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Each and every morning my long-suffering husband brings me a cup of a coffee while I sit at the table and check my emails/read comments/check stuff online. I ADORE those 20 minutes or so when I sit and read and sip and look forward to them when I drag myself out of bed each morning while a 4-year-old starts throwing demands at me.

I once posted a picture similar to this on Instagram saying how much I love my coffee when someone mentioned to me that this was “marriage glue”. The sort of stuff that ACTUALLY count for something – not the odd bunch of overpriced roses on Valentines Day, or a cheesy birthday card…THIS is the stuff that counts and helps couples stay together. I think they were right, this cup of coffee every day does make me love Rob more – silly but true.

What else do you think is this kind of marriage glue? Doing the washing or vacuuming for you (I can’t imagine that shit going down in our house). Or taking out the rubbish without you having to think about it. Making you a drink at the end of the day. Drying up the dishes? Is it an act of simplicity that means you just don’t have to worry about something? I wonder what Rob would think MY version of glue was for him….so much to choose from!

What about you? What’s the simple stuff that helps you guys stick together?
Suggestions/recommendations being taken…


  1. Chelsea Sutherland says

    Yeah I think the morning coffee too. My boyfriend currently works away but when he’s home, he usually leaves the house by 6am if not earlier but no matter the time, I always get up with him and make him coffee & breakfast/pack his lunch while he’s in the shower. Not like a massive fry up spread, sometimes it is just vegemite on toast or some Weetbix, but something. Alot of my friends are horrified I do it for him/get up so early but I like it. One of my favourite things he does sounds lame but works for us. We chuck all our spare change in a tin and use it for a splurge date night once it is full (our record was $463 which made for a great weekend away, average is about $250 4/5 times a year just in change). Anyway, for some reason I like to be the one to put the change in the tin. Don’t ask me why. And Nick lets me without arguing or pressing the issue. So one of my favourite things is when we’ve been ships passing in the night and I get home and find a pile of coins next to the tin. It really is the little, simple things that matter most.

  2. Love this B! The daily rituals between couples are so special and unique. We’ve had a few through our {almost} 10 years together but since I’ve been pregnant we’ve had a bath together every night and where we used to debrief our day over a glass of wine, now we do it in a long hot tub. We both talk about our day, problems at work, what we’ve got coming up, plans for the baby etc. I love that time of day so much.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Well isn’t that sweet? How’s the hauling yourself in and out of the tub at this stage going? You will be able to replace that with bathing the bebe soon enough! I used to love that time…x

      • You could say I’m more water buffalo than mermaid at this point….

        • PS I have just remembered that my Pa made Nanna a cup of tea with jam on toast everyday of their 60ish years together. I always thought it was the sweetest thing. Whenever I stayed over, after he passed away, I would always make a point of getting up early so I could make it for her and deliver it to her in bed. Man I miss them both so much!

  3. Oh I just had a warm fuzzy feeling! The simplicity and loveliness of a cup of coffee. For the last couple of months Cam has been getting up 1st and getting the kids out of bed and doing the nappy thing.(usually around 7am.) He knows I love to stay in bed and ‘wake’ up and listen to the news at 7.30 on the radio. While he gets ready for work the kids both play or watch tv. Then after the news I get up or am told to get up ‘Weetbix Mum’ and regardless of whether I have toast or not yet (kids 1st), I have a coffee and Cam has a cup of tea. Either he or I will make it and this is the routine almost every single morning, and he’ll even have tea if he is running a wee little late for work just so we have one together. Agghhh bliss! Hows that for marriage glue? Thanks for making me think of these silly little things we do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ahoy.jenni says

    Nice one ! I get the morning cup of tea in bed. It is so special isn’t it.
    Yes, these are acts of simplicity but they mean I care about you and I want to live with you *sigh* I’m so grateful because life has been hard lately and these things get me through, full steam ahead !

  5. Love it! My hubby makes me a cuppa every morning as well. As for the washing or vacuuming, have you ever asked when you were swamped?

