An afternoon at Whitehaven Beach

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be treated to an amazing boat trip out to Whitehaven Beach about an hour out into the islands from where we are based at Airlie Beach. After a morning inside in a conference room it was the perfect escape given that the weather was QLD PERFECT.

The beach has been named the best in the world a number of times, but currently ranks third behind Waikiki and then Pippi beach in Thailand. This is where Oprah landed, where commercials have been filmed and most recently where Ellen has the set of her show set up (but unfortunately never used because she was sick). I said to Caz from Y Travel blog when we landed that it was one of those proper travel moments – like when you see NYC for the first time, or the Grand Canal in Venice, or the Eiffel Tower – your heart skips a beat, you get goosebumps and you KNOW that it’s a proper travel destination.


The trip home was even better. Sunshine. Great company. Wind in the hair. A cheeky champagne and the most perfect light I ever did see through my camera lens.

I’m feeling very lucky indeed.
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  1. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Who does the gorgeous bubba belong to? Gorgeous. Not a part of the world that I have visited yet but on the wish list…..

  2. MotherDownUnder says

    That looks like a completely magical afternoon.

    I love all the photos…but especially those of Pepper!

  3. all that and you got to share it with Mrs Woogs and Dad down under….. NICE!

  4. Youre right, the light was amazing! Faaaaaabbbbb photos!

  5. Awesome photos Beth. The beach looks amazing.

  6. Awesome photos Beth! Really captured a fantastic day. I loved experiencing it with you xx

  7. Wow I can’t believe Waikiki outranks Whitehaven. Whitehaven is STUNNING and I didn’t think Waikiki was anything to write home about.

  8. What a great afternoon – looks absolutely gorgeous!! Such beautiful photos.

  9. This is so different to our experience, when we went we were the only Aussies. My husband being the hilarious bloke he is quickly warned the tourists to check under the picnic tables for redbacks, look in the water for stingers and when a big goanna rocked up he went to catch it so they could have a pat only to turn around and find all the tourists crouched up on top of the picnic tables looking very panicked.


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