F I copied my friends UAC form (I think that’s what they were called) you know the University entry forms when I was at School to choose the course I wanted to do. I had NO idea what I wanted to do when I left School. I had notions of being a journo and doing a communications course somewhere, but didn’t get the marks for the one in Sydney, and didn’t have the inclination to move to Uni outside of town. I eventually copied her form, and then months later I found out I was doing a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications.


I’ve explained before how I ended up doing this course for 4 years, doing well, but then accidentally ending up working in finance as a subsequence of having to pay rent, missing time keeping my graphic design skills up, and having a half way decent brain and good work ethic that meant that soon enough I was being paid REALLY well in finance, and that design work? Well, it just was what it was. In the past.

I spent 10+ years working in finance and doing great. On paper. In theory. But there were always niggling regrets and what if’s? I should have worked in a magazine. I should have been creative. I should have been something more than I was.

My most exciting work I did when I was at Uni was doing work experience working for food magazines in food styling. I did a few shoots for BELLE magazine and some others, being the shit kicker on shoots preparing food and washing up. I LOVED it. It all seemed so glamorous – the props that the stylists had gotten from various companies, the food, the PRETEND. I loved it!

Today, in between dealing with a 3 year old with a cold and boredom, in between emails and work and hockey practice and work, I did a quick shoot for the next issue of BEVERLEY. It was just me, my kitchen, my Canon and my kid. And it was all the things that I used to love about this stuff, except better. Because I created it.

Have you ever accidentally fallen into something/someone who you never believed you ever could?
I feel like I’m doing that all the time now, and it’s the best thing. Ever.


  1. MeganBlandford says

    So happy for you. x

  2. Yep, without a doubt. I have just started my own business selling kids clothes on facey, and Mum’ming and playing wifey. I am a beauty therapist by trade. Go figure. Fate is a marvel. Go you Beth!

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Love that you appear to have come full circls

  4. Em Rathbone says

    I always enjoyed playing with my Dad’s camera when I was growing up. After I was married my husband bought me a dslr and I loved it, but I didn’t find my stride until after our daughter was born. I’ve taken photos of the kids every day since they were born, I do shoots for friends and while I’m not a pro photographer I have accidentally found my favourite hobby and passion. Now through blogging I have even more excuse for busting out the camera and photographing our lives.

  5. Alli @ ducks on the dam says


  6. So good to hear the happy in your voice again hun. And cant wait for the next edition of Beverley to come out. xx

  7. I always felt that I would do something creative but my aim when i left high school was to buy a car and travel, so after a bit of study i fell into a job working for a big corporate IT company, bought the car, did the travel but didn’t love my job… 15 years later I am still there (but on maternity leave with baby #3) now studying Interior Design (nearly finished) and I now know this is exactly what i want to do, only wish i had figured this out earlier !!

  8. Nice one Beth, you are REALLY good at this stuff. Keep doing it. x

  9. I love the roller coaster. I didn’t ever think that I’d end-up where I am but am I EVER glad that I did. Am I ever glad I happened upon you as well.

  10. disqus_L6WlrX1PtW says

    You were meant to fall B x

  11. A-M Russell says

    Yep, I’m just about to ‘accidentally fall’ into a full time real estate career due to my passion for houses and property stuff. I did a science degree and post grad dietetics, working as a Dietitian in my previous life. I couldn’t be further from my chosen career. And I agree, it’s the best thing ever. It’s so delicious not knowing what is next! A-M xx

  12. Not yet, I fell in to Finance but at the moment I’m figuring things out.
    It’s exciting seeing situations like yours that kind of happiness in work helps me to be positive about the future.

  13. MotherDownUnder says

    I fell into finance too.
    And then nursing…which I love…but I know that I have more in me…I am currently falling and hoping that one the way down I will figure something out!

    I am so thrilled that you have ended up in a place where you are productive and creative and happy…it is inspiring!

  14. I know exactly what you mean. I’m a qualified teacher and have done that for ten years to pay my rent. I’d then rush home and spend every night blogging, writing.

    I’m so close to being able to stop teaching altogether and I’m SO EXCITED! It’s like my life is finally doing what it’s supposed to.

