The little cracks

This morning I had the bright idea to sort of Daisy’s thick hair once and for all. All the girls at School are wearing pig tail plaits, but all the girls at School do not have the thick horse hair that my first born was blessed with. One of my School mum mate’s yesterday suggested a CRAZY idea. Three small plaits plaited into ONE SUPER PLAIT. I convinced Daisy it would be fabulous and the fact that it would take 6 times longer than usual was beside the point. So I plaited and plaited and plaited. And this was the outcome! I know, it’s quite terrible isn’t it? I’m not even sure what that mess should be called. Hair Romance would be ashamed.

But it did. For the moment. And it will do. For today.

I snapped a pic of my big girl, right after that shot above. And when I looked at the picture I had one of those semi heart broken moments. Not the big ones, but a little crack. Look at her. She looks so tired, and it’s the morning. This year has taken it out of her, that’s for sure. There’s early bed times (both girls are usually in bed asleep by 6.30pm) and 12-13 hour nights of rest, but she’s still stuffed. It’s tough growing up.
And then we had Harper’s first swimming lesson this morning, but this week, because she is now 3, she is all by herself. While I was thrilled to not have to hop into the luke warm chlorine, I was nervous all morning, knowing in the back of my mind that when it came to the crunch – she wouldn’t want to be by herself. And she wasn’t. She cried, and cried. And I watched. My heart cracking some more. But we grit our teeth, and got through it. And when she came through the door to me at the end and I told her how proud I was of her. All was OK with the world again.
I also took her immediately out afterwards for hot chocolates. To calm both our nerves. And souls.

And apple crumble. That makes everything better. She eats cake exactly the same way as I do. Determination. Gusto. FORCE.

And when I got home I got to put up my own certificate on the fridge. Given to me at swimming.

Growing up might be hard to do, but letting go is even harder.


  1. I’m in tears at the studio, so glad everyone eles is at lunch – poor daisy, YAY for Harps. I’m such a sook. And I kind of loved your plats! x

  2. What a great post. Love the pics of Harper eating cake. Such passion!!

    School holidays just can’t come quick enough xo

  3. My morning was trying to do a french braid on fine hair! Perhaps you should try the french braid and I’ll try the triple plait – there may be method in my madness I think it could work for both of us. I call this period, the limp towards the end of the year. Everyone is sooo tired and it’s all a bit too much. Take care (all of you) and well done on the award. xxx

  4. Most of the time I just want to freeze time or rewind it! Aston turns six at the end if November, Laura turns SEVENTEEN at the beginning of January. Nathan starts year 10…. When did all this happen?? And what was I doing?? The invisible cord that ties them to me stretches further and further. Laura goes to Japan next year for school for two weeks, and she wants to have a gap year, and go to Africa to do volunteer work with Gap Medic. I’m proud that she is becoming this amazing confident young woman, but seriously, it still feels like she was placed in my arms last week!!

  5. Hilarious they gave YOU the cert…. I remember dropping lily at kindy crying my eyes out with the teacher staring at me!!! Yes your big girl is exhausted isn’t she…. They expect a lot of them at school and by the end of the year it’s just all too much…. I have been known to just let mine stay at home in bed for the day although I don’t make a habit of that.

  6. It’s been such a long year. First year of school is so tiring. Only 5 weeks or so to go!

  7. I can only agree, its the letting go that I find so desperately hard! Can you do a french braid? Amy’s hair appears to be very similar to Daisy’s. Amy’s is fine but there is SO much of it. I find two french braids work brilliantly for taming all the loose hairs and making it sit smoothly. Lots of tutorials on You Tube!

  8. Bloody hell, what’s wrong with me that I am in tears reading this! It’s not like I think my own kids are growing up too quickly, feels like I’ve had two sub-two years for ages. Maybe I am crying cause I feel as weary as your big girl looks? Bless you both with your hot choccies and crumble. Jx

  9. Those girls of yours seem to have become little ladies overnight!! x

  10. Check out this on you tube for cute braided styles for girls

    Poor Daisy does look tired- can you believe it’s nearly the end of kindy already? My son was helping the new kindergarten enrolments at his school the other day- I just want to stop the clock so he can be in kindy for a little while longer!

  11. Beth I love love LOVE your work. I feel for Daisy but that photo of Harper……well I just about spat my coffee all over the screen. Too Funny!

  12. I love big and little people that eat like that, the world needs more of them!
    I have a little fella the same age as Daisy and he is exactly the same at the moment. Exhausted,teary and so emotional. On the bright side they are off for a little bush walk for school today and were told that all they will be doing all day is “playing and eating and drinking” The happiness in his face when he told me that last night was gold.
    I hope Daisy gets some down time soon too , it’s a such a massive year kinder isn’t it?

