Fare thee well UK

Well here we are at the end of 2 weeks of amazing travel. 1300 miles driven. 158 ice creams consumed. A few fights in the car. Many tears from little people. Many tears of happiness from this big person. SO much laughter. Pavements walked. Photos taken. Castles seen. Gardens admired. Memories made that will be with us all forever.

We travelled down from The Lake District yesterday to stay with friends in London which was so wonderful just to hang out, meet kids that hadn’t even been before since the last time we saw each other, let them play and eat a delicious home cooked dinner before a last hike to Windsor and Eton this morning and now to a hotel by the airport for our flight in the morning to Croatia.

It’s hard to believe we still have 2 more wonderful birthday celebration weeks to go. I can hardly wait to sit and eat. Swim. Soak up the sunshine. Be with my family. Celebrate two very special boys 40th birthday’s. Watch the girls play with their cousins and not pack a suitcase once!

Thanks for coming along for the journey and for all your wonderful comments, suggestions and memories from your own trips over the past few weeks. I have received so many lovely emails from people who have just loved being able to travel along with us…while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea to blog when they are away I always find it a great way to capture the memories as they happen – not to mention some of the hundreds and HUNDREDS of photos that I take every day rather than deal with something too big and overwhelming when we get home. It also gives me something to look back on in months and years to come when I know I will be asking myself “did that REALLY happen?”. Normal transmission will resume soon enough…so while we can I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Thanks for the memories UK…and Croatia? Here we come!

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  1. Thanks for packing us in your virtual suitcase so we could all stow away with you on this awesome trip. It’s been so lovely to follow your travels.
    Hope the next two weeks are full of relaxed, rejuvenating moments for you, more ice creams, happy tears and memories. Oh and at least one photo of an awesome Croatian gentleman doing something sweet or silly, please!

  2. How fun that you get to experience two kinds of travel–slow travel and fast travel (reverse order). And thanks for bringing us along and for the many gorgeous pictures, especially of those darling daughters. Enjoy your next two weeks!

    Our boys, have many happy memories of trips, even though they crabbed their way through most of them!

  3. love all the travel photos! can’t wait to see all the snaps of FOOD in Croatia x

  4. Thank you SO much Beth for taking us with you. It has taken me back to past holidays – wonderful. It will be lovely not to have to pack – a necessary evil of seeing so many amazing places. Enjoy your family and stay safe xo

  5. Thank you for taking me on your ride! It has brought back lots of memories, some which I had hidden away somewhere! Relax, put your feet up in Croatia…I am sure it will be every bit as special as the last two weeks!

  6. I’ve really enjoyed your holiday blog posts, Beth! They will be great for you to look back on when you get home. I love overseas holidays with the kids; showing them new things and getting to spend proper time with them without the normal, monotony of life getting in the way.

  7. Thanks Beth, the pics have been fantastic, little cameos of your day-I feel like I have been on a little holiday too.
    BTW I came to your blog through pickled cucumbers and have ended up in Scotland with you! Who’dahthunkit?!
    Stay Safe and enjoy the rest of your time.

  8. Hi Beth – it has felt like we have been on the road with you! Thanks for sharing all of your gorgeous pics and wonderful memories that you are making with your family.

    We are leaving tomorrow for 8 weeks in Europe with our 3 kids (ages 7, 5 and 1). Feeling a tad nervous about travelling with kids but we are also beside ourselves with excitement as well! We begin our trip in Croatia, so we will be there at the same time as you. Who knows, we may bump into each other on a beach somewhere on the beautiful Dalmatian coast!

    Travelling may seem like hard work with the kids sometimes, but these memories will truly last a lifetime! Keep enjoying and breathing it all in – this is such a special time in our lives x

  9. I’ve loved reading about your adventures in the UK, thanks for sharing them.

  10. 1) I love reading about your trip.

    2) Robs hair looks HOT

    3) Blog when you fucking well want to blog, last time I checked there were no rules.

    4) I know nothing about Croatia, but have heard it is AMAZING. Travel safe xxxx

  11. Have loved every minute of your journey so far. Am very excited to see pics of your next adventure. Soak it in.

  12. Can’t wait for Croatia while I sit by the fire on the far south coast of NSW! Very generous of you to share! Keep enjoying those ice creams.

  13. Brilliant! I get what you mean about blogging while you’re away. I blog more when I’m travelling, it’s such a good way to process what you’ve done. I blogged the whole time I was in hospital having Darbs, which people though was strange, but it was the way I process and deal with stuff. Plus it’s amazing to have diary of those times that will eventually all seem like a hazy dream.

    Have a brilliant time in Croatia! We’ll be there at the same time but I suspect I’ll be at the other end of the country. x

  14. I’m loving your blog posts, it’s like traveling from my chair. Can’t wait to see/learn about Croatia as it’s a country I know very little about.

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