Harper turned 5

It takes a really long time to get to five. A lifetime it seems when you are small. I think 5 holds some kind of magical power in the minds of little people…when they get to 5 all kinds of things will happen. I’ve heard so much “but when I turn 5…when I get to be 5…” and I think it might be true. All kinds of things DO happen when you turn 5. You get to go to School for starters. You start to learn to write and read, to add and minus, the world is literally your oyster, spread out before you full of so much possibility and wonder.

It’s a joy and a privilege to have a 5 year old. Your days are filled with fun and laughter, with frustrations and the odd tantrum that are starting to fade a little with ferocity. There’s so much to learn, to do, to BE, my time is spent pointing in her various directions and then standing back and letting her go. Man it’s bittersweet. My baby, no more…the tears they fall so easily but my pride, my heart and my love for her soars higher than the remembering her for what she was.

We spent the day pretty quietly, normally. There was preschool, there was 2 hours of gymnastics after school (first Harps then Daisy) there was dinner and a home made (gymnastics!) cake lovingly made by Rob. A simple and quiet day after a weekend spent in Sydney with most of her cousins and my family fussing over her. Even her big sister sucked it up and was nice to her for the day…a miracle for my 7 year old!

You’re 5 now Harper. You made it. Time to soar little one…we are all so proud of you. We love you so much, your sense of humour, determination, your smarts (my goodness you are smart) your stubbornness, your kind heart, what a little package you are. I hope 5 is all you hoped it would be.

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Got a 5 year old too?
Here, come sit next to me while I sob a little….MY BABY!!!


  1. the little red hen says

    I do have a 5 year old for just three and a half more weeks and then she’s going to be SIX which to her mind is even more impressive than 5. It has been an amazing year for her & us. Starting school, learning to read & write, lots of new friends & becoming the biggest sister to our new baby. She’s amazing-I’d be lost without her. 5 has indeed been good.
    Happy Birthday Harper!

  2. Oh – I sure miss 5 year olds. My Harper will be 16 this year and we just bought 2 tickets for NY City. Actually, I think 5 and 16 are not much different – tantrums, frustrations and a joy to watch a girl become a strong woman.

  3. My baby was 5 in July. I miss her while she’s at school. I feel like stalking her just to make sure she’s OK. Then last week her teacher, Mrs Church, wanted to have a quick ‘chat’ (said with a grin from the teacher) about my daughter… Apparently she’d pulled the old hands on hips teapot stance and told Mrs Church, “you’re wrong Mrs Church! ‘This’ is spelt v i s, v for vicky violet.” My child who took forever to find her voice appears to be doing very nicely at school thank you very much (and has now knows how to spell ‘this’).

    And I must confess, the quiet in the house after I walk the kids to school is really quite blissful… πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday Harper. Being 5 is the best. You are correct Beth, you can do soooo much when you are “finally five”. I still remember turning 5. My cake at kinder was chocolate with chocolate icing with the number 5 done in smarties. I remember it like it was yesterday. May I say, Rob’s cake is FANTASTIC! The fancy cakes are amazing but I just love the simple, creative, thoughtful, homemade cakes like Harper’s. Made with love and MUSK STICKS…my all time favourite. I love the books as well…starting school is great. Haven’t heard of King Pig, but am off to google that now. Lovely photo’s as usual Beth. Thank you for sharing such a special day.

  5. Happy Birthday Harper, 5 was a massive change for us.. especially for Harrington as it brought school a month later.. the joy having two in the same place will bring Beth.. #simplethings

  6. Happy birthday to Harper! She’s scrumptious! Oh Beth you made me cry for the loss of any five year olds in my household……my baby is seven now and I STILL cry at the drop of a hat that the three kidlets keep growing so. This parenting gig is so bittersweet. You’ll be so glad of Frank…..our hound became the fourth child the minute my smallest made those big steps through the school gate! Enjoy! X

  7. Happy Birthday, Harper! That cake is very cool!

  8. My baby will be 12 in December……..pass the tissues πŸ™‚

  9. Happy birthday to your sweet 5 yo Harper.
    Love 5yos.
    My two are teens, one actually an adult and about to sit exams and then fly, that is bittersweet too.
    Enjoy all of her scrumptiousness.

  10. I’m finding three tough enough, I can’t even imagine her being five yet! I hate how time speeds up as we get older.

  11. She has grown up soooooooo much. Far out.

    My Leo was five last week. His brother 8 today. Is flipping me out. Too fast. My babies are going to moving out in a month at this rate.

    Happy birthday Harper!

  12. In two days my baby will turn 5!!! How did this happen!!! I agree 5 is a magical age but for a Mum with an 8 year old and a soon to be 5 year old – there is a tinge of sadness as the world opens up but an old world of carefree non school days ends. But onwards and upwards I say!xxx

  13. Happy Birthday Harper πŸ™‚ I have a 5 year old. I decided to “swallow the frog” as Mrs Woog would say and took him school uniform shopping yesterday as it had been playing on my mind. He was so excited. I smiled while I cried on the inside…what happened to my baby??!

