I am currently in the time vortex known as planning an overseas holiday. I start out looking on trip advisor for ideas in one area and approximately 3 hours later I end out the other side with 3 million browser windows open and a firm knowledge of all things good in an area of the UK that I knew nothing about 3 hours before. We have locked away firm dates and an itinerary…booked trains from London to Edinburgh, apartments through Air BnB and right now I am working on Scotland. I have a feeling that I am going to be needing some extra time allowed for travel as I will be demanding to stop every 3.4 minutes for a photo. I mean LOOK AT IT.

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From the Highlands of NSW to the Scottish Highlands and the beautiful Isle of Skye…I can’t wait to explore this amazing part of the world with my family. The Macdonald’s are coming home!

Got any spots that we can’t miss in Scotland?
Any insider tips that we need to know travelling back down to London?
We will be leaving Edinburgh mid June and have to be back in London to fly to Split on the 27th. GO!


  1. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Oh how I LOVE Scotland. It’s probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world (along with Switzerland and New Zealand). Haven’t got any tips as I travelled there before I had the girls so John and I were free to roam – he’s a fan of single malt so we did a lot of distilleries. Loch Lomond was beautiful. Oh, one tip: if you sit outside by a Loch at night wear loads of aeroguard, the midges are mighty xo

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Midges are bastards….will pack the aeroguard…they love me! I got absolutely eaten alive in New Zealand.

  2. Naomi Bird says

    The west coast is amazing, lots of untouched places and breath taking beauty. We lived in the highlands for 4.5 yrs. There are some great villages.. cheek out Strathpeffer, Beauly, Dornoch, Dunrobin, and Fort William. Also check out Falls of Shin, and the black isle. if you have any questions fire away I’ll see if I can answer them… otherwise have a great time.

  3. Gail Virgona says

    no sure if you’re going to ireland but if you are you HAVE to go to new grange. http://www.newgrange.com after six months in europe and africa it was the most fascinating thing I saw. probably still is. x

  4. Josephine says

    Get thee to Oban. It’s on the west coast, so the sun sets over the water, and it’s outta sight beautiful. http://www.oban.org.uk/

  5. Do the drive to Loch Ness – it’s not far by Australian standards and amazing scenery all the way.

  6. wow! that does look amazing! there is one thing you missed….my invite! oh you’ll have blast xx

  7. Whenever I’m in London I tend to park myself in the West End and see back to back shows and then I’ll take a day trip to Stratford and pout and try to get tickets to see Judy Dench in something but they’re always sold out. The thing with London is that if you want to see London Bridge, Big Ben, The River Thames and The London eye you basically stand in one spot and turn around. I’ve never been to Scotland though! Sounds wondrful!

  8. Gibbergunyah says

    Catch the train from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh – incredibly scenic. You can walk across the bridge to Skye or catch a ferry for the “over the sea to Skye” moment. Walk up Ben Braigie for views forever. Visit Castle Urquhart on Loch Ness. Hopefully you’re not doing these things in early February when I did them… Come to Brigadoon on Saturday for a taste of Scotland and canvass views there.

  9. Yvonne Duke says

    Seeing these pics makes me homesick…the scenery is just beautiful ! I went to Dornoch every year when I was growing up and Dunrobin Castle is a must as well. The cable car up part of Ben Nevis is a must ….the views are spectacular. Also the Isle of Mull, with the coloured houses of Tobermory, just like in the children’s programme Balamory !! And you should visit Culloden, the site of the famous battle of 1746. I’m sure you will all enjoy your fab holiday !! We are off to Orlando, Florida for 3 weeks in September, our last as a family of 6 as our eldest is 21, it is our favourite place to go ☺️

  10. I travelled Europe for six months, saw 22 different countries, and the most beautiful place I saw was the Great Glen in Scotland. That looks like it in some of your photos. I’ll never forget it. It was the most breathtaking make-you-feel-you’re-alive place. We were lucky it wasn’t too foggy when we passed through it. Also went to the Isle of Skye and it was just wonderful. Edinburgh was my favourite city of all I saw in those six months. Enjoy!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Lou – I will be sure to check it out. I just know that Scotland is just going to make me feel ALIVE. Thanks!

      • Now you’ve made me nostalgic! Looked at the map to remind myself – so our drive through the Great Glen was when we drove from Fort William/Glen Nevis (towns at the foot of the mountain Ben Nevis) up to the Isle of Skye. I have a photo of Flora Macdonald’s grave on Skye, maybe a relative… she led a very eventful life!
        Getting to Scotland on that trip felt like I was coming home. Which is weird because my ancestry is Irish. My Grandpa had told me before the trip ‘Ireland is nice, but wait til you see Scotland’. Very keen to live your trip vicariously!

