Potato Head Beach Club

One of the highlights of our trip away was the discovery of the Potato Head Beach Club located just down the beach from our hotel in Seminyak. We only discovered it through happenstance as the place we were “meant” to be going to (to meet friends) was closed when we turned up. A quick text to Matty G who painted our fabulous work of art at home who is now living in Bali told us to get in a cab and ask for “Potato Head”. Who were we to argue? So we did. And boy was I glad we did.

The place only opened in December last year by the boys behind a place in Jakarta which goes by the same name. Their website is ridiculously stylish and cool. Just like this place.

For a starter the architecture is AH-MAZ-ING. From the outside all you can see are these coloured shutters. Hundreds of them reaching up to the sky on a slight angle.

And then when you go in behind them the walkway follows them up and around just like the Guggenheim museum (not that I have been there yet) but so I am lead to believe. Or dream. At night each and every shutter is lit up so it looks like a coloured wall of fabulous bricks. Or something cool. Matt told me that they were all taken from traditional Indonesian fishing boats.

Then you walk in through the top bar and are greeted with this view. The curved wall opens up to a semi circle of bars then down stairs to grass, then the pool area and then the beach. The design of the place is straight out of 1956 Palm Springs. Or Hollywood Hills or Las Vegas or sometime I have always dreamed of going to. Now I have to disclose that this type of design is mine and Rob’s wet dream. Think vintage danish. Think 50’s design. Think Betty Draper on holidays. We were all like “ohmyGOD did you see this?” and “Holy SHIT look at that!” which probably made us way less cooler than the clientele that were there.

On our second journey (that’s right we came back) we ate lunch. Before spending an afternoon sampling their extensive cocktail menu. Rob had the tequila prawn ceviche which looked like this:

And me being the delicate petal that I am always thinking about my weight, had the PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SAMBO with chips AND a beer. Ahem.

10 minutes later it looked like this. That’s right, you will notice I took the mayo FROM ROB, because I needed some more fat for my fries. And I was so busy eating my lunch I barely took a sip of my beer. Greedy guts. 

See the cool bench on which to sit whilst sipping a sunset cocktail? Look at those tiles! They were constantly wiped down too, to maintain their shininess. And that little booth to the left? Oh, the DJ booth.

Down in the main bar closer to the pool and the beach the vintage style continued. It was just. So. Cool.

There were even cool people, with their macs, having cool meetings about cool things in the cool chairs. I think I got at least 43% cooler just by taking this photo.

I mean seriously, seriously, look at these chairs. Dave Fed, I took this snap just for you. You should have been there. You need to be here at some stage in your life.

We drank cocktails. Lots of them. This here is a Mojito and a Negroni (Rob’s man cocktail of choice). I think Don Draper would drink them on holidays.

We also met up with some friends who happened to be in town at the same time as us so we drank some more cocktails. And nattered. And laughed. And then drank some more. I think they also made us 24% cooler because they are, well, cool.

And we watched the sun set. Over the ocean. Which never fails to impress this girl. In fact, anything other than feeding, bathing & doing bedtime for my feral children between the hours of 4.30pm and 7.30pm impresses me. Simple really.

If you can get here, or are in town and want somewhere to go for the afternoon/evening GO HERE. Seriously, the best bar I have ever been too. Ever.

Potato Head Beach Club – Jl Petitenget Seminyak 80361 Bali
They have a blog http://ptthead.com/blog/
Or follow them on twitter @pttheadbali

I was not paid for this review. I am not cool enough to review a place such as this. In fact, I would pay to just be there, to be cooler. They should have paid me because I drank almost their entire cocktail menu which would equal my fee for writing a review I would think. Except I have NO idea how much you would be paid for a review. I wish I could review places like this. In fact, how can I get that job? I would be great at that job. The whole stay at home Mum business may get in the way though. Sigh.


  1. Shut UP! That is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen. So, so, very cool. In fact, I feel cooler just for reading this blog post x

  2. Oh I am drooling for that Tequila Prawn ceviche.

    Was it kid friendly or do we leave the kids with the nanny?

  3. Fantastic, makes me want to jump on a plane and go there now – if it wasn’t for the humidity and stuff, all your trip photos and comments would make me want to go there. Your whole trip sounded like the bliss I need right about now. Thanks so much for sharing xxx

  4. Wow, that looks fabulous and much cooler than Ku De Ta. If only I’d known about it a week earlier 🙂

    Next time!


  5. Oh wowzers .. that’s it .. I’m booking a trip to Bali! I had no idea it was so stylish! My husband wants to surf (as do my kids) .. you’ve totally inspired me!

  6. delicate flower – oh I had a good laugh over that!!!!!!!!!!! too funny. that place looks amazing! It is hard to imagine doing things like that with so many children! Hope coming back to cold weather and day to day life wasn’t too harsh


  7. Oooooh aaaaahh oooohhh.

  8. oooooooohhhhhhh! That looks divine!!! *Scampers off to organise a holiday for 2017*

  9. I’m with Bubbles. Looks heaps better than Ku De Ta. People here look relaxed and enjoying themselves rather than trying too hard to be cool to have a good time.

    Will add it to my list 😉

    Keep the reviews coming!
    Ps you packed a lot in to your nine days!

  10. On my To Do List for first ever trip to Bali in August (rare thing to find a West Aussie who has not been to Bali). Sooooo Cool.

  11. I want to go there now. That place looks incredible!

    And now I’m just counting down the hours until I go to Fiji on my honeymoon and can enjoy a little piece of this tropical tranquility!

  12. we are going to Seminyak in July and this is the first place I am heading for! it looks amazing and I just hope we are cool enough to get in! is it kid-friendly?

  13. Clare, it was TOTALLY kid friendly. They were everywhere from babies in the paddling part of the pool to bigger ones running around. I think that was half the appeal for all the parents. And I sat there, staring at other peoples kids like a crazy woman.

    What was I thinking?!


  14. Ku-De-Ta is great but this place looks amazing!!

    My sister is heading to Bali in July, I’ll point her in the right direction to here.

    This time last year, I was sipping cocktails in Bali, swimming and eating like a mad woman… Can’t wait to go back!

  15. I love the look of this, we live in Jakarta and I have had that exact same lunch as you but here in the city. The decor is just as gorgeous and funky, and well, really really cool!

    I recently found your blog and have enjoyed going through and reading the archives. Sort of made me homesick though!

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