  13. Oh poor Daisy she does look tired. Im so worried about that for my little man next year. He is in bed by 6.30 now but he is such an early riser. Who knows how he’ll go for 5 days per week instead of 3.

  14. Ohhhh I’ve found your blog………..and love it. Happy to be following now! Elaina 🙂

  15. Lovely post. The girls are adorable, I just want to wrap them up in cuddles.

  16. Little Daisy’s face broke my heart! It’s hard work being a 5 year old.. so much to see and do, i bet she (and you) can’t wait for six weeks of blissful holidays! PS Harps makes my ovaries hurt and I’m not even interested in having kids at the mo!

  17. 1. I like the plait arrangement

    2. That kid looks tired. Poor thing

    3. Apple crumble is always Madly Restorative

    4. I want to freeze time and keep my baby at the age he is now forever.

  18. I love that picture of Harper eating cake…there is truly no other way to consume cake than as a whole body experience.

    Poor Daisy does look tired.
    Although maybe it was just all the braiding?
    I am pretty sure I used to look like that every morning after my mother pulled and yanked my hair into a braid.

  19. Right on girlfriend. I’m tearfully reading this sitting in my car about to walk into school for pickup.

  20. She looks very very tired. Poor pet. Have you seen a doctor?

  21. Harper has the most expressive face – best ever!

  22. Dear GOD have those people not heard ANYTHING about text alignment??? Neck.Itching.

  23. Thank goodness I have boys. With my crazy mop of curls, and my husbands tough waves, there wouldn’t be a hairbrush in hell that could save my sanity!

    Gabs x

  24. Oh Daisy. Those purple smudges under her eyes had my heart going pitter pat. And Harps! LOL. I love how she just grabs life with BOTH hands. Or apple crumble. Whatever comes first. Well done, darl – you survived too! xx

  25. Your poor little one. I am over school, and so are my boys. Bring on Christmas I say!

    Swimming is a painful and boring time-suck, but so essential. Congrats to you. You are doing a brilliant job!

  26. Very cute. But maybe that child needs to be in bed at 4.30? She looks exhausted,poor darling! G.x

  27. Poor Daisy! it’s just that time of the year. I find all our girls (and me) are just stuffed come November. November sux really. but that’s another story.
    And well done Harper for making it through and YOU!

  28. Oh Beth, letting go is the hardest thing in the world, just wait until they are doing their HSC and making life plans…that don’t include you. xT

  29. “Bravery Under Extreme Circumstances”… Pure gold!! Well done Beth 🙂

  30. I agree – it’s tough growing up. But it feels twice as tough watching your kids grow up. Totally heart breaking.

  31. I love that they give you the award. Very Brave Mumma v brave and yes your big girl looks shattered! Poor kid

  32. Very cute story. Your little girls are growing. I love how your post is like a story. I need to start taking my little girl swimming she will be three next year. I am also of the same school to give them hot chocolate and a treat after swimming.
    My boy is at preschool here in Argentina, he goes everyday (thats the rule) and has to be there at 8am and we pick him up at 12pm. He goes home, we have lunch with the grandparents and we are at home with him. The problem is it is still light out here at 8pm (we are quite far south and no day light savings) and we don’t get them to bed till after 9pm so i do not think my kids are sleeping enough. Next year he will start school, he is 6 in june and school here will be 8-12 then 2-4pm. At least this year he is getting used to the early waking and every day preschool schedule.

  33. Oh I know exactly what you mean. Lil started school at the start of the year, Luce started in September (and Lil started a new school). It will be 15 weeks of school before they get holidays. It’s been tantrums galore this week, this whole new adventure and growing up has been tough and exhausting on them (and me). I’m trying to be a little kind on us all at the moment. x

  34. Oh dear she does look extremely tired or were there a few tears in the hairdo episode. Sometimes the changeover to daylight savings can be exhausting. At this time of year be careful of keeping up the great nutrition and may I also suggest some extra vitamins, if I see my kids looking a bit dark eyed, I up the meat load and vitamins. Savoury mince is a great one, as is spag bol and lasagne, rissoles do well around here as well- the mince meat is easier for kids to chew and digest. She just looks way too tired for that much sleep.

  35. Gosh, I read this with a lump in my throat… my little ones are in bed too by 6.30 /7 – I try to make it 6.30 but then my husband misses out on seeing them if he is late from work, or if he comes home by 6 they are so excited that it is hard to get them to sleep till 7 or 7.30. And they are up early! You are a super mumma and I love your posts. Thank you for sharing your life and making the rest of us feel normal and human and connected.

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