Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

My quandaries at the moment are few. To hop in the pool, or not? To have a bath, or outside shower? A mojito, or caprioska? To read my book, or jump on the laptop? You see, I have all this time. Time that I never get to myself. I can do Whatever. I. want. I feel like a free woman again. Me. Rob and I sit across from each other at a table and it’s like “Oh hai there! I remember yooooou! We decided 5 years ago to have a kid didn’t we? It’s been aaaaaaaages!” And it’s so nice to be together again. To talk. And laugh. And connect. It’s so nice to reminded again just why you decided to get married and jump on the grown up business of grown up stuff – he’s funny! And handsome! And kind! And I have fallen in love with him all over again. Except more so because I know just what he puts up with all the time – a cranky version of me. Stretched out, giving all the time, to everyone and looking like crap most of the time. And I know what an amazing father he is. How patient. How giving of his time to them. It’s like that old love, but better. Stronger perhaps? I think just more real somehow. It’s not ‘weddings and dates and Sunday morning lazy sex’ love, it’s ‘getting up in the middle of the night, having your wife scream at you and kids shit and vomit on you’ love.

Much to my Mum’s dismay I have decided to blog over here. Not because it’s my job or anything but because it’s such a part of my life that I find it hard not to. Clearly I have an issue with online technology but give me free wifi and my laptop and TIME and how can I not? While I know that there is a fine line between bragging and showing off, I have come to the conclusion that I just want to share. Say ohmygod can you believe this? Squeal online much in the same way I have been squealing in delight at things in real life. I have been really squealing like my 1 year old as I jump into the pool or have someone come in and TURN DOWN MY BED. I figure that sometimes the best bit about blogging is escaping. Even for a few moments. Escaping that breakfast that needs to be made, that toddler asking for the playdoh while you say “just a minute, Mummy just needs to check her work” (or maybe that’s just me?).

So. Here is some escape. Some online squealing. A postcard if you will. These days, my friends, are good days indeed. They are numbered. They are but 9 out of thousands more spent with kids, my darling girls who I am missing more than I care to admit, or share, but they are some good days. Let me show you one…

Post breakfast we decided to head to the big communal pool as a change from our private villa pool. No one said these decisions would be easy.

But with these little nooks where you can lie down right next to the pool, we thought why not? As soon as we landed into said nook a little man appeared with a leather butler tray and two ice cold drinks for us. Not because we asked for them, but because it’s “very hot out here Miss Beth”. Sure if it got too hot I could plunge into the pool right there, but, who am I to argue?

And on the tray! ON THE TRAY! Was this little black box filled with insect repellant, sunscreen and coconut oil AND this stone. A Shhhhh! stone. This little stone you could leave out so said little (caring for me) man would leave you alone to read. Or sleep. Or just stare. A SHHHHHH STONE! I am thinking of buying it from them and handing it out to my children when they bug me. Just leaving it next to my laptop when I am “working”. A SHHHHHH STONE! I still can’t get over it! Who would’ve thunk it?

We read and swam. And then read. And swam. Swam and then read. Rob went off to the gym (that’s right, he has been going daily to the gym) and while he was gone that little man appeared again! With mango sorbet! FOR ME! To cool me down. Because it was hot. This place is seriously ridiculously good.

Then we figured it was so hot the iced water wasn’t going to cut it so we instead opted for 2 Bintang instead. Thirst? Quenched!

When it really did get too hot we went back to the villa for lunch and an afternoon sleep and read in the comfort of our air conditioning. Tough. An afternoon stroll along the beach at sunset was just the thing to cure my missing the girls blues that seem to hit me each and every afternoon when it’s bedtime in Sydney.

The beach has the most beautiful black sparkly, soft sand. Like a black diamond pave. Which makes me think I need to get a black diamond pave ring sometime down the track…

And then the sun set. And I don’t think that I could ever get sick of seeing it set over the ocean. Such a strange thing for an east coast Australian gal like me to see. I get blown away each and every time I see it.

And we stood there, our sunburned bodies warm, hair wet from the pool, hearts filled with happiness and I thought to myself, this. This has been a good day indeed.

And I’m glad I got to share it. With you.


  1. Thank YOU so much for sharing. I feel like I have escaped also, just for 5 minutes. We need a break from the two year old and the five week old (already!). Enjoy lovebirds.

  2. I am really going to have to get the name of your resort, it seems like bliss. You deserve to enjoy all of this an more. Keep enjoying. xxx

  3. Tell your mum we’d be lost without your blogs! I so need to book us one of those holidays.

  4. That looks and sounds like a divine holiday. I love the idea of those delicious drinks appearing every so often beside the pool..and the pool..mmmm..and warm water..so relaxing..and me here in cold Oz at the moment!..Enjoy it while it lasts..memories for a lifetime!

  5. Heaven, blissful heaven and you two look so happy!

  6. Oh I want to jump up and down with joy for you! I love this post. You deserve this time. Enjoy being loved up and blissful.

    Enjoy being present and not having to worry about anything but you two.

    I so love that you’re blogging there. I’d miss you otherwise. x

  7. You are one lucky lady! The grass isn’t the only thing that is green – I am… with envy!

    A beautiful post – thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, Beth. This is just brilliant. Having time to reconnect with each other is precious. Enjoy every second of it. J x

  9. ohhhh I had to stop reading this to break up the screaming of 3 little people who all wanted their daddy and get them back to bed. Make the most of those days. Looks like heaven on earth!!!!!! You two look loved up and happy:)


  10. I have Bali wood. Please keep blogging from there. That was perfection x

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This may be the only way I get to Bali AND boy do I love it!

    I am very happy for you, and because you share so beautifully – it isn’t bragging!

    Alright – it’s time for you to get back to enjoying enough for all of us! Did I say thanks?

  12. I want you to steal me a Shhhhh stone, but it’s probably bad karma. I could use it on Dave – a lot, apparently.

    This post made salt water well in my eye for you. The reconnection with your betrothed … and I suspect, reading between bloggy lines, you miss your girls like CRAZY. But seriously, how good is it to miss them? Makes it all worthwhile.

    Hey so … here on the east coast of Australia, we don’t see sunsets? Is that even true? I fail geography.

  13. Lady, it looks amazing! I can’t begin to tell you how good it would feel for us to get away and do just that.
    One day, I’m sure.
    Enjoying your posts, it’s definitely a good thing you’re blogging over there… I need heat of some form in my day… as it’s so FRICKIN COLD here ;o)
    Soak up every minute of the rest of your stay xo

  14. Oh enjoy! Enjoy every second. It looks like a little piece of paradise. Soak it up, lovely lady. xx

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