  11. ahoy.jenni says

    Ok aye! (said with Scottish accent) Its been a wee while since I’ve been to Scotland. It is an amazing place. The Borders area is interesting, full of a violent history! I have a relative who is a historian and lives in the Borders district, he has many a tale about the castles, of Queen Mary riding horseback while she was pregnant to see her lover who was dying….that sort of thing! A bit like Game of Thrones actually LOL!

  12. Love, love, love Scotland. And not just because my husband is Scottish. There are SO many beautiful things to see but in our experience too much driving is never good with small children. We had a great kid friendly visit a few years ago where we rented an apartment near St Andrews, Fife which is less than an hour from Edinburgh. There are some lovely seaside villages in Fife, such as Crail and the coast north of Dundee to Aberdeen is stunning. Inland the highlands are jaw droppingly gorgeous. As are the islands of the west coast, such as the Isle of Skye. We stayed at Cambo Estate. The apartment was in the old servant’s quarters. The estate has lots of animals roaming the grounds, a playground, a games room and is a short walk to the beach. http://www.camboestate.com/

  13. Ooo ooo, my husband and I leave on Saturday for a 9 week trip around the world, US, UK and Europe…Can Not Wait! We’re doing the train from London to Edinburgh for a weekend then we’re heading off to a little Island called Islay where they make Scotch Whisky, am planning to be drunk for two days straight 🙂 Have fun with the planning xx

  14. Anywhere at all in Scotland and you will be as happy as clams. It was one of my favourite places to be – beautiful scenery, beautiful souls. x

  15. Our friends absolutely loved Scotland and London when they visited there last year. Particularly Edinburgh and they loved the tour of a Scotch factory they did with obligatory tasting at the end!

  16. OMG!! Scotland is the best! My best tip – take the train from Rannoch Muir (near- ish to Pitlochry) to Mallaig on the west coast. You will not regret it. BEST views, plus you’ll go over the viaduct that the Hogwarts express goes over in the movies (think it’s the Glen Finnin viaduct or something like that) amazing journey 🙂
    Oh and if you’re in that area Blair Atholl and Blair Castle are just spectacular. *sigh* I loved going ‘home’ to Scotland…. your heart will just burst with the joy of it all Beth!

  17. Hello, we stayed in a FANTASTIC apartment in the New Town in Edinburgh over New Year, have you booked accom in Ed yet? This place was the best and can pass on details. It was cuper nice and super central and slept 5 of us easily. I have some posts from Scotland on my blog… and am off there in May to see Mum – hooray! I’d say that the battle ground at Culloden is worth a visit and Tobermory on Mull and then to Skye… but if you have time how about the gorgeous island of Barra???? Now how about a walk up the Hanging Valley in Glencoe .. and … and…..

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Love these suggestions Seana – thank you! We have booked an apartment for Ed already – somewhere near the castle on the Royal Mile? I think?!! I’ll be sure to go check out your blog too x

      • You’ve prompted me to start a post ‘How To Have a Real Scottish Holiday’… some pratical and some funny… give me a day or two and I’ll tweet you a link… Have been meaning to for a while and you’ve given me the required boot up the backside.

        • BabyMacBlogBeth says

          Happy to be that kick…people are always looking for that stuff on the net. Good work!

          • Well, I’ve made myself laugh, and popped up a silly post – How To Have a Real Scottish Holiday – a guide for the misguided. Will try to tag you in Facebook post.

  18. Todd Perry says

    Hey I’m part Macdonald too… (there must be millions!) and distantly related to Aussie actor Garry Macdonald. The Isle of Skye is so beautiful, especially in good weather. Although I did nearly loose a car door in the wind there once!

  19. Beth, given your ‘foodie’ soul, you must try an Arbroath smokie in Arbroath….mmmmmmmm

  20. Ohhh planning is the best part of the holiday. I almost enjoy the process of planning and anticipation more than the holiday itself. I haven’t been up north much but I can highly recommend the holy bush in hampstead London for an sunday roast. Book ahead. One of the oldest pubs in London town. I also spied you are flying to Split – if you have time in Croatia go to Brela. It is so lovely with massive limestone cliffs, and the best seafood and gelato in the land!

  21. Do you have a Family and Friends travel card?? They save loads of money on train trips. The train from London to Edinburgh is wonderful. We are heading over to Glasgow in a couple of weeks with the kids and are training it up from London. Haven’t been there with kids but Edinburgh is great – small enough to walk everywhere, people talk to you (when you need a break from the London attitude), and there are some great pubs and cafes. Valvona and Crolla is WONDERFUL. There are a few cafes all over town now but the original deli is worth just going in to smell!

    • Just wondering if you are going to Glasgow when you are in Scotland? We had such a surprisingly wonderful long weekend there recently and I can tell you that it is a wonderful remedy to big city stress. EVERYONE talks to you and wants to know how you are and what you are up to. Even the kids remarked on how kind everyone was. Apparently it is just the way they are up that way, and even though there is that Taggart like hardness to the city, there is obviously a very cuddly underbelly. We can thoroughly recommend it.


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