Miscellaneous 9

Hockey season started yesterday. Daisy had an outstanding first game, helped by the fact all her cousins  were visiting from Melbourne and she had a 5 strong cheer strong with Grandma & Papa being there as well. She looked like a galloping giraffe much of the time, and is a head longer than all the others on her team.
She scored two goals and missed another and I heard one of the Dad’s from the opposition team  say “we have to stop this Daisy”. Tell me about it opposing Dad. Not much is stopping her at the moment – spelling each and every word out loud that she only once knew how to say. Adding up anything that she sees as she goes throughout the day…her mind is exploding and it’s a joy to watch. I never had athletic prowess, I was a middle team, middle player who never was really any good at much. Rob on the other hand, was a fantastic athlete and runner. For someone like me, it’s quite exciting to think that your genes had something to do with SPORTING ABILITY. I’m so proud.
I was watching a show on Foxtel the other night described as “the real Downton Abbey” which was about a fancy pants house in England that is opened to the public over the summer much in the same way that Highclere (the actual house in Downton) is. I happened to mention to Rob how excited I was that next year we are going to go there when we are in the UK, a pilgrimage, if you will, and he looked at me and said “what do you mean we?”. As if WE as a family unit would not be partaking in such wholesome activities. You can imagine just how troubling this was for me…how could the family NOT be interested? He even went so far as to suggest that it would be like him asking me to visit the UFC training centre if we happened to be in Las Vegas. HARDLY ROB. Looks like I’ll be going alone. Suits me, all the more for me to soak up by myself right?
You know what’s on the cards today? Salsa verde. That’s what. With a slow roasted shoulder of lamb. I usually just chuck in a few cloves of garlic, salt & pepper, bunch of mint, parsley & coriander into the food processor with some capers and olive oil. I then usually pour it liberally over roasted meat or steak from the BBQ. And by liberally, I mean drown. It’s very good. My brother and sister in law are up from Melbourne. We are down there later this week. Stupid non matching School holidays NSW.
You know what else is on today? Mini quiche baking! I really have to stop saying yes to things. I find myself making 100 quiches on a Sunday morning. The small School is a wondrous thing, no doubts about it, but there is NO slacking off when it comes to contributing. And with a pool of just about 20 families, it’s pretty busy. I’ve also started full steam ahead on prepping for the Annual village Ball. What did I say about saying yes too much? One day I’ll learn…maybe.
Have you been watching Top of the Lake on UK TV? I think that’s the channel it’s on…not sure why? Anyway, it VERY good. Superior cinematography, writing, acting. It’s makes me anxious and tense with it’s spookiness and beauty. It’s set down in the South Island of NZ, a Jane Campion production and it’s VERY good. Highly recommend it. Even more so given that we have driven on some of roads last year when we were there. I still haven’t worked out what day it’s on though…Sunday nights? I always miss it and end up catching up through the week.
Swishy pony tails with ribbons are about the only endearing things about my 3 year old at the moment. Yes, I just said that. She is in a MOOD. A whinging, whining, feral, tantruming, thunderous, stubborn MOOD that is driving everyone in our family a little batty. My nerves are frayed and I’m short tempered and cranky. And that is all I have to say about that.
I am hitting the road with my Mum on Thursday for a road trip to Melbourne! I always love the notion of a road trip before I actually go on the road trip. I have visions of wide open spaces, music blaring, bad food from truck stops and freedom. The reality is always so much different. Veering off the road as I try to pick something off the floor for the 567th time. Listening to kid’s music or DVD’s over and over again. The silliest part of this road trip is that I’ll be driving home….alone! Well alone with 2 small kids. One with just a ribbon on her pony tail stopping me from leaving her on the side of the road. Should be some good blogging material at least right?
Did I tell you I found my boots? I did. Style tread. They have been good boots so far, proving to be wardrobe favourites this winter.
Were you good at sport as a young lass or lad?
Do you say yes too much?
Been watching Top of the Lake?
Got a feral 3 year old? Bet mine is worse right now. Seriously.
Got any road trip solutions?
Have a super Sunday people!


  1. I feel like I just sat down and had a cup of tea with you, while sampling one of your mini quiches. 🙂

    Life is busy Miss Beth? Don’t forget to stop and smell those beautiful roses that you have. Xxx

  2. I want lamb now x

  3. The miscellaneous posts are my fave Beth, I just love them!
    I’ll take your feral 3 year old if you take my moody, back-chatting, attitude plus 13 year old son? To top it off I’ve just checked his mobile account & it looks like he’s gone over his cap by oh a measley $1000!!! I’m just waiting for telstra to confirm before loosing my shit…so you wanna swap?

  4. I was NOT sporty when young. As far as I was concerned, if it didn’t have horses in it then it was completely off limits.

    I don’t tend to say Yes too much – unless it’s my girls and then I’m a mad crazy yesser.

    Haven’t been watching Top of the Lake but if it clashes with Downton Abbey on Sunday nights then I’ll have to miss it. Love DA.

    No feral 3 year old but an 11 year that is now just getting hormonal. Oh my, how did she get that old and WOW do the hormones kick in – talk about moody.

