Holiday shopping

This holiday was never going to be about shopping. It was a family trip – about time spent together, experiencing things, DOING things and even though at times all I wanted to do was meander through the shops for hours on end, the time we have spent together as a family (except for today when we all want to kill each other) has been just amazing.

There were, however, some times where I got some shopping in. These were usually with girls in tow complaining the entire time and demanding something for themselves, or done in a very quick 5-10 minutes while I pretended I was going out to get everyone ice cream to take back to the hotel when in fact I was trying stuff on very quickly in GAP.

Here’s the haul. The 5 things that I got myself. Some of them were planned beforehand on the list of things I wanted to buy, some were on the spot and ALL of them will be special because I will remember where I was when I got them.

1. Leather Jacket

It was quite concerning to some of my fashionista colleagues from the Remarkables that I did not own a leather jacket, nor had I never owned one. I got this one in London when I escaped the family for a few hours and walked across the Thames into Chelsea and up the Kings Rd to Sloane Square. It was superior shopping but moreso, people watching. I gave this a thorough thrashing in the UK and I know it will be flogged when we get home. It’s soft. Delicious. A fabulous cut and I shall wear it for the next 40 years I suspect. Hope so at least!

IMG_1590 IMG_1587

2. Birkenstocks

I have seen on Instagram for some time now that the two strapped birko’s were quite the thing. I have tried them on plenty of times but only could see lesbian german backpacker. But when my brother in law had a brand spanking pair while we were away I was taken with them and quite fancied myself in a pair. When we caught the ferry back to Split (and recovered from spewing sea sick children) I spied a shoe shop and ran in with the girls. 2.5 minutes later I had purchased these and walked out with them on my feet. I hope these translate to home (when the weather is right of course) and right now they are being flogged (apologies for the worn out pedicure I am sporting the outside sunshine and rocks of Croatia have not been kind).

IMG_1573 IMG_1572

3. Perfume

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of this magical stuff a few years ago and I fell in LOVE with the scent. It’s intoxicating. And EXPENSIVE in Australia so when I saw it in Split duty free for next to nothing I grabbed a bottle. I have no idea why it’s so much at home, but if you see it in your travels and you can get it for under $100 do it.


4. A scarf

This cotton scarf was grabbed from a little tourist shop at the ferry wharf on the Isle of Skye because I was cold before we jumped on the boat. I’m so glad I grabbed it – it’s such a gorgeous pattern and it will always remind me of that beautiful place.


5. Denim Shirt

This was the “ice cream” purchase in Glasgow. I had to exchange some shorts I got for Harper in London so when I saw a GAP in Glasgow I took the chance to have a quick look around. I well cut shirt is a thing of beauty and GAP ones always do the trick for me and this is no exception. It’s thick and lovely, cut well and a wardrobe classic.

IMG_1616 IMG_1615 IMG_1617

So that’s the haul.
What’s been your favourite holiday purchase?


  1. Ooh I love what you picked up! That leather jacket is fab, and the denim shirt is too.
    I bought a lot of fab dresses on my trip, including one I squeezed into in Paris and the sales assistant told me I was too fat. I assured her that once I left paris I would get thinner!

  2. Mrs Woog says

    A bucket of prawns. Today. But cannot wear it. Xx

  3. Oh yeah! I didn’t buy much on the trip across Europe at Christmas but what I did buy, I absolutely love. And like you, I cherish it all because every time I put something on, I remember where I was when I bought it. We all do, so it’s a lovely shared experience.

    How is/was Singapore? We loved it on the way home from our trip – fab place to wind down before the reality of home xo

  4. I just bought a peach linen dress in San Gimignano. I love it as it has such Italian style, handmade by the lady I bought it off and it’s perfect for Dubai (modest but cool for the heat).

    I love your haul! X

  5. Ella Spurling says

    Beth, your leather jacket is divine! Allsaints is something special, isn’t it?!

    I too bought birkis overseas – in Germany. However, they make fart noises when I walk! My favourite purchase though, is a pair of Venetian glass stud earrings from Venice.

    Your trip has looked truly spectacular. So many special memories you have created with your family! You have cemented Croatia on my to-go-to list! Safe travels home. X

  6. It’s hard to squeeze in shopping time when on a family trip, isn’t it. My husband insists he’s fine and “will just wait outside with the kids” – then proceeds to stand out there with a constipated look on his face – drives me mental. When we were in Lake Garda in Italy last week I insisted on a couple of hours to myself in a tiny little town and made the most of it – 3 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags in 90 minutes. Bang! Feeling a bit less pressure now, especially as we’re in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Slovenia!

    • I had that exact moment in my all time favourite shop Anthropologie on Regent St where Rob and the girls were with me and I just couldn’t focus on anything. Needed to be by myself! How’s Slovenia? Would love to get there one day…enjoy!

  7. Barb Fisher says

    I just bought a gorgeous pair of Mela Purdie pants and shirt in Mooloolaba after hearing Nikki from Styling You rave about them. Oh god, they are the BEST! Not cheap, but I will wear them to death when I get home to Singapore. So light and soft. Heaven.

    • Fab! There’s nothing like a good recommendation is there? That’s what I love most about blogging – all the great suggestions and information sharing.

  8. I love everything Bev. I hasten to let you know that at least you own a leather jacket now. I do not own one and never have. Maybe contemplating purchasing one before I head to Melbourne in a few weeks. V x

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That leather jacket us beautiful as is the scarf and the perfume divine!I am a perfume whore love the stuff.I always think about birks and lesbians too even though I know they are good for your feet I must try some on and they are so right now Beth,good sneaky shopping xx

  10. One word: jewellery. I do a bit of travel for work that provides opportunities for clothes shopping, but when I’m holidaying with my husband I buy jewellery or he buys it for me. We travel light, but an extra pair of earrings or a funky pendant always fits in the carryon and I get a reminder of my lovely trip every time I wear these items.

  11. Love the jacket! I was in New York last year with some friends, they both bought a leather jacket and I’m kicking myself I didn’t. I was however, stoked with my boyfriend jeans. Especially because they came from New York! I own two pairs of Birkenstocks. I love them to death! Don’t ever let anybody tell you different. Although my husband does say they are ” ugly in a good way”. Make of that what you will. Looking forward to your post on Singapore, heading there next March, hope you enjoy your time there.

  12. Love it all!

  13. Awesome purchases! You’ll get so much wear/use out of all of those items. My fave overseas purchases are all of the items I bought in Paris on our honeymoon last year: khaki green anorak from Zara, black coat with giant hood, Nike Air Max kicks (bought in the kids section for 60 Euros!) and a grey and coral leopard print scarf (another bargain – 6 Euros). In fact, I’m wearing the scarf and coat today…

  14. You are so hot right now! What fabulous purchases. I got my very first leather jacket this year too, and a denim shirt. I have the Birk’s on my wishlist but suspect that I’ll get knock off pair over the spring.


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