New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 2

This trip was always all about the fly fishing and today we had Day 1. It was about refreshing everyone’s mind’s and about teaching me from scratch. We headed off at 8.30am.

We have two guides – one for each couple and we will mix up partners each day. You see a river? You stop and look down to see if you can see some trout.

Because I had no idea what I was looking for I tended to look elsewhere. And that wasn’t too bad at all!

Then it was time to get down to that river and get started.

First up was practising casting. On the ground. Then learning about the flies. Dry. Wet. Wooly buggers. Nymphs.

Then it was time to kit up! Waders people, WADERS. I do them well don’t you think?

Some lunch before we headed out for the afternoon. We fished the Rees River before we headed off to another creek.

Diamond Creek. And it was STUNNING. Different water. Different fish. Different conditions but still stunning.

This time I actually SAW fish. I didn’t catch them, but I saw them, and I gave it a red hot go.

Tomorrow is another day, and you never know, it could be a lucky one for me.


  1. Ah Beth, I thought it was there. If you see my mum and step dad’s memorial stone, grab a photo for me x

  2. Gorgeous! I’m not a fisherperson, but I could stand there and look at that view all day, easy!

  3. I reckon you’ve got all the luck now, sigh…enjoy and good luck with the fish tomorrow.

  4. you caught some great pics t hough, oh and u wear waders well, i’ve warn them and i reckon they are a great invention. Have fun

  5. You DO do waders well!

    Good luck tomorrow!
    I hope the fish are biting!

  6. seen any hobbits yet? looks amazing! x

  7. Beautiful photos!! It looks like you are having a blast! Hope you get lucky and catch some fish tomorrow 🙂

  8. Looks like you are having fun!!ope you catch dinner for tomorrow night! G.x

  9. Totally rocking those waders Beth!

  10. Absolutely picture postcard beautiful. *wistful sigh* Lucky girl xx

  11. Waders, wooly buggers, different water – you sound like a bona fide fly fishing convert. Looks utterly stunning, enjoy.

  12. Hi Beth I’m from NZ originally (south island) and live in Oz because my man’s job is here. I would move back in a flash – all your pics are giving me goosebumps. Glad you’re enjoying my home country xx

  13. Waders are very you. Um but next time you should get a floral set.

  14. I didn’t recognize you in your new image… Beautiful views.

  15. I love Australia, but New Zealand is the prettiest country I’ve ever seen.

    Hope to live out my old age looking at views like this.

    (Mr Smith is from the South Island)

    Stunning photos.

    Gabs x

  16. Sarah Owen-Green says

    Hello waders!

  17. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Are Waders on trend?

  18. Brodie Dobson says

    Stunning pics

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