  14. Happy Birthday Harper. 5 is such a milestone age isn’t it! My Miss 5 is off to school next year too. I cried in the uniform shop the other day when she tried on the little (or not so little) summer dress. Not sure how I’m going to handle day 1 next year but I just have to remember its not about me, its all about her.

    Loving your re-cap posts.. seems like yesterday she was that little 3 year old! The changes between 3 and 5 happen so quickly!

    And what an amazing job on the cake Rob did! Bet she loved that daddy made it for her too! xx

  15. Mines turning 5 in March, she cannot wait. Happy birthday Harper x!

  16. Happy Birthday to such a cutie!
    And you are doing an amazing job bringing her up. What an amazing life you are giving her!
    My boy turns 5 in Feb. We adopted him when he was 20 months old and as he has ‘special needs’ he is developmentally more like a 3 yo so we still gets lots of mixed behaviour, some 3 year old, some almost 5 year old. Its not easy!! But, he is has a smile that would melt Stonehenge and watching him grow and attach to us over the years is am amazing process. Watching some of the negative behaviours soothe away is amazing. I really look forward to his 5th birthday.

  17. When my eldest (who is now ten) turned five, I bounded into his room in the morning to wish him Happy Birthday but could tell instantly that he was not himself. I asked what was wrong and in a little quivery voice he said, “I don’t want to be five. When you’re five you have to go to school and I don’t know how to do maths!”

  18. Harper turned five! In October, no less! What a happy, happy day.


  19. Yes , I have a newly turned five year old – his birthday was yesterday as well. Im sad that my baby is no longer a baby, but am so excited at what the future holds for him, and am loving watching him grow up <3 He has talked of nothing else but his birthday and turning 5 for months!

    Happy birthday to Harper πŸ™‚

  20. Happy, happy birthday to Harper!
    I am denial that I have a three year old…I can’t imagine a five year old!
    I hope she has the best year!

  21. Happy birthday Miss Harper.
    Now tell me, whats the Leapfrog 3 like? Worth it?

    • She seems to love it…I haven’t really tapped into the games that are available at the moment…she’s OK with the standard ones that come with it. Will let you know! She was STOKED with it!

  22. Wishing your ‘baby’ a very happy 5th birthday, this will be my middle in December and he just can’t wait! We’re having a party a month earlier so it doesn’t get ignored over Xmas as his actual birth date is December 17! Great cake and gorgeous happy smiles from Harper!

  23. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I know Beth 5 it’s sad but happy too.No I have a 26 and and 24 year old Xx

  24. Happy birthday, Harps! I remember when she was born!
    My five-year-old turned six not so long ago and that felt like a milestone. It’s kinda weird as I felt I missed that five-year-old milestone thing with her as she was unexpectedly thrown into school just after she turned 4.

    I think the age from 5 to 10 are the golden years of child-rearing, enjoy everything ahead! And happy birthday to you too mama, for getting that gorgeous girl so well to five! Have a top day. xx

  25. My baby turns 5 in 2 weeks. πŸ™ mind you, the tantrums and sulking seems to be INCREASING as we get closer. I am putting it down to frustration. Not being as big as big sister 9, not going to school 5 days like big sister but only 2.5. Not allowed to do gymnastics like big sister but has to go to ballet (I have a strict “you made the commitment” rule… gotta see out the year until she can change) Just a whole bunch of NOTS.

    I am hoping this will all magically be resolved on the 12th of November. She keeps telling me so… “when I’m 5 mum….”

    I can live in hope!

    I think your Harps and my Em would be firm friends…both very similar in personalities me thinks, even in choice of toys (desperately wants lego friends for her birthday!) and stubborn and determined as the day is long…

  26. So grown up and up! A big year ahead, dear Harps. You are well up to the task. x

  27. Leeanne Boyson says

    Oh Beth, move over and pass the tissues – my beautiful baby boy is turning 5 on 3rd November.

    He has and will be my baby FOREVER, but alas he is turning that magical number that he and we call – A WHOLE HANDFUL…. 5.

    Off to school next year, his tantrums are lessening but still just as ferocious! He is strong willed, determined, imaginative, kind, caring and even though he is a day care boy, he is still my little one. He rides his bike sans training wheels and has for almost a year, he writes his name and the pride in his face with every drawing, painting or gluing is just priceless.

    He asks me to “sleep” with him every night that he goes to bed, i climb in beside him and we whisper about his day or his tomorrow or what he suspects his dreams will be about, he holds my hand or runs his fingers through my hair or just drags my arm around his little body – drinking in my warmth and overwhelming love….

    He oscillates between tormenting and adoring his sister, is gentle and kind to our more mature cat and is rough and ready with our little energetic dog!

    I’m teary just thinking about him, I’ve made him promise he will hold my hand forever and never get too grown up to cuddle, kiss and tell his parents and sibling how much he loves them.

    What happened to my beautiful baby boy?? He grew into a dynamic almost a whole handful boy!

  28. High 5 for turning 5, Harper! Your best years are ahead of you and the sky’s the limit. Go for it, kiddo! x

  29. Happy Happy Birthday Harper….how awesome turning 5 !!! An exciting year ahead xo

  30. Ah my big girl is 5 next year, can’t believe it! But with a new baby on the way it seems to make it easier. Enjoy your little 5 year old πŸ™‚

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