  6. I adore it when my husband says,’I’ll read the kids a story and put them to bed.’ After a long day with them this small action means a lot. And he’s a champion tea maker, gets it just right every single time.

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I think it is the little things really,like doing something you haven’t actually asked them to,Knowing when you are tired or sick and saying go and have a rest,being your rock when you are down and cranky and just start bawling for no reason.lots of little things make up the glue of a marriage and I think you have one made out of super glue Beth xx

  8. MotherDownUnder says

    He goes and gets me ice cream and he folds the laundry…keeper.

  9. We’re not married but a long term partnership. I get a cup of tea in bed every morning when my man is at home. When he’s away, which is relatively often, I really miss that cup of tea.

  10. Whitney Sigler says

    He does laundry,dishes,cooks and other household stuff for me or with me. Even gardening and we canned 30 jars of pasta sauce and pear butter and soup so far. When the kids were little he would make up stories at bed time. Take turns with bath times with them. He’s an electrician. And computer tec but he can put in a new toilet also! So it will be 30 years in Dec. I’ll just keep him. Love him. We just like each other’s company. Lol. The kids laugh at us.

  11. I’ve been sick today and hubby is on night shift. Before he left for work he cooked the kids dinners and left them in the fridge so all I will have to do is reheat them ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Emma Steendam says

    I have a dirty little secret…
    My husband is the one who does all the housework. Well, most of it. He is the washing man, don’t mess with him and his washing machine, or his peg system. He sweeps like a man possessed. And lines up our shoes. He also very much appreciates a tightly, well made bed (although superior cushioning is beyond him, he draws the line there and I step in). So…I think we have loads of glue! Although his tsk-tsking at me because I haven’t done the dishes or cleaned the shower or some rot is most definitely my biggest teeth grinding attribute. No glue there. In saying all this…he has never made me a coffee. Maybe a cup of tea after several requests and half an hour of nagging. Tomatoes tomartoes. This has got me thinking what on earth does he think the glue is?! I do bugger all!

    • Emma Steendam says

      Scrap that – I make him lunch every morning while he reads The Weekly Times. That’s the glue. I could tell him to jam it like I really want to but I know he doesn’t have time to read it any other time.

  13. He brings me home bubbles and huge bars of chocolate. He comes to my rescue often to help out with the kids. Today he came home just to make me lunch cause I was having a tough morning with our little guy. He is a keeper xo

  14. 26 Years & Counting says

    The best marriage glue I had recently was coming home from a crappy day at work to find the lounge room set up to camp in it (aka our mattress dragged in!). It’s the best way to relax.

  15. My father has been bringing my mum a cup of tea in bed for the last 40 plus years. I have good memories of that as a child. And they always give each other bug bear hugs. I do almost all of the housework, cooking, laundry but my man is obsessive about the garbage and takes it out religiously every morning before I’m up. I make us coffee and if we’re lucky enough to have the kids sleep in, we get to drink it together. He always puts the toilet seat down and his dirty clothes in the laundry. He never leaves his towel on the floor. He orders me bottles of Krug and Dom and insists on booking my parents business class flights on points. He walks friends to the taxi to make sure they get home safe. He donates to charity and proudly tells me how much we’ve helped out. I love him for how he treats others almost as much as how he treats me.

  16. I get a freshly brewed (from the pot) cup of tea and a piece of toast and marmalade brought to me in bed at 6 am every week day. It is the best time off day for me too.

  17. My husband Chris makes me a coffee every single morning too. On the weekends, he makes me my favourite omelette. He also has a knack for knowing when I need to just flop on the couch and he quietly trots off to do the dishes or pour me a glass of wine. This is definitely marriage glue and it’s the kind of stuff that makes me love him so. Ahh crap, I’m getting all sappy here! Probably cos he’s interstate for work. He’s home tomorrow. Good. Means I don’t have to buy my coffee anymore…!

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