My ALARM went off this morning. That is worthy of caps for a few reasons: It was Sunday morning AND I woke up before any of my children. See? Cap worthy. I dabbed some instant calm oils on my last night and fell into the deepest, soundest sleep I think I’ve had in months. Maybe even years.  Oh the joy of a good night’s sleep.

Anyway, Daisy and I hightailed it back up to Sydney (again) to attend a charity event for Springfree trampolines. We jumped. And jumped. And she had the best time she has had in ages. It was so nice to be with just her – we very rarely spend any time alone together these days. I miss her.

We got back at about 3pm and popped into a local garden and studio of an artist (and friend) Susan. There is an art trail on down here in the Highlands in November where local artists open up their studios for the public. It’s a lovely chance to see their work spaces which are usually surrounded by amazing gardens. The 30 mins or so spent here were like drinking in a big ol’ G & T. I could feel my pulse slow. My mind calm down.

These sculptures were done by another artist Faye and I just love them. Santa, can these please be added to my list? Thanks.

Pierre de Ronsard are perhaps the most beautiful of all the roses.

And this poppy? I thought it was fake. I’ve never seen anything so big, or so beautiful.

I got some veggie garden inspiration.

And just generally relaxed. It’s been so very busy round these parts for the past few months, it’s about time to sit down and do nothing for a while.

Yeah right.


  1. Those sculptures are stunning.
    I too would like to see one in your garden.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day.

  3. Yeah right. LOL. I hope you do have some time to chill, Bev.

  4. Do you have a name and or link for the instant calm oil Beth? One on one time is so important – memories are made of this!


  5. I just got given a similar oil blend and wasn’t sure if I’d give it a go. Think I might now! Thanks Beth xx

  6. Pierre de Ronsard is the most beautiful rose ever

  7. Mother/daughter time is always really special in these busy times. I could wander around gardens like that all day. The photos are beautiful. Have a lovely week!

  8. What a lovely day – I love to read about your life – simple or adventurous.

  9. Calm oils? Tell me more, tell me more! Beautiful photos as always. xx

  10. Calm oils might be JUST what I need.

    Loving Daisy’s stripes x

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