Miscellaneous 7

I’ve just spent 2 days at the Digital Parents Conference in Sydney which was great. It’s always good to catch up with other bloggers and professionals, meet people just starting out, and of course catch up with some old friends. This conference I was particularly pleased to meet some of the Daddy Bloggers that are now on the scene. I even moderated a panel on Thursday afternoon with a few of them: Clint from Reservoir Dad, Bucky & Chubba from Tackle Nappy and Simon from Fast Lane Dad. I think that the “daddy blogging” if I dare call it that scene will really grow in the next 12-18 months. It’s an exciting time for them as a group and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say and hearing a parenting perspective from a male viewpoint. You can also check out Daddybloggers.com.au. I think they are even sorting themselves out with their own conference – well played lads!This is me. Moderating a panel. Professional like.

And they had one of the best business cards I’d come across in some time!
While I was up for the conference I stayed at Mrs Woog’s place, which is looking quite fabulous thanks to Alan and his handy ways. We ate pizza, drank some wine and sat down for an early night’s viewing of The Block. I was feeling a bit poorly, so Mrs W set off to get me some panadol. She handed me a few different pills to wash down – vitamins she called them – and I laid down. About an hour later I was almost sliding off the couch she informed me that she had given me a sleeping tablet – because I needed a good night’s sleep without the kids there (I am a terrible sleeper with or without kids). I crawled into bed and didn’t move for over 10 hours! Best sleep I’ve had in years! Yesterday I woke fresh as the day looking and feeling at least 2 years younger. I had at least 3 comments telling me so too!
I also tried this jacket on in Country Road yesterday. It’s completely impractical because it’s white but dear GOD it was fabulous. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about in fact. I have non buyers regret. I need a white trench coat don’t I? Thought so.

Timely superior drying conditions here today. Warm and windy. Just as well because with all the visitors we have had – the sheets and towels are out of control.

I’m still walking this week. 10,000 steps every day has been a challenge I can tell you. Especially when you are stuck inside a conference room for 2 days. I have been using an app to track my movements because my pedometer was a bit dodgy. It’s called MOVE – it’s free to download and is great. You can get your movements in mins or km’s – and changes to running or transport too. Worth a look if you are that way inclined. You can sponsor the team here if you’re that way inclined too!

Roberto whipped up a wonton noodle soup last night that was something else. I had a few requests for the recipe so I thought I’d fill you in. It’s kind of like my chicken noodle soup, but not really. More like my minced asian chicken. But not really. Let’s just call it:

Bert’s wonton soup

: Frozen wontons (we get them from Harris Farm freezer section just near the ice cream)
: 1 litre chicken stock
: Garlic, ginger, dried chilli flakes
: Oyster sauce, sesame oil, palm sugar, fish sauce & soy sauce
: Mint & coriander & shallots

: Whack the stock all the sauces, garlic, ginger & chilli into a large saucepan and bring to the boil
: Throw in the wonton’s and simmer for 5 mins or so until cooked
: Chop the herbs & shallots and throw in at the last minute just before serving

It’s very good indeed. Delicious in fact.

Life seems very busy at the moment, very busy indeed. I’m not sure it will slow down either. Thank goodness for a long weekend next weekend right? Except that it means Easter. And visitors. Not much planned for the weekend though – THAT makes me happy.

Do you read any Dad blogs? Who are they? Share away!
Are you a good sleeper?
Do I need a white trench coat?
What are YOU doing this weekend?


  1. Anonymous says

    I am going to go and make that soup. I too am feeling a bit poorly and it looks like just what I need to feel better. It’s my birthday this weekend, so lots of celebrating needs to be done, but I must get myself better first. I think I might need some of those tablets from Mrs Woog.
    Sue N
    P.S I love that trench coat, but I too live in the country and it would be black in no time.

  2. That Mrs Woog, she’s such a scallywag isn’t she hehe

  3. Get the trench coat! I wear a lot of white and its actually easier to wash because you can just napisan the hell out of it.
    Got all the towels and tablecloths out today- what a good washing day out there.
    Birthday parties and get togethers galore to go to this weekend!

  4. Most useful BabyMac! I will:
    1. remember not to accept anything in pill form from Mrs Woog.
    2. Go and check out Country Road for that trench coat!
    3. Download that app as I lost my Care Australia pedometer on the dance floor last night… and my earing … and my dignity.. at least Miss Cinders found my pedo
    4. Have a go at Bert’s Wonton soup to recover from the last 2 days.

  5. I have seen that trench in the flesh and yes, you need one.

  6. yes. yes, yes you need a white trench. I have one and it is fabulous!!!!

  7. yes. yes, yes you need a white trench. I have one and it is fabulous!!!!

  8. I’ll be planning my trip to Fiji. Speaking of… which resort did you stay at Beth? Looks fabulous.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. That’s awesome, thanks Beth. It looks pretty great.

  10. Maybe we could time-share the coat? You won’t need it in dead of winter (and that’s the only time I could wear it).

  11. Oh I could destroy that jacket in a matter of minutes, but it is gorgeous!

    I’ve been alternating between psychotically stalking the conference feeds and avoiding them. The perils of not being able to be there!

    Your panel discussion sounds like it was excellent though and I agree, am excited to see where the Daddy Bloggers go over the next year or so 🙂

  12. Yo Beth,

    Thanks for chairing the panel. It was good fun. Great to catch up again.

  13. Absolutely! You NEED a white trench coat. I NEED a red one too!

  14. Obviously a great time was enjoyed by everyone. Well done. Love the coat but over here we seldom wear full length coats so will just admire it on you. x

  15. Mrs Woog drugged you? She is SUCH a good friend!


  16. Sorry, but to me the CR jacket looks like the illegitimate love child of a medical lab coat and a Burberry raincoat… Got to love Mrs Woog, only a true friend would drug you

  17. 1. No

    2. No, the worst.

    3. Yes. I think you’ll have it for years

    4. Going in hard with the 2nd birthday celebrations.

  18. Wow, glad to see my business card designs were such a hit. Let me know if I can be of service for you or any of your subscribers. (aka The40YrOldDad)

  19. Just so you know, I thoroughly endorse the comment above (yes, it is me also). Glad the Tacklenappy lads were such a hit at the conference. It must have been the business cards 😉

  20. The white coat is fabulous – a little Bond girl-esque, I think!

    Love the business cards. A very clever idea that obviously made an impact.

    This weekend is a busy one that started yesterday with a beautiful wedding by the water. Today has been a cancer fundraiser and post wedding celebrations. Tomorrow we will be attending a birthday party for my son’s preschool friend. It never stops! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  21. I saw you in the background of Nikki’s Instagram-Shopping shot wearing that coat, and LOVED it. Totally not practical, being white, and having young kids….but you MUST get it!! Love it.
    Happy weekending Beth.

  22. Sometimes a sleeping pill is just necessary.
    I am a fan.
    I am also a fan of the trench and that white trench is fabulous.
    Do it!

    I just came home from a just about perfect weekend at the coast.
    And now have to get stuck into adult life.
    I wish I was like the Dowager Countess and didn’t know what a weekend was…and also didn’t have to do my own laundry and grocery shopping and cooking!

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