Busy town

It’s been a funny kind of a day here – a little dark and stormy and wet. We left the apartment this morning which we were both very sad to do and arrived at our new digs for the next few nights. We are right in the thick of things up here, which is great, but I miss our little place and our little neighbourhood. It is, however, nice to be back in 1989 which is where the Hilton is. Comforting. Kind of.

Mrs Woog and I split up for a few hours to do some more shopping – mainly gifts for people and I got stuck at the All American Girl doll place. It was SO overwhelming I have a terrible headache from it and will be traumatised forever from all those standing dolls, all those options….shudder.

I then headed off in another direction and stumbled across Times Square. Huh. There it was in all it’s glittery, shiny ways.

Like a million times before I had seen on TV and films.

And while it was great, and busy and thriving and pumping, it all left me feeling a little…huh.

I took lots of shots, soaked it up, and headed away from there, back to 1989. Huh.

It does have quite the view though doesn’t it?

We are on the countdown now – just a few spare hours here and there in between all the BlogHer stuff – a mind shift needs to occur I think and all I have is a headache. American Girl will do that to a girl…


  1. My guess is, you will get another American girl induced headache when you give your girls their gifts. High pitched excited screaming will probably me on the cards.

    Have fun at BlogHer, I’ll be playing along with BlogHerAtHome.

  2. Ok I just had a look at that All American Girl website and those dolls are creepy!
    I don’t really get it!

  3. Lisalaird says

    See now I feel bad for suggesting American Girl to you….perhaps it’s more fun when you have your children in tow and you get to see their excitement. 🙁

  4. Oh your photo’s Beth. I miss your apartment too, it felt like home.

  5. Think of BlogHer as your transition back to your life back here in Aus. All blogging and familiar names/faces before you come home to much loved faces and welcoming arms.

    Gabs x

  6. We stayed right in times square…it’s crazy at all hours!!! I hope your enjoying every minute. I do sense homesickness though xxxx

  7. You a little homesick lady? Or maybe just struggling with the change of scenery. I suppose your next few days will be pretty intense. Try to relax and enjoy it. You’ve been on full throttle for the past week and we’ve all loved every minute of it, but don’t want you to be burnt out. Hugs xoxo

  8. I’m going through all your posts and loving every one of them. So many fabulous photos and memories heading your way. Life will be super hard after all of this. I feel that way, and I haven’t left Melbourne in a while 😉 You are one very privileged girl! x

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