    Road trip solutions? Just been on a 10 hour there and back from Melb to Jervis Bay – dvds for the kids (if you’re taking them) and a map of all the loo stops (I tend to drink lots of water which then leads to frequent stopping). Have a fab time xox

  5. we did a mad mad mad trip to the gold coast from the sunshine coast on easter Friday JUST because I had same notions of a change of scenery, time together with the family. It was worth it in the sense that the cousins all got together and it was worth it but im still recovering from the kink in my neck because my sister in law and her husband only had a bloody half pumped up camping mattress for us to sleep on…… Yep 3 is worse than terrible two’s, they do come out good the other side 4 is delightful and I didn’t want mine to head to prep from so much fun in that 4th year…… WE are currently packing up our quiche trays and decluttering to sell to move to acreage ! yay ! the madness is all round isn’t it ??

  6. Anonymous says

    I have a feral two year old that may just give Harper a run for her money. He has recently had a baby brother enter his life and is none too happy about it. I had to do a ninja like tackle the other day to stop him stomping (yes, stomping, boots and all) on his little brother’s head. Looking back, I am quite impressed with my athletic abilities under pressure!

    Wanted to ask whether you had any advice to distill on coping with the kids solo when their Dad is away? May is going to be ‘single parent month’ around here as hubby is away for work and I am TERRIFIED!


  7. Beth, you have to ditch the Kids DVD players and Kids music right now! They have no place on a road trip. Truly, I’m sure they’d love your music just as much and you won’t be driven to bonkerville 😀 Mel x

  8. Anonymous says

    Beth, relish those hockey matches. I watched almost every soccer match my soccer crazy youngest son played in from when he was 8 to when he was 19 and had to leave town to go to university. Sometimes I wondered if I was indugling him but now I look back and cherish those times because they are over too quickly and I will NEVER have that opportunity again. I still miss watching him play. Like you I was very middle of the road as an athlete and sometimes I thought my heart would burst with pride watching my very gifted son.

    One of my other four children was once a three year old just like Harper but she became easier with age and was a breeze as a teenager so take heart. She is now 28 and we have a lovely relationship.


  9. Stop at the bakery next to Maccas at the Goulburn roadside exit. Allpress coffee and good danish.It’ll get you through to, say, Gundagai.

  10. Love the boots…I am still searching.

    I am gearing up for a 24 hour solo plane flight with my toddler.
    It is not until June but I am already steeling myself.
    The only plus is once I get off the plane I can hand said toddler over to his grandparents and go and take a long nap.

  11. Gosh I need to try salsa verde. Enjoy your road trip!

  12. Love the boots! Thanks for doing the search for me. Melbourne – stunning weather. Sunshine. Blue skies. We’ve sneaked a few days being big smoke kids and it is truly lovely.
    If you need a diversion a couple of hours from melbourne and off the Hume, please stop by! And the big park in Albury is sensational. Oddies park I think its called. Your girls will love it.
    Safe travels

  13. Are the boots the Tony Bianco Alexas? I bought these exact same boots and when you posted about your search I kept trying to suggest these but something was happening with my iPad and not letting me post my comment. Looks like it was meant to be! Love these boots – did you know they are an exact rip-off of the Acne Pistol boots which are super-cool and groovy but cost almost $600!

  14. Three is the most FERAL age, no one can whine and whinge like a 3-year-old. I feel for you. I feel for myself as I’m going to have to go there again! And my husband wants another child… Not bloody likely. (gee can you tell my kids are whipping my arse at the moment?!)

    One of my girls has great sporting ability, but is seriously lacking in inclination and competitiveness. The other girl had the competitiveness and drive but not the ability. The cruelty of nature and randomness of genes!

    Enjoy Melbourne! I love it! I always prepare for the worst with road trips and usually I’m pleasantly surprised. X

  15. We always joked that our youngest was an advanced child on account of the ‘terrible twos’ starting when she was about 14 months.

    The joke became less funny though as the tantrums continued right through until she was well into her fours… Keep smiling..

  16. Sport as a lass …..crap! I remember coming last in the hurdles in 3rd class, and I had knocked every single one of them down. Such shame…but then I discovered swimming and was alright.

    3yo – I know mine is worse!!! I cant have flash table settings, flowers in vases…he climbs everything and throws (he is a 3yo boy with Down syndrome) All of our doors are getting broken as he slams them shut, we have just had a fence installed around the house to stop escapes into the bush..OK I’ll stop, you get the picture, he does also make us laugh heaps.

    Looking forward to the road trip posts.
    If you pass through Bega, visit Red Café, middle of town opp post office. Really good local food, coffee etc and you might even see my 3yo atop a table throwing a sugar bowl (while I slink quietly out the door)

  17. Yum! Lamb! We have the very gourmet tin spaghetti on toast tonight. A long day at the zoo and a party.
    Will swap your 3yo for my two 3yos. They are feral at the moment after today.

  18. Three year olds….almost as challenging as 8 year old! They have been my least favorite child years! May the force be with you! Ps best road trip solution is dvds

  19. A hockey-plying giraffe? Perhaps she’ll be a goalie. One DIL who is over 6′ tall played A grade in Sydney for some years a while ago. Add a hockey stick onto the long arms and legs and she was a formidable opposition who hated letting a goal through.

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