough to be deterred…teaching my own kids would probably break me.

  9. Lisa you must spend a little time in the Metropolitan Museum (I could have spent days in there) it is amazing. But you also have to visit The High Line. Eat, drink and be merry. Love you

  10. Jan Fawke says

    Oh my goodness! I enjoyed those NYC posts. I’ve NEVER been ( I’m drawn back to London and Europe), but you know what ? I think, I’ll plan a little jaunt next year..

  11. I left my heart in the East Village.

  12. Has it really been two years??!! What a trip that was. I wish I was back there for summer again now. Here’s our tips to add to your list too http://mrandmrsromance.com/2013/11/the-ultimate-first-timers-guide-to-new-york-city.html xx

  13. Wow! Two years?
    I remember your trip well, because it was when I just started hearing about this blogging ‘thing’ (I’m a bit of a slow adopter/adapter), and I loved following your adventures. Feels like just a few months ago.
    I seem to remember Nikki and Kester having a Coronarita, and THAT changed my life forever….

  14. The New York Library. We just stumbled upon it – GO Lisa. You will not be sorry xx

  15. I remember reading those NY posts in awe. Nikki’s post about the blow dry bars had me ready to pack up and move!

  16. I am in NYC right now 🙂 Looks like you have the most awesome things covered Beth…I assume that Chelsea in the afternoon includes the High Line?

    If Lisa is keen for a dinner trip a little further afield…not too far, just to Williamsburg…I have to say that Fett Sau is the business for slow cooked BBQ meat, gallon jugs of beer/cider and long communal tables.

    I agree with Poppy about the staten island ferry.

    A helicopter ride is well worth it if you can spare the $

    A baseball game is not to be missed (a day game at yankee stadium is especially good and seats in section 203 will give you an extra special experience).

    Times Square is a nightmare at the moment as it’s half dug up and being relaid…avoid staying anywhere that will require you to walk through it repeatedly.

    Just be amongst the locals, this trip I have managed to run along the Hudson every morning. Bliss.

  17. Love your travel posts! So nice to get to see all these places I’d love to one day go:)

    The post title makes me think of “Northern Exposure” a great old tv series- a main caracter Maggie gets a postcard of the big apple from the disappeared Dr Joel – all it says is ” New York is a state of mind”

  18. O Beth, I am a third of my way through your NY posts. I am loving them sick. I want to go NOW! RIGHT NOW!!!! I could sit here all day reading them but I suppose I should get some washing on, feed the kids and get them off to the school room! Can’t wait to sit down and read some more.

  19. I have just finished reading EVERY.SINGLE.POST. from your NYC trip……I want to jump on a plane (business class of course ) and go RIGHT NOW! Thanks so much for the wonderful posts. I just love them. I have been walking myself thin on the treadmill and watching an episode of SATC since the beginning of the year – I am up to season 5, can’t get enough of it. You rock!

  20. workingwomenaus says

    I’ve just booked a last minute trip to NYC and I’m going to spend this afternoon reading these posts. Thanks for the ideas!


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