Things I miss about New York

I found myself deep in my picture files on my laptop this morning. I was looking for something else and found myself in the NY shots. I stayed for a while, looking and at them. Smiling. Remembering. What a time I had. Was it really 12 weeks ago that I was there? It seems like a lifetime ago. I am so glad I got that time. I’ll never forget it. Not ever.

There’s so much I miss.

The shops. The shopping. The time to browse. The variety. The prices. The choice.

The burgers. Oh my GOD I miss the cheeseburgers.

Having fancy nails. And make up. And nice clothes on each and every day.

Getting dressed up and hitting the town. Each night a new adventure awaited.

The dogs. The availability of a dog if so desired.

Cocktails. And thin little straws.

The burgers.  Did I mention the burgers? And getting a beer with said burgers.

Doing something totally different between the hours of 4pm and 7pm when I would usually be up to my eyeballs in routine and grizzle and crank.

The pizza. Those toppings. That crispy base. The fact you can get a piece anywhere. Anytime.

Yes, the pizza.

And the bagels.

And even these. S’mores.

And I miss the blogging about somewhere new and exciting. While it may have annoyed a small few – all those posts – I know most of you loved it. Blogging was easy and fun and exciting. Sharing something new always is isn’t it?

What are you missing this cloudy Thursday?


  1. I was just thinking about the beach, maybe we might go this weekend if it’s warm enough. And thinking about the times when I used to lay on the beach with a good book or a new magazine to read. Or doze. Maybe have a swim. Those days are over for now and I sure do miss them.

  2. Thanks for the terrific photos.. We’re thinking The Big Apple would be a great place for a family holiday in a few years – when our balance sheet is healthier and the kids are old enough to (a) really appreciate it; and (b) behave on the plane.

  3. Oh lucky, I miss cloudy days! Instead, it’s a roasting 30 odd degrees up in the Sunshine State… I’d give anything to be back in Victoria soaking up the chill. The things I’d do for it to be less than 25 degrees!

  4. I leave for New York in just over a fortnight…can’t wait! I hope I love it and find it as inspiring as you obviously did!

  5. I loved those posts , every one of them! How good is pizza by the slice on a little sheet of paper .. the best!
    I’m missing adventure.Going somewhere new. Standing on a platform or at boarding gate( always hoping it’s the right one) waiting for trains and planes in Europe wondering what the next town on our list will hold. We’re dreaming of and planning for a little trip in an RV up the east coast of America with our fellas in a few years time. For now that will do.

  6. And I miss you blogging about it! Maybe you could go back for a white Christmas! Or better still, me!

  7. I loved your NY posts. LOVED them x

  8. i LOVED them. so much. it was a holiday for all of us, it was new and exciting and we were all there with you. can you go back? wait! scratch that! i’ll go and write you daily emails about it, k?

  9. I miss so much at times.

    My old 20-something body.
    Laying on the grass, trying to top up our tans on our lunchbreak at school.
    Letting off steam at after work drinks on a Friday at the pub.
    Going on quickie, last minute breaks at cheap and cheerful side of the road motels (with pool) – just me and Mr Smith (pre-kids).

    But if I was there – I’d miss being here, so, thanks for taking me back for a quick peek at my wonder years.

    Gabs xx

  10. Take me to NY STAT!I loved those posts when you were there. Today I miss not smelling like a bucket of child vomit! xx

  11. you

  12. I loved your posts. I also love the pink watch in the cocktail picture. Where is it from? I bet it is from New York. Boo.

  13. Thank you! It certainly is pretty – I am loving that style of watch lately. And could be a good hint hint Christmas pressie.

  14. I miss only being responsible for myself.
    I miss your New York blogging too.

  15. And now I miss New York!

    I wish it wasn’t so far away!
    I wish I could go home and live my New York life for a weekend…and then come back to my normal life feeling invigorated!

    And why can’t we get cheeseburgers like that in Australia?

  16. My youth.

    My job security.

    My sisters.

    My ability to sleep.


  17. Loved your NYC posts, but love your so-hey-it’s-tuesday-and-my-kid-is-coughing posts just as much. Mark of a good writer I’d say.

  18. Oh I forgot about the thin straws!!!

    I miss NYC so, so much.

  19. Wow. Has it really been 12 weeks since you were there? That’s gone fast. I loved reading your NYC posts, Beth. That’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. I was in the States a few years back but didn’t quite get there – the closest I got to was Chicago but THAT is one banging town, so I didn’t mind too much.

    Today I’m missing family back home in NZ. My brother and his wife have just had another baby (their second, a wee boy) and I’m DYING for a cuddle. 🙂

  20. I miss the fact that I haven’t been to New York – waaaaaaaah.

  21. Ooh after seven years of the 4-7pm routine I miss watching it get dark slowly and not having to be anywhere or do anything.
    As for New York I miss your posts about it!

  22. God. I miss NYC too!!!

  23. I miss my quality lying around doing nothing time.

  24. I love those thin straws. Why don’t we have them here in Australia, they make drinks taste better, I swear they do.

    Right now I miss health. I’m so sick of being sick!

  25. Beth I’m obsessing over the cocktail glass and tiny straw. Seriously in love. I need to find them!

  26. I shall re:name your post “Things that Beth has inspired me about traveling to New York”…crap I want to go there soooooo badly! I just love our New York posts and photo’s! and enjoy when you revisit this journey…now maybe I can see the ‘need’ to go more then ever…cheers,
    Lil x

  27. I LOVED those posts Beth! Each and every day I looked forward to checking out what you, Mrs Woog and the gang had been up to.

    I want you to go back so I can read more of your lovely posts. But (perhaps slightly more want here) I want to go and eat pizza and drink through little straws and have fancy nails!

  28. So true. And a little romantic reflection isn’t so bad either 😉

    I think the highlights of the place is definitely the food, and the holiday vibe, and the shopping…

    Okay, there is a whole lot of things I’d love to do if I ever visited NY. I’m still a little jealous that you went! x

  29. I was just saying to Paddy last night that I was so completely depressed about leaving NYC… and we haven’t even arrived yet! Crazy!

    Really enjoyed your posts (and email tips!) and it’s always nice to revisit… I’m sure our upcoming trip will be blogged about long into 2013!! xx


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