  15. Emma Steendam says

    Oh Mrs Macdonald…this post spoke to me like no other. I spent three years at uni studying photography after my high school years spent in a dark room in some dark times. I fell in love with the rhythm and methodical nature of photography. It was controlled. And I was good at it. I graduated with an A+ folio, majoring in commercial photography – I did Donna Hay-esque stuff, Audi car shoot work experience, a lot of fashion studio work. I knocked on the door of my favourite Melbourne commercial photog every day for three months until he agreed to mentor me in my final year for my folio. I was tenacious. My final year folio was designed to within an inch of it’s life, on presentation the board of lecturers urged me, blatently pointed their fingers at me and told me to go study graphic design at RMIT. Final year of uni was ruthless, I burnt out. BADLY. Come graduation I walked away from my camera, I just put it down and did. not. want. to. look. at. it. again! Enter my then boyfriend who had just graduated with a bachelor of agricultural science. He was applying for management jobs all over rural Australia. I followed, and walked away from my commercial photographer career in the city that hadn’t even begun yet. The rest they say is history. But basically after taking on office jobs to pay the bills, all of a sudden I became knowledgeable in the niche area of agricultural administration. Livestock sales became my world, dealing with clients buying and selling bull semen from the states second nature. I loved it. But slowly I started to pick up my camera again…and in our little rural community I pointed it at the only thing around: young families, a few weddings, some farming businesses to link in with my ag/admin job. Something I thought I would never become: a portrait/wedding photographer. Now, many years after graduating from photography college and working a few different admin jobs in the agricultural sector I am finally sitting down to study again. I’m finally listening to those lecturers at uni who adamantly told me I was in the wrong place and should be a design student, not just a photographer. I’m going back to school to study graphic design, it only took me six years to get my shit together. Deep breaths.

    • It took me FAR longer. I still don’t have my shit together. It’s fun working it all out though isn’t it? Great story – thanks for sharing x

      • Emma Steendam says

        And I’m quite sure I still won’t/don’t have my shit together, but it’s part of the story isn’t it? I went on to marry that ‘then-boyfriend/farmer’ too πŸ˜‰

  16. greerworsley says

    Hooray for you! I’m having a day like that today – minus the three-year-olds. Cooking and taking photos, and I still have to pinch myself when I remember it’s real actual work that someone actually pays for! Can’t wait for the next Beverley (and I would totally come over and be the shit kicker on one of your shoots any day! I chop a mean onion.) x

  17. I love this post. Really resonates with me! You’re teaching me that it is OK to still have those career dreams I had years ago before I fell into a really well paid Executive Assistant position for a major Bank, which I can’t quite give up just yet as it’s helping us reach our financial goals… But the dreams are still there and I can most certainly still activate my creative side every weekend! Thank you!

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That’s awesome Beth,I love that you love what you are doing,it makes life much better Right? xx

  19. Don’t you just loooove it when your dreams come true? Not the way you thought it might (what would we know, with our tiny self-limiting minds?) but better. I always wanted to be a writer and never backed myself. through blogging I am a writer, and that in itself has lead to other opportunities. Happy? You bet πŸ™‚ Good on you Beth xx

  20. Carly Findlay says

    I feel this way with blogging. I always wanted to be a journo but couldn’t study it straight out of school because of where I lived and my illness. So I did a uni course I hated, moved to Melbourne and got a job that just wasn’t my thing. And then I finally got into a masters of comms, and worked really hard progressing my writing through my blog. Which in turn has led to writing and speaking opportunities. It feels great hey?!
    Well done on your accidental success. πŸ™‚

  21. accidentally ended up working in a library….never felt like a job, always felt like an amazing way to spend a day…

  22. Oooo, I started a blog aaaages ago, did one post more recently & have been procrastinating about it since. It’s like i have this… fear… Of someone reading it & thinking its ridiculous. But I felt soooo happy when I pressed publish. The writing, the styling, the talking about interiors I love it all.

    This post has been more than a little inspiring for me to get off my but & proceed with my happy place πŸ™‚ next post up by the end of the week for sure!

  23. Sheridan Laws says

    I LOVE this Beth!!! To read about someone you admire (and yes I do admire you very much!) finding and following their passion, it’s wonderful πŸ™‚ I’ve been following your blog for years now and have loved reading and watching your life evolve. The posts when you are excited about something are the best! Enjoy it all Beth xx

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